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The popularity of Ayahuasca as an alternative for those seeking liberation from drug addiction, depression and alcoholism can no longer be ignored. It is common to find many seeking answers in online forums by asking questions such as where to find Ayahuasca or where can I get Ayahuasca? However, answers to these questions are not always satisfactory with many not having a way forward on the best place to get treatment using the popular plant herb.  At The Holistic Sanctuary, we have known for a long time the power of Ayahuasca medicine as part of treating of different addictions and mental problems at our facility. The plant herb usually has potent effects on the mental capability resulting in the release psycho-emotional reactions that help patients better handle their addictions as well as other mental problems.

To get the best Ayahuasca experience, you need to visit The Holistic Sanctuary and participate in our customized protocol and life changing ceremonies we offer. Our luxurious and world class oceanfront facility is breathtaking and the amenities make the setting for treatment using the plant medicine much easier to go through especially since it is accompanied by other activities to heal the body as a whole. We offer holistic therapies that goes beyond the basic administration of the plant medicine which is common in other Ayahuasca treatment centers.

Our founder Johnny The Healer learned how to use Ayahuasca while searching for a permanent solution to cure his patients that were not healing with just using Ibogaine Treatment. His interaction with the Ayahuasca Vine gave him a chance to see how unique treatment method was and he realized he needed to add it to the Pouyan Method which now he incorporates Ayahuasca therapy to ensure that it is effective in healing addictions and mental problems.

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The Holistic Sanctuary has the best Ayahuasca Ceremonies

For many, the talk about Ayahuasca ceremonies can be confusing resulting in questions such as what is Ayahuasca ceremony among others. It is possible that they have only heard that Ayahuasca can cure drug addiction but have no idea the steps that must be taken to ensure that the consumption of the Ayahuasca Medicine results in healing.  At The Holistic Sanctuary, we have specially designed ceremonies to meet the needs of our patients while offering them a serene location to make their journey to recovery much more pleasant.

Our Ayahuasca treatment for addiction has placed at the top of the list of treatment centers because of our increasing number of patients that experience healing after participating in a ceremony at our Baja California facility. We do not use any harmful drugs and doctor prescribed medications which have been used by traditional detox clinics and rehab centers to treat addictions with no success. To make sure you get healed and possibly cured we have incorporated an Ayahuasca Ceremonies as part of the program, the patients have to go through our Pouyan Method to help them face issues that had force them to turn to drugs or alcohol resulting in addictions. The ayahuasca brew given to patients is the power behind Ayahuasca to reverse depression and get healing as well. Meaning that PTSD does not have to be a lifelong struggle for those currently suffering from it. You no longer have to ask how Ayahuasca works after taking a sip of the brew and experiencing its effects on the body and mental of very evident.

Holistic Sanctuary Retreats Tulum

If you are looking for Ayahuasca Retreats in California then The Holistic Sanctuary might be your best chance to get to get holistic healing you're seeking.  Our Ayahuasca healing center has been home for celebrities as well as ordinary folk with everyone receiving the best treatment to help them get healed within the shortest time possible. After participating in one of our Ayahuasca California ceremonies, you will never be the same, this is life changing.

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