Johnny The Healer: Saving Those Dying Of Addiction

Johnny The Healer: Saving Those Dying Of Addiction
Former drug addicts that have been cured after undergoing treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary  run by Johnny Tabaie aka “The Healer” only have praises for him and his methods. They can talk from experience and can explain the changes they have gone through to be able to get their life back on track again. The treatment center which has been designed to offer a luxurious setting with effective methods of overcoming addiction to drugs has been rated to be one of the best in the industry for those that are genuinely seeking help.
As a former addict, Johnny Tabaie fully understands the struggles faced by those bound by drugs and wants to do everything in his power to save them. Most addicts cannot get out of the habit on their own and need as much help as possible in overcoming the vice and not going back to their old life ever again. However, the majority of regular treatment centers only focus on the symptoms of the addiction and do their best to suppress them, while informing the patient that the probability of a relapse is just at the horizon. It is for such reasons that Johnny The Healer set up the holistic sanctuary to be able to offer an alternative to conventional treatments that seem to have failed many people looking to be free from drug addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary has a number of programs that use either ibogaine or Ayahuasca to treat various types of drug addiction. The use of these two natural plant ingredients as the basis of treatments offered by Johnny The Healer and his team at the center has seen it record many success stories among Patients Reviews. The methods of treatment have been known to treat the body from the inside with the positive effects being experienced in the whole body resulting in no cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms. This is quite a revolutionary treatment that literally saves individuals that had been tied down by addiction and would probably die if it was not for the treatment.

The majority of The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews that focus on the healing treatment offered by Johnny The Healer at the center are very positive with the majority of them crediting their good health and improved lifestyle to him.  Johnny The Healer Reviews are quite diverse and usually highlight the intense treatment program that is synonymous with The Holistic Sanctuary albeit at a luxury retreat center. The ibogaine treatment is known to end any type of addiction once and for all without leaving any side effects for the individual to deal with later. The plant medicine is quite effective especially when administered as required by a health professional at the center. Alternatively, patients can also be treated using Ayahuasca, and the program is done at our retreat center. The center is equipped with all the resources that are needed for the treatment to succeed.

Even with the many positive reviews from former patients that Johnny The Healer saved their life and gave them relief from drug addiction, The Holistic Sanctuary Complaints keep coming. Majority of the Johnny The Healer Complaints come from his competition who are in fear of loosing patients. Johnny in handling such treatment of drug addicts and even goes further to the fact that the program has not been approved by government bodies such as the FDA. However, these complaints are an attempt to discredit a man that has decided to use an alternative route to take care of a persistent problem being faced by many people all around the world. We urge you to prove the naysayers wrong and sign up for one the treatment programs and experience the result for yourself. We are always open to be scrutinized and offer our clients high-quality level facilities to help them get better quickly and get off drugs on a permanent basis.

All in all, the fact that Johnny The Healer Reviews treatment program at The Holistic Sanctuary has literally saved thousands of lives cannot be wished away and is worth being tried out before making a final decision. We believe that after conquering this first hurdle, many will be able to get healed from their addiction and control their future lives so that they do not go back to their previous lives again.