Ibogaine Treatment Works

Ibogaine Treatment Works

Trying to give up drugs is one of the most serious decisions that you can take, but it can also be a very difficult process. Many people have experienced the problems of rehab clinics, which operate a revolving door for addicts. The majority of drug, alcohol and prescription medication addicts who attend rehab classes will fail to recover, and will usually suffer a complete relapse within a few months of leaving the clinic. This is because clinics suppress the addiction, rather than curing it by seeking out the symptoms and issues which are the underlying cause of addiction.

Ibogaine treatment works

Rehab Clinics are Failing Patients

The old methods of treatment for addiction are stuck in the past. Morphine replacement therapy for heroin has been around for decades, since the 1950s, and other forms of rehabilitation follow the same patterns. This means that every time a relapsed addict enters a rehab clinic, they are treated with the same recovery methods that had previously been used, and which had clearly failed. Alternative therapies offer a new solution to this problem, and one of the rising stars of this treatment is Ibogaine.

How Ibogaine treatment is turning the tables

Ibogaine has been known to medical science since the 1960s, but it is only in the last decade and a half that it has really moved out of the realm of theory, and into practice. More and more alternative therapists are using Ibogaine treatment as a way to help addicts to cope with the long-term issues that cause their addiction. Evidence suggests that just one use of this drug can limit withdrawal symptoms, and also reduce the craving for drugs for longer than conventional medicines. Patients who have tried the treatments tend to be cleaner for longer, giving them the chance to change their lives and start anew.

Why Ibogaine Treatment Works

The chief reason for the success of Ibogaine is that it is a spiritual experience. Patients don’t simply take the medication in their own room, or in a hospital ward. Instead, they have days of intensive therapy both before and after the drug is administered. Luxury Ibogaine Treatment has been significantly successful for the treatment of a range of conditions, particularly methamphetamine, heroin and alcohol addictions, with many people continuing to benefit from the psychological effects of the drug long after the compound of the root has passed through the system. Addicts have described taking Ibogaine as similar to a rebirth of their non-addict selves.