Pouyan Method Created by Johnny the Healer

What Is The Pouyan Method?

You CAN be free from you debilitating depression, trauma, ptsd addictions, and discover the peace and clarity of living an an amazing life. Thanks to the revolutionary Pouyan Method, access to authentic and complete healing can be achieved.

With the Pouyan Method you will experience:

–No Prescriptions of Medications Forced onto you
–No Violent Withdrawals
–No Negative Stigma or Life-Long Labels
–No Fear of Genetic Limitations Labeled as Incurable
–No Ongoing Struggles With Depression
–No Group Meetings for dawn til dusk
–No Endless Talk Therapy
–No Risky Shortcuts

Treatment Pouyan Method

The Holistic Sanctuary is the only authorized purveyor of the Pouyan Method and has helped thousands of souls achieve full restoration and healing. We’ve created a system that resets the brain back to its pre-addicted state, and our patients can break past the suffocating stigmas and myths they’ve been told their entire lives regarding recovery methods and expectations. Our proven method has garnered over a around 90% success rate for those recovering from depression PTSD and drug addictions such as heroin, Methadone, Benzos, Suboxone, Oxycontin, Cocaine and Alcohol, and our success rates are above results seen at other drug rehab centers. Our patients experience this life-changing success in the privacy and comfort of our world-class luxurious medical spa.

You can expect an increased likelihood of achieving the same successful healing from the Pouyan Method because it is based on research and results rather than outdated disease theory. We delve deeper than other recovery methods. Our method is the most innovative in the industry, and while part of some patient treatment plans might include the therapeutic and guided use of Ibogaine and Ayahuasca, The Pouyan Method is so much more.

Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method
Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method
Eddie Transformation With The Pouyan Method

Why Is The Pouyan Method So Powerful

Using our 100% natural protocol, our goal is to heal and repair the brain in every way possible, thus finally giving our patients the capacity to end their ptsd, depression and addiction. Other programs might promise shorter stays, a quick fix, but they skip this critical step. And without proper preparation and restoring the body, repairing the immune system, reseting the nervous system, and returning it to its pre-addiction functionality, treatments that address the addiction wouldn’t have lasting results. Consequently, patients could tend to struggle with fighting their health issues for the rest of their lives. We don’t think you should have to settle for that. So, we won’t subject our patients to a method with shortcuts and questionable outcomes. You can trust the impeccable reliability of The Pouyan Method.

Its success rate is partly because it includes this vital powerful multifaceted approach mind, body, soul, and brain-healing step as a significant milestone in your journey to true recovery. Other treatment centers may claim that this step isn’t possible because they hold to the long-standing incorrect belief that the brain won’t repair itself or regenerate, but we now know that it can be restored IF the correct methods are used, and it is given the right building blocks to do so. It is when the brain is repaired that patients feel true confidence that permanent removal of addiction and alcoholism can be a reality for them.

Our proven system gently and safely guides each patient through several carefully crafted and patient-tailored protocols that:

1. Completely detox your body of stored toxins before the initiation of any additional actions
2. Repair the brain to its pre-addicted state (Neurogenesis)
3. Stop negative thoughts and toxic belief that keep you sick, hopeless, and addicted
4. Rewire and reprogram your mind (Neuroplasticity)
5. Offer you sustainable options for a holistic lifestyle that sets you up for lasting success

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What’s included In the Pouyan Method

Weekly Blood Work and Liver Panel
EKG ECG Tests/Heart Check Up/Cardiology Workup
24 hour Nursing Supervision and Care
In House ER Doctor for ibogaine treatments
Private Suite W/Private Bath Organic Sheets and Linen
Daily Access To The GYM
Beachfront Amenities
Daily Yoga
Daily Meditation
Daily Massage
Daily IV drips
Min 1-7 Ceremonies with Ancient Plant Medicine Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, Changa and 5 MeO DMT (All clients MUST be medically cleared to undergo any of the sacred plant medicines)
Fresh Organic Meals 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO (Proprietary)
Organic Superfood Juices/Shakes (Proprietary)

Your first step to successfully achieving freedom from addiction is detoxification. Eliminating the stored toxins including drug residues, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals via organ cleanses must be done before the initiation of additional measures such as the introduction of Ibogaine or Ayahuasca as to ensure your utmost safety during your recovery. While our primary target during the detox is the brain damage caused by the drugs, our system also detoxifies the colon, liver, kidneys, and bloodstream. This whole body healing contributes to your success, as the body is only as strong only as its weakest part.

Our detoxification methods are 100% Organic and natural and include the use of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, plant phytonutrients, amino acids and oxygen. This allows for a safer and gentler detox than other treatment centers where patients experience violent withdrawals. Once the residue from the drugs and other toxins are removed from your brain and body, you are free from the psychological and physiological grip that addictive drugs have on you. Other Addiction Drug Rehab Centers neglect this logic, which contributes to patient treatment failure. Only after the toxins are removed can patients proceed to the next step where damages to the brain may be repaired.

The Pouyan Method approaches brain repair in several collaborative ways. Brain cells are rebuilt via stem cell and Oxygen therapies, as well as the reversal of the damage caused by toxic thoughts and beliefs.

Let us help you be healed today!

    These thoughts and beliefs could stem from Social, Environmental, Psychological and/or Spiritual Toxins and their subsequent damage must be reversed. Part of the reversal can be achieved via powerful Plant Medicines Adding sacred and ancient plant medicine to a treatment plan must be done with extreme care, as it can be fatal if administered incorrectly. We have had zero-related fatalities at The Holistic Retreat.
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    The sacred medicine must only be used as a catalyst to healing, not as the sole method for curing addiction. In and of itself, plant medicine cannot “cure” years — or decades — of maladaptive patterns of behavior. Patients have often been self-medicating com morbid conditions, and significant obstacles can be encountered in the future if left unaddressed.

    Our comprehensive approach addresses potential obstacles by discovering the true causes of your addiction and by replacing inaccurate assumptions. For years, people have been weighed down with the crippling presumption that their addiction is genetic and that they’re destined to live the life of an addict. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we find this to be 100% untrue. When our powerful protocols are aimed right at the origin of an individual’s addiction, the source of the habit will be repaired. By removing the manifestation of the habit–the addiction, it permanently eliminates the addiction and patients achieve lasting relief rather than a temporary cessation. Consistent feedback from many of our clients is that The Pouyan Method was precisely what they needed to put all the pieces back together FINALLY.

    Pouyan Method Treatment Sanctuary

    The Pouyan Method uniquely offers these results WITHOUT the addition of prescription medication. We don’t believe in replacing one health issue and addiction for another, even if it’s a more socially acceptable addiction such as a prescription medicine. Patients who rely on prescription medication after a drug rehab program aren’t truly healed. The brain was not repaired, nor returned to the pre-addicted state. Other addiction drug rehab centers, including luxury centers, often replace your addiction with medications such as Methadone, which has been proven ineffective and more addictive than the patient’s respective previous addiction.

    Other programs often also require treatment supplementation of daily/weekly group meetings for the rest of your life. If you had achieved complete healing, there would be no need for either of these. These meetings also reduce a person’s potential for complete healing by perpetuating negative reinforcements and labels. In these group meetings, it’s compulsory to claim that you are an addict. By claiming this disabling mantra out loud and repeatedly, it convinces your soul that you are incurable. How can you feel empowered and ready to move ahead in your life with this belief? It doesn’t work. Group meetings and conventional Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Programs are outdated and ineffective. You deserve a new and innovative approach with proven results.

    John 1 Heroin Cure - Day Before Arrival

    Day Before Arrival

    John 1 Heroin Cure - 10 Days After Arrival

    10 Days After Arrival

    John Heroin Cure - 90 Days After Arrival

    90 Days After Arrival

    At The Holistic Sanctuary, you won’t find a cookie-cutter program, group meetings, negative stigmas or labels, medications, or harmful shortcuts. Within the first few days of your treatment, you will begin to feel a shift in your body and soul. You’ll start to practice your new holistic lifestyle that includes new habits such as exercise and meditation and begin to believe and claim your true and lasting healing.Along with receiving physical and spiritual healing, you’ll be armed with the tools you will need to reprogram any negative thoughts and beliefs that might try to disrupt your new life-plan. You can have lasting success!

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