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12 07, 2016

Attend Ayahuasca California Retreat for Holistic Healing

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Ayahuasca refers to an etheogenic brew that is made from psychotria viridis leaf and Banisteriopsis caapi vine. The indigenous people in Amazonian Peru use this brew as a spiritual medicine in their ceremonies. Nevertheless, you can also attend ayahuasca retreat California ceremony.  Attending this retreat or participating in its activities is one of the […]

30 06, 2016

Opiate Addiction Treatment: Importance of Treatment for Opiate Addiction

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Opiate addiction causes serious damage to the human brain and the body. However, when you decide to end your continued opiate abuse, your body will experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which can lead to drug abuse. As such, it is advisable to seek help in an opiate drug rehab to overcome withdrawal symptoms and learn […]

10 06, 2016

Get the Best Ibogaine Treatments in the Finest Rehab Center

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There are many ibogaine clinics that you or your loved one can visit for addiction treatment. Ibogaine is a popular plant medicine that naturally comes from iboga. This plant is native to Central West Africa that the Bwiti people have been using traditionally. The plant has been used for many years in healing and […]

20 04, 2016

Pouyan Method Is the Drug Addiction Cure You Need

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Johnny The Healer has the answer to all your questions on Pouyan Method Addiction Cure

Are you looking for a cure to drug addiction? Have you lost hope of ever finding one? You are not alone in this quest as many have been looking for the same solution until they found out about The Holistic Sanctuary. Our treatment […]

16 02, 2016

Johnny The Healer: Saving Those Dying Of Addiction

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Former drug addicts that have been cured after undergoing treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary  run by Johnny The Healer only have praises for him and his methods. They can talk from experience and can explain the changes they have gone through to be able to get their life back on track again. The treatment […]

25 08, 2015

Johnny the Healer is Your Final Addiction Cure Option

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The road to curing addiction is often a long and difficult one, with many people struggling and being unable to find the right way to fix their craving for drugs. Opiates in particular have a very strong pull on people, and standard rehabilitation treatment is not sufficient to wean addicts away from these drugs. […]

23 07, 2015

Ibogaine Treatment Works

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Trying to give up drugs is one of the most serious decisions that you can take, but it can also be a very difficult process. Many people have experienced the problems of rehab clinics, which operate a revolving door for addicts. The majority of drug, alcohol and prescription medication addicts who attend rehab classes […]

10 04, 2015

7 Tips for adjusting to life after Ibogaine Treatment

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1 04, 2015

Alternative to Drug Rehabs in USA

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People who are dependent on certain substances are now seeking alternative to drug rehabs in USA. They are now looking into the benefits of submitting themselves in a holistic approach of treating their addiction.

No one can blame them because most addiction treatment facilities in the US do not offer real treatment to their patients. […]

31 03, 2015

Johnny the Healer Cures Heroin Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment

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Despite the increasing number of addiction treatment facilities in the US, heroin addicts are still on the rise. It is not caused by the continuous harvests of poppy in various parts of the world. Rather, it is caused by the lack of real treatment provided by these treatment facilities.

But the number will surely change […]