Addiction Treatment with Ibogaine Clinic by Johnny The Healer

Addiction Treatment with Ibogaine Clinic by Johnny The Healer

If you or somebody you love is struggling to overcome a substance addiction it’s easy to feel defeated, like there is nowhere else to turn. Millions of people and their families are dealing with the same issues all over this country and throughout the world. Luckily for the first time in the history of addiction treatment there is a process which has been effectively curing individuals of their addictions and aiding them in beginning their respective journeys to peace, happiness, and lives free of dependence on any substance.

As someone who was addicted to substances myself for over 20 years, I certainly emphasize with anybody who is fighting to overcome these issues. After having exhausted every option available to resolve my own issues with addiction, I was left feeling like I was missing something, that there had to be some other way. Fortunately, my long and laborious search eventually led me to ibogaine, which not only cured me of my addiction but assisted me in developing my own unique treatment protocol and founding my own ibogaine treatment center, The Holistic Sanctuary.

The first question you may have would probably be, what exactly IS ibogaine? Ibogaine is one of several naturally occurring indole alkaloids present in the African shrub Tabernanthe iboga and a few other plants indigenous to the same region. It is a mild hallucinogen which has been used by the native people in rituals of healing and the imparting of supernatural insight for hundreds if not thousands of years. This is a truly remarkable substance which has displayed promise in the treatment of addiction since as far back as the 1960’s. Unfortunately, due to it’s Schedule I status in the United States, which classifies it as a substance with little to no medical benefit and extremely high abuse potential, there is very little clinical research into its chemical properties and truly medicinal values. What we do know for sure is that one of it’s mechanisms of action is as an opioid receptor antagonist and partial agonist, giving it the ability to alleviate opioid withdrawals and reduce cravings in opioid dependent individuals.

The best part about ibogaine as a tool in treating opioid dependence is that it’s effectiveness can be asserted through a single large dose, followed as needed by smaller sporadic doses based on an individuals particular case. Even better is that unlike any of the current standard treatments for opioid dependence, ibogaine itself does not cause dependence and it has no serious side effects whatsoever. It is a much more cost-effective option in the long term versus opioid-based medications like methadone and suboxone, and it is beneficial rather than harmful to one’s continued health and well-being. Using suboxone or methadone is simply substituting one poisonous addiction for another, while ibogaine therapy has the potential to cure an individual of their dependence on opioids permanently.

With so many people professing their miraculous transformations through the use of ibogaine, clinics offering ibogaine treatment have sprung up all over the world to meet an overwhelming demand. In this decidedly seller operated market, it is important to exercise extreme caution when selecting which center you or your loved one should attend. Most ibogaine providers are strictly motivated by financial gain, yet another branch of con-artists operating under the guise of recovery professionals, looking to capitalize on the pain and suffering of others. Unlike any of our competitors, we at The Holistic Sanctuary are motivated only to see our clients healed of whatever has been ailing them, and we facilitate this healing through safe and effective combinations of technology and natural alternative therapies. Most ibogaine providers are essentially well-paid babysitters, there only to dose you and watch while they hope for the best. We on the other hand do not take your well-being lightly, our staff is comprised of an array of healthcare professionals who are trained and educated to guarantee your absolute comfort and safety. Throughout your stay at our facility you will be attended to by nurses, paramedics, doctors, energy healers, massage therapists, and counselors who are extremely experienced in their respective fields.

The reason why our five-star ocean front resort is revered as one of the leading rehabilitation centers the whole world over is because of my unique patented approach to healing which is known as the Pouyan Method, or “Seeker’s” Method. A completely revolutionary and ground-breaking approach to the treatment of addiction, it takes all the conventional principles which are failing in every rehab around the world, and throws them to the wind, in favor of time-tested, scientifically sound, and health-conscious options. The result is a comprehensive protocol which when applied appropriately can heal an individual right down to the molecular level, correcting imbalances in brain chemistry and restoring overall homeostasis to the body.

We know you have many choices when selecting a rehabilitation center, and many choices in ibogaine treatment, however if what you are looking for is a tangible result that will last with no harmful side effects, The Holistic Sanctuary is the obvious choice. We look forward to receiving your call and assisting you or your loved in taking back the life they deserve. If you would like to read more about us feel free to look around our website and check out our patient testimonials to hear about the experiences other addicts have had here and how they’ve been cured. To learn more about me and my experience check out “Johnny The Healer”.

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