Ibogaine Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Ibogaine Treatment for Opiate Addiction
Ibogaine is an isolated active alkaloid from the root bark of the central West African shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. In recent years, it has been celebrated for its ground breaking effect in Opiate Addiction. Ibogaine Treatment can provide individuals with critical insights into the origins of their addiction process or other unhealthy behavior patterns.
Ibogaine plant
Opiate (opioid) addiction is an issue that is affecting more and more people each year, especially in US. If a person uses opioids for a long time, they develop physical dependence and tolerance. Usually, opioid abusers will then take more of the drug, to continue to get high. If a person stops using opioids after they become physically dependent on the drug, they will experience drug withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine has been found to have therapeutic benefits for individuals who suffer from addiction, particularly opiate addiction. Ibogaine Treatment has benefits for treating addiction because of the way it acts on receptor systems. It is also believed that it changes habitual thought patterns and restores normal levels of neurochemistry. Additionally, the strong psychedelic qualities of the treatment have benefits for individuals who have difficult psychological concerns that contribute to their drug abuse.

Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction of Opiate

One of the most significant effects of Ibogaine is the psychological healing it can provide to some people. The hallucinations that most people experience when under the influence of the treatment typically include replays of life events, trauma, events that have lead to the addiction, people they are associated with, and also reasons and causes of their addiction. The treatment helps them find answers to questions about themselves and their lives and that they have a deeper understanding of their place in the world and the reason for being. A new way of life and a new sense of self is often an important starting point for many people trying to break their addiction.

The chief reason for the success of Ibogaine Treatment is that it is a spiritual experience. Patients don’t simply take the medication in their own room, or in a hospital ward. Instead, they have days of intensive therapy both before and after the drug is administered. Ibogaine has benefits for resolving trauma, aggression, fear and grief. People will experience acute and critical insights into their problems in a non-confrontational and dream-like state. Addicts have described taking Ibogaine as similar to a rebirth of their non-addict selves.

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