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Johnny The Healer | Exclusive Healing Center

Johnny the Healer is the founder and director of The Holistic Sanctuary and creator of a proprietary holistic cure called The Pouyan Method, which uses an all-natural approach as a cure for PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Alcoholism, Trauma and much more. Johnny’s method eliminates the stigma associated with drug and alcohol addiction most traditional treatment centers and other luxury treatment centers often promote. Johnny (JTH) offers a system that works, after years of personal experience and extensive research on healing and curing himself he set out to heal the world one soul at a time.


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Addictions Healed by our Drug Rehab Center


Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

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Ibogaine Heroin Treatment Center

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Alcohol Detox Program

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Ayahuasca Retreat California 

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Methadone Addiction Treatment

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Johnny The Healer Offers

  • All Treatments Are Customized, 30+ hours Per Week, 7  Private Treatments Per day
  • 90% Raw Food Diet / Juice Cleanse with Superfoods And Super-Shakes
  • Organic Juice Cleanse
  • Pouyan Method Powerful System that is Totally Customized, Safe and Effective.
  • The System Has No Groups, No Cookie Cutter, Not One Size Fits All Approach
  • The Pouyan Method Total Healing For The Mind, Body, and Soul Using Only Natural Elements From the Earth, 
  • Detox and Healing at a Cellular Level
  • Resetting The Brain Chemistry To A Pre-Addicted State
  • World Class Healing System in an Exclusive Sacred Ocean Front Location
  • Letting Go of Old Toxic Thinking and Behavior
  • Eliminating Old Destructive Behaviors Created by PTSD, Trauma, Pain

Testimonials: The Success Of Our Guests Is Our Best Attribute.

Since ten years back I have been struggling with addiction to opiates. I’ve been to numerous programs. They were all long time programs. They put us all in a room. They had us do chores. This is the first place to save my life in the matter of seven days. If it wasn’t for me coming here I would probably be dead by now.