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Luxury Alcohol Rehab

Luxury Alcohol Rehab The Best In The Business

Seeking the Best Luxury Alcohol Rehab? To heal alcohol addiction you need to find the best place this fits your needs, some people prefer holistic care and some people would like standard care the choice is up to you. Johnny The Healer offers a unique system that no one else has. The system is called the Pouyan Method. This intense Alcohol Detox Program protocol the safest fastest way to heal alcohol addiction once and for all. We will help you battle and beat drug and addiction to alcohol to prevent anymore damage to your health. Johnny The Healer offers this one of a kind power packed system for addicts at The Holistic Sanctuary in California. His passion to see everyone get fully healed from alcohol addiction has driven him create an exclusive healing and wellness center that offers a variety of therapies and world class care, coupled with luxury and effective healing for everyone.

Johnny The Healer does not believe in the use of prescription drugs to band aid alcohol and other addictions, he has come up with a natural plant based and holistic method that removes all toxins from the body using ancient plant medicine and super foods. The treatment method which was invented by Johnny The Healer is known as the Pouyan Method which focuses on finding the main cause of alcohol addiction and help you deal with it once and for all. The method involves drug and alcohol recovery programs that include the use of Ayahuasca and Ibogaine to help the body flush out all the toxins that have built up in the body while reducing the strength of withdrawal symptoms often experienced by addicts trying to stop their excessive intake of alcohol.

Experience Immediate Results After Holistic Alcohol And Detox

As soon as the Alcohol Detox Program is done, you will feel a change in your body immediately or after a few hours with the craving for alcohol totally diminished. Johnny The Healer believes that the elimination of toxins through healing with plant medicine and superfoods  that are prepared for such treatment allows you to have a focused and sound mind to deal with the real issues behind why you drink and or self destruct.  Most times, addiction to alcohol is because of issues that stem from one’s childhood, relationships and even work or life related stress. All the same, the detox session at The Holistic Sanctuary is designed to assist patients to help conquer their fears and go forward to live a life of freedom without the need to self medicate with alcohol.

The drug and Alcohol Detox Program available at The Holistic Sanctuary is unmatched because of the extensive work and one one ones that's included. We do not place you in a typical one size fits all alcohol rehab program to see if you will recover, instead we will do everything we can to first heal your brain and finish with an education to help you learn how to live a life free from alcoholism.  Many times, the schedules are balanced out with fun activities that help the body and mind relax making the final results astonishing to many medical professionals that continue to believe that addiction to alcohol is permanent.

To give you an opportunity to see the changes that have taken place after going through our programs, we have a final brain scan done on all our patients. When the latest brain scan is placed alongside the one taken at the onset of the program at The Holistic Sanctuary, the difference is clear for all to see. The brain which is most affected by alcohol abuse will have been restored to its normal functions with the body having no side effects from the use of our powerful life changing method.

Finally, Johnny The Healer has seen proof that drug and alcohol rehabilitation have a low success rate and that's the main reason he created The Holistic Sanctuary. If you feel Our Luxury Alcohol Rehab may be right for you please call us to learn how to enroll. 310-601-7805

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