Attend Ayahuasca California Retreat for Holistic Healing

Attend Ayahuasca California Retreat for Holistic Healing

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Ayahuasca Retreats Tulum 2020
Ayahuasca refers to an entheogenic brew that is made from psychotria viridis leaf and Banisteriopsis caapi vine. The indigenous people in Amazonian Peru use this brew as a spiritual medicine in their ceremonies. Nevertheless, you can also attend an ayahuasca retreat California ceremony.  Attending this retreat or participating in its activities is one of the best ways of treating addiction problems or mental illnesses. It is important to note that ayahuasca is not a drug. However, it is capable of altering consciousness when drunk. As a treatment for addiction, the process of drinking ayahuasca acts like a physical cleansing or detox program. During the retreat, psycho-emotional issues release is also tackled and this helps in treating mental health issues.

How it works

The brew is made specifically for ayahuasca treatment. It intensifies your perceptions and feelings leading to an overall experience of self-reflection and subsequent reaction that is more vivid and intense. This enables you to draw a clearer connection among emotions, thoughts and behaviors leading to drawing of a clearer picture about life.


Anybody who needs mental understanding of self can benefit from the whole process. Overcoming some mental health problems can be quite challenging. However, most rehabilitation centers follow programs that make the patients feel like their mental conditions cannot be cured. By attending or participating in the activity of ayahuasca retreat, such things are not insinuated or told to the patients explicitly. Instead, patients are inspired and empowered to overcome their conditions. Instead of discouraging patients about overcoming their conditions, they are given worth that enables them to eliminate their fears that may have been hindering them from being healed. Basically, the major activity in the retreat is drinking a brew that cleanses and detoxifies the mind and the body. It is simply a holistic therapy that enables a participant to experience an inner guide and teacher. Therefore, if you have been asking, “Where can I get ayahuasca,” you should attend a retreat.


The effects of ayahuasca are experienced 30 minutes after drinking the brew. The major effect is a little dizziness. According to the proponent of ayahuasca, this is the time when a person enters the world of the gods of nature. The plant brew starts showing different visions of events that a person direct them to. The brew helps a person overcome their interior problems so that they can live peacefully with their world and the plant. The major importance of ayahuasca retreat is spiritual cleanliness and it can be reflected in vomiting that it can provoke in an individual as an indication of spiritual purification. As such, 95 percent of people who drink ayahuasca vomit and this is how the plant helps in treating people. The effects of ayahuasca retreat or ceremony are not the same among people. They can be experienced 3 to 5 hours depending on how concentrated the brew is. Nevertheless, after the retreat you should rest until the day that follows. In the morning, you can talk about your vision with a shaman. However, you can decide to keep the visions secret.
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Before attending the retreat, you should be on a clean organic non gmo diet. You should not have any medications or drugs in your system.
You should avoid coffee and other stimulants. You should also avoid all prescription medications because they can cause serious side effects and even deaths. Instead of consuming processed foods, or red meat, spicy food and pork, you must instead eat only organic food. Nevertheless, the experience of attending ayahuasca California retreat is different from that of attending other retreats. This is because during the retreat, you will have a chance to look into your beliefs, ideas and reality deeper. It is an experience that inspires you to change leading to self-healing and genuine transformation. Contact us today for more information about our retreat.