Telomere Repair Therapy at The Holistic Sanctuary

Disease Prevention and the Reversal of
Premature Aging With Telomere Cell Renewal Therapies


Cellular health plays a major role in disease prevention and also helps maintain a youthful appearance. Healthy cells need to be protected from exposure to environmental and lifestyle toxins and while some clients at the Holistic Sanctuary come to reverse damage, others come to learn about the holistic approach to help prevent it.

At The Holistic Sanctuary the daily holistic treatments provide a complete balance of the body, spirit and mind that have a long lasting effect, and many of the lifestyle changes can be practiced by clients long after leaving the retreat, having a positive outcome on how they continue their lives thereafter.

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Experience Telomere Repair combined with our sacred healing protocol

Experience Complete Brain Restoration:

Telomere healing and cell damage prevention at The Holistic Sanctuary

The proprietary Pouyan Healing Protocol is offered in the intimate and safe environment of the Healing Center. Every patient has 9 hours of intensive holistic healing sessions daily and these are customized according to their specific needs.

With a choice of three packages, clients immediately commence treatment, starting with a complete medical examination to ensure that their body can tolerate the ancient plant medicines, detoxification treatments and repair protocols.

Restoring and preventing cell loss and telomere shortening is important for rejuvenation. The treatments that are available include DNA, Mitochondria and Stem Cell Repair and Reactivation Protocols. The liver is given a complete detox, the pineal gland is decalcified, and the body is cleansed from Candida and parasites. HBOT and important daily vitamin drips also help the body recreate healthy cells and to restore cells that are showing signs of damage.

No therapy can be complete if only the physiological side of the body is healed. That is why at The Holistic Sanctuary the belief in the power of the mind and its cultivation is essential in creating a completely balanced healing process. Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity Brain Repair Protocol help create new neuro-pathways in the brain.  Reiki Healing and Isolation/Deprivation Therapy are also used to intensify the healing of the mind, and body.

The spiritual healing program is essential for inner restoration. It provides the mind with the strength needed for kicking bad habits that interfere with cell healing. The therapy includes proprietary God Molecule Activation (DMT), Spiritual Awakening & Outer Body Experience, and Chakra Balancing.


Diet, exercise and relaxation at The Holistic Sanctuary

Under the guidance of the 20 dedicated and discrete staff members, the program extends into 9 hours with daily  IV drips, HBOT, massage therapy, yoga sessions, Dead Sea Salt baths, and Infrared Sauna sessions.

No prescription medications are used by the medical team at the sanctuary and there is a 24 hour ER doctor on hand. Any adverse symptoms, especially for those from addictions, are treated with sacred plant medicine like Ayahuasca and Ibogaine.  The emphasis is on keeping everything natural and organic and this includes the diet, plant-based and 100% raw-food it includes some powerful and revitalizing protein shakes.  No fast food or junk food is allowed as these hamper therapy.

A luxurious and revitalizing experience

The luxurious suites at this beautiful oceanfront retreat offer privacy and comfort, and there is 24 hour staff duty, including an ER doctor. Depending on the package chosen there are various combinations of therapies and each person can spend anything from 28 to 90 days at the The Holistic Sanctuary. Besides enjoying the holistic treatments everyone can participate in some of the exciting water-sport activities.

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    Telomeres and their importance

    The word Telomere has its origins from the Greek words telos (end) and meros (part). As the word indicates the telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect the chromosomes. Imagine that they play the same role as the protective plastic that prevents the ends of shoelaces from fraying.Without telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and the cells cannot perform their duties normally. Therefore, telomeres are an essential part of human cells and can affect how they age.

    All of the cells within the body are made up of DNA, the genetic material that makes each person different from the next. Since every organ in the body is made up of cells, the telomeres are vital to the function and health of the skin, heart, liver, etc.

    The process of replenishing cells is constant and the cells copy themselves each time that they replicate. Every time that a cell copies itself, the telomeres get shorter, but the DNA itself stays intact. The eventual outcome is that the telomeres get too short to carry out their job correctly causing the cells to age and die.

    The natural process of aging shortens the telomeres, but they can also be shortened by lifestyle choices such as stress, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, and smoking.

    The aging process on a cellular level always involves telomere shortening and the length of the telomeres always represents the biological age as opposed to the chronological age.

    History of research into cellular aging

    Scientists first discovered that telomeres protect the DNA in the 1930s and the link between them and cellular aging was made almost 40 years ago. The availability of research on telomeres runs into 20,000 published scientific papers and the 2009 Nobel Prize for physiology and science went to the three scientists who discovered how telomerase, an enzyme found in the body, impacts telomere length. Szostak, Blackburn, and Greider identified telomerase in the 1980s and their research indicated that all living organisms had similar cell functions. However, the levels of telomerase in the body decline with age.

    Studies have shown that telomeres can grow longer in humans even after they have shortened, and a huge body of scientists continues to study telomeres and how their shortening can be stopped or even reversed.

    Studies indicate that not all parts of the body may age at the same rate and since most people measure the telomeres of the blood cell, these a good indication of what the immune system is doing, but the telomeres of the liver or other organs could present a different picture.

    Likewise, not everyone begins life with the equal telomere length, because genetics does play a part in their length and not all telomeres shorten or renew at the same rate either.

    Even though initial research showed that there might be a link between telomerase and cancer, in a 2010 study, DePinho showed that turning on the telomerase gene in lab-engineered mice that had been artificially-aged, showed a dramatic re-growth of their brain and testes. They also had heightened fertility and their cognitive function was restored.

    Two years later, another Spanish researcher, Maria Blasco, showed how a gene therapy called TERT lengthened the telomeres and increased the health span of normal mice without causing cancer. Her research is proving positive for pulmonary fibrosis, aplastic anemia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    The most recent news on the exciting work on telomeres shows that mRNA therapy can extend telomeres for a short time of only 48 hours, reducing the risk of them dividing indefinitely, yet long enough to extend the telomeres in human muscle and skin cells to the equivalent of 10 years life span. The implications of this research are huge but the challenges which remain are still immense because each individual cell type requires a different mechanism.

    Benefits of extending telomeres

    The benefits of extending the telomeres all seem to be associated with premature aging and the diseases linked with age.

    External appearance –Skin and hair are greatly impacted by telomere shortening because they reproduce more often than most cells in the body. Grey hair and balding are signs of shorter telomeres as are poor wound healing and spots on the skin.

    Immune System –The immune system, like the nails and hair, also reproduces cells in great numbers and is greatly affected by telomere shortening. People with shortened telomeres are more prone to inflammation and the onset of age-related disease and life-threatening infections

    Learning disabilities- Shortened telomeres have been linked to learning disabilities especially in people, who have dyskeratosis congenital, a disease where the telomeres get shorter prematurely.

    Alzheimer’s disease – Some scientists believe that the process of aging can be eliminated if the length of the telomeres can be preserved or lengthened.

    High blood pressure –Oxidative stress or shortening of the telomeres is mainly due to lifestyle habits and when these are improved many illnesses may be reduced.

     Hardening of the arteries – Another disease often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Type 2 diabetes- This disease plagues millions of people across the globe today and they face other health risks because of diabetes. It has also been linked to an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Cancers – Caused by the division of cells in the tissues, most cancers may be prevented if future studies finally find a way to prevent the shortening of the telomeres because of age and lifestyle choices.

    Intestinal disorders – Most intestinal disorders are considered to be stress related, but there is growing evidence that people with shortened telomeres are more prone to them.

    Softening of the bones- Or osteoporosis is related to aging and shortened telomeres.

    While scientists try to identify the best way to increase the length of telomeres in the body, everyone has a duty to themselves to make healthy lifestyle changes to help preserve their telomeres. These include leading eating a healthy diet (including a lowering of glucose levels), daily exercise and stopping bad habits like smoking and alcohol intake.

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