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Welcome To The Holistic Sanctuary Luxury Drug Rehabs Created by Johnny The Healer

The first and only Luxury Rehab Center that uses 100% one on one Holistic, Alternative, Integrative, Sacred Plant Medicine and weave it into an effective healing System. Our Luxury Drug Rehab is Staffed by a team of world-class holistic healers, shamans, and holistic medical professionals. The Holistic Sanctuary uses cutting edge techniques to analyzes each of its patients' helping us create a unique individualized recovery plan. This differs from the 'one-size-fits-all' approach prevalent at other luxury Rehabs and Luxury rehabilitation centers. 

Why Is There a Need for Effective Luxury Drug Rehabs and Holistic Healing Approach

Surveying the luxury rehab industry's status quo certainly leaves something to be desired: A part of a business sector that has experienced rapid growth in the last 20 years, following the boom of pharmaceutical opioids, the for-profit luxury rehab has moving interests to keep recidivism's revolving door--well, revolving. The results: patients often need multiple luxury rehab stints before finding long-term recovery, and that is if they avoid entering the institutionalizing cycle of relapse/recovery, that after long enough--coupled with the constraints of 'medical' terms of negation--condition the sufferer into believing that they will always be 'sick'. U.S. drug luxury rehabs claim a mere five percent rate of abstention for a year or more, following completion of a program. This statistic frightens many who are inquiring about conventional rehab and it should.

Let's Look at Luxury Rehab Centers and Why does Western medicine's 'gold standard' fail 19 out of 20 people?

Complete healing--the process of going from sick to healthy-- should not be approached with 'maybes' and 'doubts'; parents should not 'hope' that their child is the one out of twenty who maintains sobriety after completing a luxury drug rehab program; patients should not be placed into a metaphorical box labeled 'addict'. Psychological conditioning without positive affirmation inevitably begets more suffering. One can only hear these hypnotic words uttered at them by perceived higher authorities so many times before they start to believe it themselves.

Most luxury drug rehabs utilize the outdated recovery model of western medicine without a physical cleansing component; originally medicating band aid approach paradigm is applied to a multitude of other, more malignant substances of abuse; the dangerous compounds of tomorrow, that these rehabs attempt to treat with the methods of yesterday. These substances--opiates, synthetic opioids, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, psychotropics, anti-depressants, amphetamines--have evolved their damaging capabilities to a level that is incomparable to what was available in the 30's when AA was founded. For complete healing, talk-therapy, group meetings and peer-to-peer support is not enough: A physical, mental and spiritual program of action is required.

One suffering could go to thousands of meetings, maybe even be afforded some relief, but never experience complete healing from the physical--neurological, digestive, cardiovascular and pulmonary--abuse that they had inflicted upon themselves. Though self-inflicted, The Holistic Sanctuary empathizes with the patient's suffering, understanding that they are merely victims of ordinances that are beyond their control. No judgement comes to pass here.

What you will experience at our Luxury Rehab Center: 100% one on one no group meetings no AA meetings Real Holistic Healing 150 hours of 1 -1 care

  • Daily Massage
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga
  • NAD IV Drips
  • HBOT Therapy
  • Stem Cells
  • Juice Cleanse
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Daily Amino Drips
  • Daily Carbon Sauna
  • Private Rooms
  • Daily Dead Seas Salt Bath

To many of our patients, the reasons for why their previous rehabilitation attempts--the incomplete healing--did not lead to long-term sobriety does not become apparent until after our protocol is applied to them. Once relieved over the fact that they do not feel withdrawal symptoms, patients also experience the re-calibration of affected receptors that restores the body to a pre-addicted state, an effect unique to the proper administration of plant medicine. The depression that follows detoxification becomes a thing of the past, an unrequited trauma that patients forego while also healing the trauma of their prior attempts to withdraw; other symptoms of post acute withdrawal(PAWS), physical lethargy and mental fog, fade into oblivion. Unburdened by the feelings that they once believed to be a part of who they are when clean, patients emerge ready to embark on the path to their life's calling--a path lined with abundant health and happiness.  

Why Johnny The Healer Created the Needed Luxury Rehab

Developed with the fiendish precision that only a former victim of depression and addiction can conjure, founder Johnny Tabaie re-routed his exhausted addictive tendencies to create The Pouyan Method. After losing his mother at age thirteen, Johnny spiraled into a twenty-year fugue composed of misery, depression, PTSD and drugs. His suffering was amplified when his brother took his own life while in the medical care of a rehabilitation center. Johnny transformed what he thought to be his own character deficits into his greatest assets.Diamonds are formed under immense pressure, and The Pouyan Method is the Cullinan diamond, the largest rock of its kind. Inspired by his own suffering, Johnny Tabaie began years of meticulous research that led to a final product that it truly beyond reproach: Removing a part of something that is complete renders it incomplete. Perfection is to be left alone. The Pouyan Method is the epitome of precision. There is no room for imprecision in regards to medicine.

Let's take apart The Pouyan Method Luxury Rehab (theoretically):

Our unprecedented method heals patients at the exclusive luxury rehabilitation center known as The Holistic Sanctuary. Privacy and security are paramount at our gated-access, guarded location. Opening our doors for no more than six guests at a time, an individualized environment, free of interpersonal drama, is maintained for the entire stay.

With a glance around the facility the attention to detail placed into the Holistic Sanctuary's design is elucidated: the sparkling accommodations, the organic linens that envelop slumbering patients, the potty step-stools to promote defecation in a more natural squat position(as we had evolved to do, prior to the advent of toilets) and the sensory ambiance--healing frequencies that are maintained throughout the grounds to transmit serenity and relaxation.

The environment in which one heals is crucial to the outcome. But here is where The Holistic Sanctuary differs from the other opulent exteriors of luxury rehabs:

Healing at The Holistic Sanctuary begins and ends by placing one bodily system upon a pedestal and keeping it there: the digestive tract, the set of organs that influence the function of every other organ. A visceral course of action cleanses the body of toxins, purges parasites, candida overgrowth and pathogenic bacteria, and then recomposes the gut microbiome with various natural remedies. A cold-press juice cleanse is utilized to create alkalinity within the system, an environment where unwanted specimens cannot survive.

The link between gut health and brain health has been well documented. The research indicates that any compromised part of the gastrointestinal system correlates to a part of the brain, resulting in unwanted feelings like cravings, lethargy, mental fog, anxiety and depression. On the path to complete healing, this means that allowing these specimens to continue living within patients is tantamount to incomplete healing; without addressing these issues a physical and mental source of discomfort and unrest, one that can lead to unwanted toxic behaviors, is left unresolved. To many, these all-important aspects appear to be minor details that a healing center can overlook without consequence, yet they can be the crucial difference between a successful and unsuccessful treatment and the protocols of The Pouyan Method express this understanding, this attention to detail.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, restoration to a natural state is achieved through working closely with medical professionals who assess, through extensive testing, a guest's bodily function to prepare an individualized diet. The results --LDLs, triglycerides and iron levels, to name just a few-- are monitored and reviewed with the guest periodically.

The healthiest foods in the world are chopped up and prepared fresh by artisanal cooks with an arsenal of delicious recipes in their armories. After habituating themselves to the diet, guests acknowledge that a healthy diet can also be pleasurable and fulfilling. Each mealtime is a celebration of the culinary apex where taste and health meet: a diet devoid of any and all physically and mentally draining toxins.


While a course of healing foods recomposes the digestive system, the revolutionary protocol's other components cycle through each bodily system, cleansing each set of organs--one after another-- to restore the patient's body and mind to an undamaged state. First any self-harming behaviors are discontinued: toxic foods, smoking and mind-altering substances. The discontinuation of these gripping habits is made as easy as possible at The Holistic Sanctuary: Each patient is individually assessed and prescribed a course of natural remedies to eliminate cravings for foods, nicotine and caffeine; these solutions--NAD IVs, green coffee enemas and other aspects of the Sanctuary's proprietary method--also reduce tolerance for patients dependent on medications. These primary steps facilitate a tapered reduction in dosages, a part of the preparation for pain-free detoxification that is often aided by the ineffable powers of sacred plant medicines for patients who qualify.

The next steps utilize holistic tools of the modern age to fortify the healing strength residing inside of us all: the stem cells. The results derived from this part of the program see patients emerge feeling younger and happier; they sense their mental clarity return with increases in focus and concentration; they see the effects of physical damages from their past, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to post-operative impairment, palliate as though the injuries had never occurred in the first place. The ironic beauty of this is that the body does not call upon external sources, but rather it solicits its own resources to heal itself.

The Holistic Sanctuary maximizes the proliferation of stem cells and optimizes the process of neurogenesis to heal the brain by conjoining multiple therapies that are symbiotic beneficiaries of one another. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, super-foods containing Omega-3 and light exercise coalesce with one another to cause an expansion of new brain cells that do not immediately die off, as they would if one of these components were not engaged--or if large quantities of mind-altering substances as seemingly trivial as caffeine or nicotine were present in the bloodstream.

Going beyond physical healing, The Holistic Sanctuary helps facilitate the implementation of the life-changing habit that is meditation. The Kundalini yogi staff present a variety of meditation styles to suit the patient's preferences. Finding what works best is a personal choice, decided by trial. Guided meditations, breath-work, different focal points and zazen are led during a guest's stay to provide a thorough introduction to help the guest decide what practice is right for them. Daily meditation allows for the practice to take root.

The mind, body and soul connection deepens with routine practice of Kundalini yoga that is catered to each patient's varying needs. Regularly scheduled massages keep the body limber and the mind relaxed for the entirety of a guest's stay. The power of energetic healing, Reiki, is utilized to remove any blockages within a patient's electromagnetic field. 

The integrative regimen at The Holistic Sanctuary leaves no stone unturned. Any therapy that may serve the patient is brought into action.

Instead of acquiescing to the status quo, the Holistic Sanctuary offers complete healing.

Our Luxury Treatment Program Offers

  • All Treatments Are Customized, 30+ hours Per Week, 7+  Private Treatments Per day
  • 80% Raw Food Diet / Juice Cleanse with Superfoods And Super-Shakes
  • Organic Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse
  • Pouyan Method Powerful System that is Totally Customized, Safe and Effective.
  • The System Has No Groups, No Cookie Cutter, Not One Size Fits All Approach
  • The Pouyan Method Total Healing For The Mind, Body, and Soul Using Only Natural Elements From the Earth, 
  • Detox and Healing at a Cellular Level
  • Resetting The Brain Chemistry To A Pre-Addicted State
  • World Class Healing System in an Exclusive Gorgeous Ocean Front Location
  • Letting Go of Old Toxic Thinking and Behavior
  • Eliminating Old Destructive Behaviors Created by PTSD, Trauma, Pain

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The Holistic Sanctuary Offers A Powerful System To Heal Any Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Trauma Created by Johnny The Healer from The Holistic Sanctuary on Vimeo.

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