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Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

The increase in rehab centres for drug abuse is a sign that many people battling addiction are searching for help to overcome this problem and live a life free of drugs. These centres are able to handle different types of drug dependency levels and have reported some success albeit with record numbers of relapses in their patients. The main reason for failure to keep up the new lifestyle for most former addicts is the treatment of symptoms while ignoring underlying issues that usually cause for the addiction.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer an alternative to drug abuse treatment programs to our patients and focus on holistic care to assist you to get better as a whole person. We believe that the treatment of the body, soul and mind goes a long way in preventing any chance of an addict going back to their old lifestyle. We have trained staffs that are able to handle patients well regardless of how deep they are in addiction and get them back on track. The experience that Johnny The Healer, went through seeking help from addiction has made the design and programs offered at The Holistic Sanctuary very unique when compared to other drug treatment centres.

To better understand the reason for our top position in drug addiction and rehabilitation in the country and its surrounding, you may need to have an idea of the amenities and programs that we have on offer.

Use of natural plant herbs for treatment

Ayahuasca and ibogaine are the main plant herbs that we use in our drug addiction treatment programs alongside other holistic care activities. These powerful drugs have been used in many countries to help people get over mental problems and are considered as the best cure for drug addiction. You do not have to worry about getting addicted to any more drugs during treatment as the plant herbs are not addictive and only serve to get toxins out of the body and suppress symptoms often associated with withdrawal from drugs.

Tried and tested treatment programs

The numbers of people that have left our healing centre fully cured after participating in our rehabilitation drug programs have increased by the day. The Holistic Sanctuary offers drug treatment programs for youth as well as older people that may have been caught up in the web of addiction. You do not have to search for alcoholism drug rehab that caters for the youth as our programs are customized for every patient to ensure that they are effective in helping them get cured. It is no wonder we are often branded as the best drug rehabilitation facility offering holistic care in the country and neighbouring countries as well.

Comfortable setting

When talking about drug rehab treatment, comfort is never mentioned making The Holistic Sanctuary set up by Johnny The Healer a leader in drug rehabilitation centres. We have a facility that has high-end amenities that have been put up specifically for patients to enjoy as they work on getting better. You get to participate in drug rehab program that cures your addiction while being treated like royalty in spite of your struggle with addiction. Johnny The Healer believes that your present struggles should not dictate your treatment and ensures that all patients are treated with dignity.

Holistic activities

In offering holistic care for people addicted to drugs and alcohol we lead the pack and are among the best drug rehab centres in the area. We did not attain the position of best drug rehabilitation by using conventional methods to offer healing to addicts that have been frustrated with traditional centres for drug rehabilitation. So, next time you ask yourself the question, is there a drug rehab centre near me? Consider coming over to the Holistic Sanctuary to begin your journey towards healing from drug addiction.

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