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Pouyan Method – Johnny the Healer

The Pouyan Method is an exclusive proprietary method used at The Holistic Sanctuary, a luxury drug rehabilitation and treatment center located in Baja, California. The method was discovered and put into place by Johnny the Healer, himself a former addict with personal experience in the trails, tribulations and troubles that addicts and their families typically go through when faced with the standard treatment systems and conditions offered at most state, county and other luxury treatment centers. The Pouyan Method takes a completely unique and different approach than other treatment styles in seeking to cure an addiction where traditional methods fail.

How the Pouyan Method Differs

In a traditional drug rehab center setting, patients are dealt with using a combination of a traditional 12 step program of counseling and recovery, one that has the patient admit they are powerless to fight against the addiction and the addiction is an incurable disease. This is combined with medical treatment that involves the use of prescription medications that are just as toxic and addictive as the drugs the patient is looking to gain release from. All of this creates an environment where the patient feels like they are fighting a losing battle and are constantly caught in a cycle of defeat and addiction to medication. The Pouyan Method steps away from all of that by providing a way out to cure the addiction completely through holistic, natural methods. Pouyan Method - holistic cure

What the Pouyan Method can Provide

The Pouyan Method takes an all-natural approach and does not just treat the addiction but seeks to cure the patient and rid the addiction permanently. This involves a customized approach to therapy and one that can be different for every patient instead of just following a standard list of protocols. A variety of therapies and treatments can be included, including the use of various types of brain repair therapies and a detox program that uses only all-natural methods and never involves any prescription medication. The treatments and therapies, combined with an organic, healthy diet, physical training, meditation and more allow patients to be cured rapidly. The innovative approach used at The Holistic Sanctuary of the Pouyan Method takes a completely new and unique approach to addiction by providing patients with the opportunity for complete healing of their body, mind and soul. The elimination of the traditional methods and the stigmas that can go along with traditional treatment allow the Pouyan method to provide patients with a chance to make the significant life change they have been searching for and rid themselves of addiction.

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