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Yoga is one of the many Sacred Healing Methods and ancient meditations are still the most effective techniques for treating all the conditions that plague humanity today, including substance abuse. When these are combined with some of the most technologically advanced natural treatments developed at present, they form a solid three-pillared approach to healing.Some people think of yoga as an exercise routine, while others think that yoga is a spiritual discipline practiced by yogis only. The reality is that yoga not only stretches the body, but also the mind and spirit. Regular yoga sessions have been shown to lower the quantity of cortisol in the body. This results in a stronger mind with reduced symptoms in those suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety. Physically, yoga movements help develop strength, flexibility and balance helping the body’s systems to function better.

Spiritual well being creates awareness of self and others, strengthening the sense of spiritual euphoria within those practicing the discipline.

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Experience Yoga combined with our sacred healing protocol

Experience Complete Brain Restoration:

The Holistic Approach at Sanctuary Tulum

Lifelong healing can be assured through the combination of therapies that are prescribed to each individual that approaches the Sanctuary Tulum. Three packages offer clients a wide range of treatments and they can spend anything from 28 – 90 days in one of the programs that best suit their needs.

The daily routine includes a well balanced program that effectively concentrates on every aspect of the healing process. It also allows for some free time for patients to enjoy the beauty of the luxury oceanfront setting and its amenities.

Healing sessions include Reiki, pure oxygen HBOT, deprivation and isolation therapy, Cryotherapy, and the combination of vitamin therapies that includes NAD. Other IV treatments include Stem Cell and DNA repair therapies. Renewal and repair of the Mitochondria and liver, de-calcification of the pineal gland, cellular detoxification and a Candida and parasite cleanse ensure physiological well-being.Daily massage, yoga and other meditation ceremonies are combined with other cleansing, nurturing and detoxification treatments that leave the body completely cleansed from within and without.

Only sacred plant-based medications, like Ibogaine, are used at the sanctuary and these are especially helpful for those battling with the symptoms of withdrawal, especially cravings, insomnia and nausea.

The Sacred Healing Methods allows for Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity which help in the creation of new neuro-pathways to assist in fighting addiction and also improve mental health.

Spiritual Protocols that are included in the treatment include Chakra Balancing, Outer Body Experience God Molecule Activation (DMT) and Spiritual Awakening.

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    Lifestyle changes

    Every program is all-inclusive and every patient at the sanctuary stays in the luxurious en-suite accommodation of the villa. Their needs are attended by the dedicated and non-judgmental staff of 20 and there is an ER doctor on 24 hour duty. Treatments commence after all medical examinations have been completed, including a full cardio check-up, ECG, and EKG.

    Everyone at the Sanctuary Tulum leaves their bad eating habits behind and embraces the 100% plant-based, raw food diet that includes energizing protein shakes.

    The exotic location of the sanctuary offers many outdoor activities for clients to enjoy between treatments.


    10 Ways yoga benefits the mind, body and soul

    Yoga dates back from eastern ancient civilisation with its original purpose for advancement practices of the mind, body and soul and to develop insight, mindfulness, self-guidance and higher awareness in the person. The benefits of yoga are therefore not limited to excellent physiological form; however, they are intertwined with the psychological, emotional and spiritual components in human beings.

    1.  Reverses symptoms of various diseases and boosts the immune system

    check golden  Stimulate the detoxification process in the body, which, delays the effects of aging.
    check golden  Pain management, including, chronic varieties, such as back pain, and Arthritis.
    check golden  Increases metabolism for weight loss and healthy weight management.
    check golden  Better body control, relaxation, and self-confidence which increases libido and sexual comfort and performance.
    check golden  Facilitates the release of internal negative energy, which, when done regularly can have great benefit for reducing depression and its symptoms.

    Further benefits of yoga are explored here in details:

    2.  Yoga alleviates depression and anxiety levels

    Some parts of the brain are hyperactive during depression, causing the overreaction of neurons, while some other parts of the brain may react slowly or not totally. Yoga helps to normalise this inactive and overactive parts of the brain for its improved optimization. Another amazing benefit of yoga is the reduction and prevention of the level of cortisol, a stress hormone secreted by the adrenals which are elevated in anxiety and depression patients.Yoga’s meditative function means that that mood disorders and anxiety can be eliminated through regular practice resulting in low stress levels. Depressive mood disorders have physical, emotional and mental implications. Yoga is not just a form of exercise but also a meditative tool that induces the relaxation response to the mind, body and soul. Certain yoga exercises may relax the central nervous system while others may stimulate it and it is in both ways that the body finds its balance.

    Consistent practice of yoga has accelerated results with most studies indicating that in 12 weeks most patients report improvement from anxiety and depression.

    This practice grounds and centres the self, eradicating the possibilities of manifestations in anxiety and depression where they are most likely to occur particularly in people leading demanding and high stressed lifestyles.


    3. Yoga on a physiological level

    Benefits on the physiological level help to revive your cells, and reinforce free radicals from the physiological system which help fight against any illness from depression, anxiety to addiction.In terms of the physiological component, yoga creates an environment where muscle pains, headaches or any physical stress symptoms cannot thrive. This takes consistent daily yoga practice to accelerate the manifestation of the healing process. The body’s default state entails that its enzymes, the cells’ molecular structure and healing mechanisms are in excellent form to help maintain the body’s natural and higher vibrational frequency.


    4. Consistent yoga practice diminishes diabetes

    Yoga decreases glucose levels in the body of patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and eliminate the unnecessary need of conventional medicine. Additional advantages of yoga to type 2 diabetics incorporates the decrease of oxidative stress, improved psychological cerebrum function, improving cardiovascular function and diminishing dysfunctional weight disorder and decrease anxiety.Diabetic neuropathy is widely known as one of the extreme conditions of diabetes and may result in malfunctioning of internal organs, however with daily yoga practice its progress can slow down and eventually be diminished. The functioning of nerves improves when yoga is consistently practised for 30-40 minutes daily for a period of 40 days consecutively. The side effects are constructive glucose levels, more improved metabolism which impact directly on a positive nerve conditioning.

    A study conducted by the College of Medicine at Inje University on obese teenage boys resulted in the findings of the investigation which exhibit that yoga-asana is a reasonable exercise for weakening heftiness in the young men. The findings of the study also concluded that yoga exercise is more effective that conventional exercise in lessening obesity and it is powerful in controlling some metabolic disorder factors.


    5. Yoga eliminates cardiovascular disorders

    Cardiovascular disorders related to diabetes are crucial in explaining the numerous deaths that are associated with diabetes. Diabetes harms huge and smaller veins prompting high danger of heart attacks and stroke. Diabetes is the main source of foot removals, kidney malady, and even visual deficiency because of retinopathy.The analysis of various clinical groundworks with an aggregate of more than 3000 members showed that yoga could help lessen circulatory strain, pulse, respiratory rate, abdomen perimeter, hip-midsection proportion, blood glucose and insulin obstruction. Yoga can essentially improve cardiovascular wellbeing and lessen the danger of different diabetes-related inconveniences.


    6. Yoga cures reduces cravings in addiction

    Kundalini Yoga has positive side effects and altercation in the cerebral blood flow to the part of the brain where feelings of joy, peace and happiness are released. In addiction when yoga is practiced the GABA receptor cells in the brain multiply which boost mental strength and vitality by gradually cultivating the reduction of addiction. The GABA receptor cells are found in the region of the brain which is responsible for behaviour and emotion and are found to be normally less in people with addictive behaviour.Unresolved emotional trauma can disrupt Kundalini flow and cause stagnation in the chakras, and over time those disruptions can manifest as physical symptoms. When Kundalini is opened up, however, the body intelligently heals itself.


    7. Increase chances of fertility in men and women

    There are specific yoga poses that increase fertility in women and increase chances of conceiving in previous cases where this was not possible.By also releasing the muscle tension which affect mood swings and lack of sexual desire, some yoga poses promote sexual desires which would have previously been absent in some women.

    This is due to the fact once the body experiences some of the poses, blood flow to the pelvis also increases which stimulates hormone -producing glands.

    Some yoga poses to help in increasing libido include and are not limited to, Shoulder strand (Sarvangasana), Legs Up The Wall (Viparita Karani), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) and Seated Forward Fold (Paschimottanasana)


    8. Improvement in the state of Asthma

    There are currently four clinical investigations showing that yoga practice improves the state of those with bronchial asthma. During the poses, there are breathing techniques that help to open up the lungs to lessen the severity in asthma.


    9. Raised Cortisol (Stress)

    Yoga practice has been found to diminish serum cortisol levels which have been related with alpha wave activation.Yoga likewise thinks about positively in this regard to African moves in dance, the last of which raises cortisol.Women experiencing mental pressure, including bosom malignant growth outpatients experiencing adjuvant radiotherapy, have been found to react to yoga intercession with brought down cortisol levels, just as related mental pressure and uneasiness reduction.


    10. Hypertension:

    Yoga has been found to diminish circulatory strain in patients with prehypertension to arrange hypertension. Yoga has additionally been found to decrease pulse in increasingly serious conditions, for example, HIV-tainted grown-ups with cardiovascular disease. Yogic breathing is a standout amongst the best types of yoga for this wellbeing condition, with both quick and moderate breathing activities having value.

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