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Opiate Addiction Treatment

Cure for Opiate Addiction Treatment

The debate on whether the increase in opiate addiction is because of easy access to legal or illegal drugs in the market has been ongoing for many years. It is common to find drugs used as painkillers and prescribed by a medical professional leading individual to addiction which in turn requires them to seek opiate addiction treatment to get better. The same can be said of illegal drugs such as heroin which are often consumed recreationally at first before the abusers start using  it on daily basis. If you are fighting an addiction to opiates, you are not alone as many have faced the same dilemma and gotten help at The Holistic Sanctuary. We offer holistic care to addicts, alcoholics and those suffering PTSD with a guarantee of complete healing after participation in our treatment programs.

Johnny The Healer, the founder of the opiate drug rehab is well conversant with the hopelessness that addicts face when looking for treatment centers to help them overcome their addiction. It is for this reason that the program at The Holistic Sanctuary is designed to offers treat a cure for opiate addiction that involves going through holistic care at the center for a certain time period. Treatment at our healing center can be as short as two weeks or as long as twelve weeks depending on the package selected by the patient. Alternatively, the assessment session at our Opiate Addiction Treatment rehab before admission can also give professionals at the facility a chance to help you select the best package depending on the dependency level on opiates.

Get cured from addiction to opiates at our healing center

Treatment for opiate addiction is not restricted to conventional medicine which essentially pumps the body with more drugs, often leading to a deeper addiction. However, our approach is quite the opposite as our treatment methods are based on the use of natural plant herbs and related activities to heal the body, mind and spirit to ensure that the final result is a totally healed person that does not have to worry about a relapse.

The first step in our addiction cure option is to help you get rid of all the toxins that have built up in the body due to opiate abuse. The detoxification process at The Holistic Sanctuary is quite intense and ensures that you do not have any more traces of the drugs in your body. The result of the detox sessions is a sober mind ready to complete the rest of the program and get fully cured from opiate addiction.

Next, we cure opiate withdrawal using ibogaine, a powerful plant herb that suppresses its effects on the body allowing you to focus on getting better. Ibogaine has positive effects on the brain which is the organ mostly affected by opiate addiction. In most cases, the consumption of the plant herb in its pure form heals your brain and this can be verified using a brain scan, which is performed at The Holistic Sanctuary for many of our patients. Ibogaine opiate treatment is one of our signature treatments that we offer patients suffering from addiction, PTSD and alcoholism among others mental problems.

Finally, cure for opiate addictions can be found at The Holistic Sanctuary regardless of your level of dependence. You no longer have to live a life of addiction to opiates as we have the solution you have been looking for all this time. Our treatment costs are quite affordable and you get to choose the package that suits you and pay upfront. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the financing options available to book your space to have a one on one with Johnny The Healer while taking part in other activities at our healing center.

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