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HBOT  The Energizing, Powerful, Cutting Edge Treatment That Helps

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber (HBOT) treatments have proven to be one of the best alternative therapies for treating a variety of health issues, including aging and regulating brain function. At Sanctuary Tulum, HBOT is just one of the newer technological methods that are incorporated into the daily treatment schedule. Together with the Sacred Treating Method they provide healing and form a protective shield that retains the benefits of the treatments for a long time after completion.

Sanctuary Tulum offers a system of healing that takes a completely holistic approach. A combination of sacred medicines, advanced technological healing methods, meditation, diet, and exercise offer dramatic results.  No addictive, no toxic and non dangerous medications / drugs or any other outdated treatment methods are used for any of the therapies, including PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Alcoholism or substance use and or abuse.

In an environment that offers peacefulness, safety, and security, each individual is guided through the process of healing the body, mind, and spirit by the staff of 20 knowledgeable and non-judgmental members of the staff. Each member of the team at the Sanctuary is specially certified in their field of expertise. Every patient receives the undivided attention of the person in charge for a particular treatment and the sessions are always one-on-one.

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Experience HBOT Therapy combined with our sacred medicine and powerful healing protocol

Experience Complete Brain Restoration:

A Cutting Edge Healing Method for everyone

Every client receives a full medical check-up on arrival from the 24 hour ER doctor which includes blood tests, liver function, ECG, EKG, and cardiograph.

There are many different packages of treatments to choose from and depending on the needs of each individual program. Treatments can take 8 days up to 12 weeks.  The Sanctuary Tulum is a luxurious oceanfront retreat center with private rooms that have en-suite bathrooms.

The emphasis is on detoxification, renewal, and repair with every treatment geared to achieving this goal. Every day includes yoga, meditation, sacred plant ceremonies and the full range of advanced natural treatments. IV therapies include NAD and other vitamin boosters, DNA, Mitochondria, liver, stem cell and cellular detoxification formulas that are each specially formulated to target specific problems. Various cleanses are essential and some of the most important are the Candida and parasite cleanse and the decalcification of the pineal gland.

Reiki healing, pure oxygen HBOT, Cryotherapy, and Deprivation/ Isolation therapies are followed by relaxing Dead Sea baths and Carbon Infrared Sauna sessions.

Ibogaine resets dopamine receptors, and cures the dependency caused by painkillers. Perfected over ten years of plant medicine and spiritual protocols are an important part of the healing process, particularly with withdrawal symptoms, paws, depression and cravings. Spiritual Awakening, Outer Body Experience God Molecule Activation (DMT), and Chakra Balancing are important spiritual protocols that assist the body, mind and especially the spirit to heal and reconnect the client to their soul.

The 100% raw food, plant-based diet is essential to ensuring that the body is kept healthy and ready to accept the benefits of all the treatments. Patients also have the opportunity to enjoy the beachfront amenities between treatments.


The Benefits of HBOT Chamber Therapy

Chronic illness and fatigue are both caused by lack of oxygen in the body. HBOT Chamber Therapy increases the body’s concentration significantly and can be used to treat a whole range of minor and major ailments.

The pure oxygen that the body receives during HBOT has an immediate effect on the skin and relieves stress, tiredness, and inflammation. Originally formulated to treat deep-sea divers who suffered from the effects of decompression, it has proven to have a whole lot of other benefits, especially when combined with the other natural and sacred therapies.

The therapy delivers 100% pure oxygen to the body at a high pressure which immediately reaches body tissues. The treatment can be carried out at least once a day for the duration of anything up to 2 hours. The best results are offered by a full-body chamber.

The Sacred Healing Methods allows for Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity which help in the creation of new neuro-pathways to assist in fighting addiction and also improve mental health.
Spiritual Protocols that are included in the treatment include Chakra Balancing, Outer Body Experience God Molecule Activation (DMT) and Spiritual Awakening.

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    HBOT and its effects on the body

    HBOT therapy offers stimulation of cell growth, reduction of swelling, new blood vessel formation, tissue repair; it combats fungal infections and promotes wound healing.

    HBOT and healing with a shorter recovery time

    The body has the capacity to absorb a lot of oxygen and this has amazing effects on the body. Certain areas of the body have fewer veins and arteries with less blood reaching them, meaning less oxygen. These are the areas that have an increased risk of inflammation. The extra oxygen that is delivered to the bloodstream during HBOT sessions is evenly distributed throughout the body by the vascular system, pushing inflammation out.

    Athletes have a faster recovery time when they have HBOT therapy and wound healing is also accelerated.

    Radiation Damage

    The effects of radiation therapy or exposure to other forms of radiation can damage sensitive cells to the point where they cannot recover again. This damage weakens some of the organs within the body and HBOT therapy boosts the oxygen levels that strengthen the vascular system. The vascular system, in turn, boosts the affected organs with the extra oxygen, encouraging healing.

    Chronic Pain Relief

    Many degenerative diseases are caused by a breakdown of the immune system and cause inflammation with pain in the muscles and joints. HBOT and the increased flow of oxygen it provides a boost that helps to ease the pain from rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.

    Skin Renewal

    Increased oxygen levels in the blood help to boost the production of collagen and this helps to repair damage from aging. Premature aging of the skin is a problem encountered by people with a variety of health problems or those who are fighting with addictions and HBOT helps with the required cell renewal.

    Burn wounds heal faster and skin grafts are more readily accepted with HBOT treatments.

    Strength of mind

    Addictions, stress, anxiety, and depression all need improved brain function if they are to be treated. HBOT therapy improves brain function, memory, and mood as it helps to restore cells.

    The brain damage and cognitive ability in patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease show improvements after HBOT.

    In combination with other treatments, HBOT Chamber therapy allows the creation of new neuro-paths which are important in fighting addictions. These new pathways are what allow former addicts to stay clean and not fall back into the vicious cycle of rehab and relapse as seen from other treatment methods.

    Improved circulation for diabetics

    Diabetes can impair the vascular system if left untreated and the boost of oxygen from HBOT helps to effect a substantial improvement in the way the blood circulates, particularly to the limbs.

    Improved hearing and vision

    Blindness caused by age, genetic mutations, or exposure to high altitudes can be reduced because of the increased supply of oxygen to the tissues and retina. Hearing loss is often attributed to damage of the cells or nerves and HBOT can help by activating the enzymes in the inner ear.


    In cases where patients cannot receive blood because of a shortage, medical reason or religious beliefs, oxygen therapy helps to increase the red blood cells.

    Frostbite, liver injury, reduction of cancerous growths and patients with strokes or heart attacks all show a decrease in tissue damage after oxygen therapy.

    HBOT Chamber therapy, when combined with other natural therapies, offer a holistic approach to healing and renewal. Even though HBOT chambers are available for home use, this type of therapy is most effective when used in combination with other natural therapies.

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