Johnny the Healer Cures Heroin Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment

Johnny the Healer Cures Heroin Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment

Heal the Heroin Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment

Despite the increasing number of addiction treatment facilities in the US, heroin addicts are still on the rise. It is not caused by the continuous harvests of poppy in various parts of the world. Rather, it is caused by the lack of real treatment provided by these treatment facilities.

But the number will surely change when addicts learn about how addiction is being cured at the Holistic Sanctuary. It is a healing center that utilizes revolutionary techniques to manage and heal addiction.

Founded by Johnny The Healer, the Holistic Sanctuary offers a completely new yet real treatment that baffles addiction specialists around the world. His powerful treatment system has treated and healed successfully the patients that come to his treatment facility.

For the past five years, the ibogaine treatments at the Holistic Sanctuary have defied the belief of many physicians and counselors that addiction is incurable. Heroin addiction can be cured through ibogaine treatments and other organic therapies.

What ibogaine treatment can do?

Johnny the Healer and his team at the Holistic Sanctuary use the nature’s resources in rebuilding their patient’s brain. These resources help in resetting the mind and healing the body without the use of toxic medicines. Once you go through this type of treatment, you soul will be awakened.

The ibogaine is a plant-based medicine that triggers proper stem cell repair and rejuvenation. In addition to ibogaine, the Holistic Sanctuary will provide other organic therapies that can replenish the body with vital nutrients so the cells will be repaired and renewed to work properly.

As part of the healing session at the Holistic Sanctuary, you will participate in a one-on-one session with a therapist and not group meetings. You need undivided attention while you are on your way to complete healing. Thus, the Holistic Sanctuary will offer you that and more.

In curing heroin addiction, addicts need real food and real therapy. They do not need those endless group meetings that do not help them heal or recover.

Ibogaine treatments are part of Johnny The Healer’s proprietary addiction cure system. The entire system has cured hundreds of addicts since the facility has opened in 2012. Those who came and sought treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary had been to various conventional rehabs. All of them failed to recover, until they signed up and underwent Johnny The Healer’s real addiction system.