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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Any type of addiction that may be experienced is a terrible thing to go through and more people are experiencing this all of the time. Heroin addiction numbers continue to skyrocket, with statistics rising at alarming rates. Even though the number of available treatment centers for heroin addiction has more than doubled in the past 10 years, the treatment available to patients has been a failure.

The constant use of toxic prescription drugs as a treatment, combined with 12 step program methodology that calls the addict inferior and gives them no hope of being cured leads many to turn right back into addiction after treatment. The only way this can change is with a new approach that considers finding a way to re-build the brain of the patient and bring them back to a way of thinking before addiction set in, giving them a chance to get control back over their lives once and for all.

New treatment like this is happening at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary is a healing center that has turned addiction treatment on its head and astounded experts around the world with the success it has shown, leading patients down a pathway that gives them hope not just in healing but a way to have them CURED of their addiction.

The approach at TheHolistic Sanctuary is a customized, natural treatment that makes use of elements such as sunshine, oxygen, natural foods and supplements and positive reinforcement so that the individual brain and body can reset and regain control.

The Holistic Sanctuary is not like other drug and alcohol rehabs in its treatment plan. The treatment makes use of Ibogaine, a proven natural substance that stops the cravings of addiction and enlightens the patient into their addictive behavior so they realize the changes that must be made. Ibogaine therapy is combined with other therapies, such as stem cell, IV infusion therapy, oxygen therapy, an organic diet, all-natural cleanses and more to clean the system and get a fresh start. Over 120 hours a month are devoted to individual, customized care that works, unlike the group therapy treatment, prescription medications and NA and AA programs offered that provide no chance at a cure in other facilities.

Using the Pouyan Method, which is exclusive to The Holistic Sanctuary and was created by the founder Johnny the Healer, The Holistic Sanctuary has helped over 600 patients succeed in treatment since 2012 where these people have failed at many other drug and alcohol rehabs around the world. This has helped to make Johnny the Healer one of the preeminent forces in the area of addiction treatment today.

Healing PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Addiction With Johnny The Healer, The Holistic Sanctuary, All Rights Reserved ©2016 from The Holistic Sanctuary on Vimeo.

The Holistic Sanctuary Healing At A Whole New Level With Johnny The Healer Pouyan Method from The Holistic Sanctuary on Vimeo.

The Holistic Sanctuary Offers A Powerful System To Heal Any Addiction, PTSD, Depression, Trauma Created by Johnny The Healer from The Holistic Sanctuary on Vimeo.

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