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Who Is Johnny Tabaie “The Healer”

Johnny Tabaie aka “Johnny The Healer” is the Founder and Director of The Holistic Sanctuary, home to the exclusive Pouyan Method, which heals the brain and has been shown in most cases to permanently cure and heal Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Pain Medication Dependency, Alcoholism and more. The Pouyan Method is an all-natural treatment the result of Johnny’s extensive research, development and application – inspired by a series of life-changing events that nearly cost Johnny everything he held dear. He lost his mother in 1987 to crack cocaine addiction, at a tender age of 13; and his brother later committed suicide 2001, while under the care of a conventional FDA approve residential drug treatment center. These tragedies, coupled with his own challenges, left Johnny traumatized with ptsd and addicted to drugs for 20 years. In an effort to change his lifestyle and end his addiction, Johnny tried over 17 conventional treatment programs during the course of almost a decade.

How Did He Learn How to Heal People

These experiences included attending county-funded rehabilitation centers, high-end treatment facilities, in-custody programs and inpatient/outpatient approaches. None of these options – all of which used the 12-step and AA-based ideology about people having an incurable disease – did not help Johnny. Ultimately, he decided to stop this revolving door of rehab and confinement: Johnny wanted his life back, without the stigma (and wrong diagnosis) of having a disease. At the same time, Johnny recognized these treatments were extremely toxic; they simply replaced one drug (labeled “bad”) with another medication (labeled “good”).

Finding the True Cause Of PTSD Depression And Addiction

Now Johnny recognized the reason for his brother’s problems – a vicious carousel of prescription drugs, attack therapy and no interest, by doctors or drug rehabs, in healing people with addiction. Johnny’s research further confirmed this point, that 95% of patients will fail using outdated ‘Drug Treatment’ programs. In fact, all of these centers attribute addiction to a genetic disorder – a disease – in which addicts and alcoholics are powerless. And thus, these centers put patients on a series of toxic and addictive drugs and blame everything on genetics. Johnny knew this nonsense had to stop, so he took it upon himself to create a proprietary cure for addiction that would heal the brain and permanently end addiction.
Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method
Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method
Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method
After healing himself soon the word got out, people started sharing his work on social media, and his reputation grew. His methods were effective and soon his patients came to call him as Johnny “the Healer” because he rejuvenated the withering lives of people suffering from pstd and addiction. Johnny JTH gave them a whole new perspective and meaning.
Johnny is a self taught holistic nutritionist with sound knowledge of super foods, as well as proficient in self taught energy healer using- Quantum healing, Reiki healing, Pranic healing, Qigong healing, he studied plants and the medicinal healing properties of these ancient plants, in his own right he is an ethnobotanist which also influenced his Pouyan method to cure depression trauma, PTSD and drug addiction. Johnny is not a faith healer, he is not like your typical medication prescribing doctor but a healer in his own right. He doesn’t believe in the disease model. He creates healthy a lifestyle for his patients by including organic super foods, ancient sacred plants/herbs to heal and rejuvenate the mind body and soul.
In the beginning The Holistic Sanctuary used brain scans to show before and after the treatment to show drastic improves, which legitimates his claims. The Holistic Sanctuary in California was his dream child, but due to certain political laws set in place by “Big Government to help “big Pharma”, The patients now have to travel to Mexico to get healed. Regardless, clients are sick of the poison being prescribed to them. So they travel all the way down to Mexico to get the “Real Healing” Johnny offers. They can come, relax and rejuvenate in this place and heal under the efficient hands of the loving nurses doctors healers and shamans who are trained by Johnny Tabaie aka, Johnny The Healer.
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How Does He Healer and Cure His patients?

By only using all-natural methods, Johnny was able to stop his addictions and depression, reprogram his thinking and reverse the damage caused by many years of drug use. He also included a non GMO organic diet, along with therapies that no other drug treatment center had. From this hard work, and in memory of his mother and brother, Johnny found the solution to depression PTSD, trauma and addiction: the Pouyan Method. Now Johnny has cured over 1000 patients the past 10 years, improving people’s lives and saving their loved ones throughout the United States.

Why Aren’t all Centers Doing this Method?

This groundbreaking treatment, the exclusive Pouyan Method, heals the brain and ends PTSD, Depression, and addiction. In fact, Johnny’s reputation as a healer is a title bestowed on him by his patients; they’re the ones who call him Johnny The Healer, because he has done just that: healed his patients, restored their lives and given them their dignity. An energy healer and self-taught nutritionist who uses super foods, as well as a student in Quantum Healing, Reiki Healing, and Pranic Healing and Qigong, Johnny uses the Pouyan Method to achieve remarkable results.

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Who Gives Him The right To Treat People? What’s His Medical Background?

Though he is not a medical doctor, Johnny is still someone with a deep interest in helping patients. Put another way, you do not have to be a doctor to care about people, to have a passion for eliminating mental and emotional issues including addiction. Indeed, Johnny understands and respects the value of physicians, but he believes their approach to addiction – and the prescription of toxic drugs – is not the answer people need or want. Instead, he created a healthy and balanced lifestyle for his patients, complemented by organic super foods and natural herbs, so the Pouyan Method can heal and rejuvenate patients.

What Does the Pouyan Method Include?

This treatment is revolutionary – there is no other word to properly describe the Pouyan Method – which also uses state-of-the-art equipment to heal patients. For example: the Pouyan Method includes healing a heroin addict in less than 30 days – and keeping that person clean permanently! The brain scans prove the success of this treatment, which, for many patients, is nothing short of miraculous. The Holistic Sanctuary is the fulfillment of Johnny’s mission, a 5-star luxury resort amidst the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Baja, California.   Whats in the Pouyan Method?  ALL ONE ON ONE! Over 150 hours of Holistic Treatments

  1. Daily Massage
  2. Daily Yoga
  3. Daily Hyperbaric Chamber Sessions
  4. Daily IV drips (Proprietary Formulas, 5 hours per day
  5. Private Room Huge Master Suite Jacuzzi
  6. Daily Dead Seas Salt Baths
  7. Daily Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions
  8. Ayahuasca Ceremonies Licensed Facility NO Underground (Proprietary Protocol)
  9. Ibogaine Treatment medically supervised in Licensed Facility NOT Underground (Proprietary Protocol)
  10. 5 MeO or Changa DMT Guided, Therapeutic

Patients relax and recover in paradise, a world devoted to healing recovery and optimism. Johnny welcomes the chance to speak with you about your issues, or a friend or loved one’s problems. A healer and humanitarian, he wants to give people the healing they deserve. Visit The Holistic Sanctuary today to learn more.

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