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How Massage Helps to
Heal The Mind Body And Soul​

Massage therapy holistic treatment that offers aid to the body’s tissues and muscles which its benefits are extended to psychological and spiritual components.

It is a way of directly controlling the body, which means a professional applies power and movement to certain tissues of the body, including tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and muscles. The objective is to help empower wellbeing.

During the healing crisis process, the body becomes under immense duress. Detoxification, for instance, causes physical pain as you experience withdrawal. During this time, your muscles are tense, and relaxing appears to be difficult to do. Massage during the detoxification process can facilitate a portion of this physical torment without the need to take any other form of drug.

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Massage can help reduce the development of the following symptoms in those suffering from substance abuse disorders:

check golden  Depression and anxiety
check golden Muscle aches, much like flu symptoms
check golden Tension and stress
check golden Related pain
check golden Insomnia
check golden General fatigue
check golden Poor mental clarity and focus
check golden Physical injuries or chronic pain
check golden Lack of self-awareness

Massage therapy holistic treatment

Massage can help reduce the development of the following symptoms in those suffering from substance abuse disorders:

Experience Massage combined with our sacred healing protocol

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The following are benefits of massage therapy in detail:

Stress Relief Massage

check bullet   Massage serves as an alternative to painkillers or other chronic pain medicine as those recovering from opioid drug abuse prefer to avoid any chronic pain medicine as it may take cause them to relapse. Natural healing such as message is a better alternative combined with other therapies including acupuncture.

check bullet It additionally decreases cortisol in the bloodstream, which is known as the stress hormone. This happens due to the pressure points that are stimulated. This attempts to trigger the brain’s vagus nerve, making it pulsate more moderately and drop blood pressure.

check bullet Stress is a genuine obstruction to addiction recovery. Stress hormones directly influence the reward chemical dopamine. This implies the individual who has little practice in effectively overseeing negative feelings may feel doubly deprived and needy. Therefore massage therapy is exceedingly effective in decreasing stress.

check bullet Massage therapy not only decreases stress but also expands a patient’s well of positive emotions, yet it likewise enables patients to turn out to be progressively self-aware.

check bullet Massage therapy enables patients to take it easy, shut out diversions and place more focus on being tranquil. With regular massage therapy sessions, a patient turns out to be more receptive to signals from their body particularly where strain and stress are grabbing hold. The patient who has been practicing relaxation will be able to identify side effects of nervousness and stress all the more rapidly and has experienced managing those feelings in a positive manner.

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    Improves the quality of sleep

    During a treatment, quality sleep is invariably restricted. With the assistance of massage for health and relaxation, it’s conceivable to decrease a portion of the discomfort that generally meddles with the desired sleep quality. The massaging procedure decreases tension, enabling people in therapy to rest better. A soothing sleep improves the quality of life by significant levels in certain patients who might be battling because of detoxification.


    Stimulates Healing

    The activity of placing pressure on the tissue invigorates the body to build blood flow to the area. Therefore, oxygen-rich blood moves into the impaired tissues, encouraging it to heal. It likewise attempts to improve the adequacy of the body’s lymph system in decreasing the conventional symptoms of discomfort. This system is likewise essential in the flushing of toxins from the body, a typical need after drug use.


    Enhances Self-Awareness

    During drug addiction recovery, patients may experience various episodes or triggers. It is vital for patients to be able to manage the triggers which come with frustration, anxiety or boredom.

    Massage helps patients develop a relationship with their own bodies which create an awareness with where tension could be in their own bodies.

    This helps them to be able to be aware of patterns of cravings or negative emotions and be in control of them unlike being controlled by them. The process helps patients take their power back through effective tactics of controlling cravings to avoid relapse.


    Promotes Detoxification

    The effects of the reflex movements on the body during massage last longer through the tissues. They help remove toxins such as lactic acid out of the blood streams from the muscles thereby increasing blood flow towards the limbs.

    This effect will linger in the system until there is an improvement in vascular function continues numerous days after the massage, for example the addiction of cocaine is related with severe brain damages possibly arbitrated by vascular pathology.

    The improved blood circulation through massage would mean that, it can support with the detoxification by permitting an effective ejection of toxins injected during drug consumption, out of the body. The vital supply of blood and lymphatic fluid assists in reinforcing a proper usage of oxygen-rich nutrition into organs and muscles.


    Produces Endorphins

    The post detoxification stage of the addiction treatment has negative implications for the neurochemistry of the body, and this would require its restoration back into balance.

    Drug abuse terminates the release of normal endorphins, which are hormones released within the brain and nervous system with responsibility of various physiological functions. For the recovering addict, it means that they need support to stimulate the body to produce these hormones.

    Manufactured in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, beta-endorphins bargain for a chemically free technique for drug addiction recovers to feel more at ease with themselves. Massage therapy improves the production of the beta-endorphins and help reduce stress hormones including cortisol and increase the flow of serotonin, which is a positive mood stimulant or as commonly known, “happy hormones”.

    Serotonin has the function of lowering the levels of depression and anxiety, and this can serve a great purpose when recovering from addiction.

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    A lymphatic drainage massage typically uses the light pressure by gently stroking the skin through lateral movements, which help with the flow of lymph fluids in the body. Lymph is a fluid opulent with an opulent of proteins, which moves through the lymph vessels.

    The lymph vessels eradicate viruses, bacteria and any wastes towards the lymph nodes, which work as filter to rid of impurities from the body including drug addiction. This type pf massage can also help ease the anxiety that comes with drug addiction.

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