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Heroin Drug Addiction Ibogaine Treatment

Cure For Heroin Drug Addiction Ibogaine Treatment Options

Cure Heroin Addiction: Treat Heroin Addiction with the Best Cures for Heroin Addiction

There are many treatment options for heroin addiction, some work some don't. We offer a system to permanently heal all addictions especially heroin. Some treatments are pharmacological band aid drugs and talk therapy behavioral psychobabble . None of these methods work long term, because they never get to the root cause of heroin addiction. At our heroin rehab center, we take a different approaches in treating healing and curing addiction from heroin. This is because we know that the only true way to heal and cure heroin addiction is to reset the brain, remove trauma and teach a person how to live a holistic and mindful lifestyle. This approach can help in restoring brain balance and rebirth of new brain cells to help with behavior and brain function. This results in increased rates of recovery and sobriety which leads to employment, productive member of society, also reduced risks of developing diseases like HIV as well as other diseases and engaging in criminal acts as well. Although pharmacological and behavioral treatments slows down the disease of addiction but only bandaids it for a short time. Newest studies indicate that the most effective way of successfully ending heroin addiction is integrating Ibogaine with the Pouyan Method.

Pharmacological treatment

According to scientific research, pharmaceutical drugs or treatment for heroin addiction does not cure heroin addiction whatsoever, it's not designed to,  it's designed to make a patient for life, also the beast of addiction still lives in the person just waiting to manifest and relapse again.

At our heroin rehab center, we offer a Cure For Heroin Addiction that incorporates only holistic therapies and natural plants, this is the only true way to end heroin dependency and permanently, plus its amazing at ending withdrawal symptoms. Our method is perfect at the detoxification stage because it easily ends physical symptoms such as craving and withdrawals for the heroin by reset dopamine receptors. In most cases, withdrawal symptoms prompt people to relapse. Although detoxification is not an addiction treatment itself, it is important as the first step that is followed by evidence-based treatment.

How it works

At our healing center, we never use outdated addictive and toxic pharmacological treatments or medications that have been developed by pharmaceutical companies with an aim of keeping a patient on a lifelong prescription of drugs claiming to help treat heroin addiction. However, in reality only getting the patient off of heroin and getting them addicted to a new drug, that drug being suboxone or methadone. These medications do not work, all they do is act like a replacement drug. Plus they are more likely to cause harmful side effects and cause behaviors that are symptoms of addiction and  create typical addict behavior.  At our center, we use a systematic protocol to reverse the addiction, end the painful withdrawals, and cravings. When we are done with the treatment, the person is no longer in drug seeking behavior. This is our secret to our success, that's why we can do what we do, it's a different approach altogether.

Behavioral Therapy

At our Sanctuary, we make sure to offer the best treatment opiate dependency and cure patients that are struggling with heroin addiction. Approaches like juices cleanse massage, yoga, reiki, carbon sauna, NAD IV Drips, colonics, these are effective when combined with ibogaine treatment for treating heroin addiction. This is usually the case when these are used together with Ibogaine Detox. At The Holistic Sanctuary we have a program that incorporates a new lifestyle change and we teach the patients how to avoid relapsing and to lead a healthy life. Our Pouyan Method therapy aims at helping patients in modifying their behaviors and expectations that are related to the use of heroin and to increase their coping skills. This enables the patients to counter urges or to deal with life stressors. We ensure that every patient is matched with the right treatment approach so that their particular needs can be met.

Therapy Choices

Ibogaine Therapy is one of the most important cures for heroin addiction. There are many ways through which patients can get heroin addiction ibogaine therapy. Anyone that is struggling with heroin addiction can check into our facility and enroll for our life changing treatment options 2 weeks to 12 week programs.   Your choice should be based on the severity of your heroin addiction as well as your health. For instance, if you have tried to get outpatient care without getting clean, you can get advanced inpatient care. However, if you have a new addiction, community and family support will play a significant role towards your recovery from heroin addiction. The choice of the way to get heroin therapy is largely dependent on your personal issues.

At The Holistic Sanctuary we aim at providing the best cure heroin addiction to every patient. We provide customized treatment programs to patients. Regardless of how severe your addiction or that of your loved one is, we can help. Simply get in touch with us today for more information.

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