Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Drug and alcohol addictions don’t happen over night. Deep trauma, unresolved issues, emotional conflicts, grief are some of the many reasons for which people turn to illicit substances in their life.

narcotics abuse and alcoholism may strike anyone, as age, gender, level of education, sex, or even social status make no difference. Alcohol and drug addiction may not seem lethal, but people die from drug abuse more often than you think.

With substance abuse disorders affecting so many people today, it makes sense that rehab programs should be provided widely. Drug and alcohol rehab is where people struggling with addiction seek professional help. Here’s a detailed look on the treatment plans developed for people with substance use disorders.

What is a drug and alcohol rehab all about?

A reliable drug rehab will offer addiction treatment for people struggling with alcohol and drug dependency. The most reputed rehab centers will ensure customized drug and alcohol abuse treatment, family therapy, support groups, and aftercare services. The treatment will also address the mental health issues, as people with alcohol and drug abuse often present psychological problems.

The purpose of treatment plans is to help the patient develop new and healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges, to avoid triggers and to achieve long-lasting recovery. The variety of these treatment plans is impressive, and the professional help can take many forms.

Some patients will get help at conventional rehab centers, which use traditional therapies for substance abuse disorders. There is also the category of non-conventional rehab centers that take a comprehensive take on drug abuse, aiming for lifetime recovery. The non-conventional rehab plans address issues of the whole person, using alternative medicine therapies and traditional methods for healing the body, mind, and soul. At the Johnny the Healer center, we focus on the lifetime recovery for our patients, so we don’t make any shortcuts for helping them get there.

What are the typical signs of substance abuse disorder?

Drug and alcohol addiction sneaks up on patients, and it may take years until one meets the criteria for addiction. Addiction takes time, and it affects all sides of one’s life gradually.

People who abuse illicit substances will slowly take distance from their family responsibilities, fail their jobs and stop engaging in the relationships. They no longer eat healthy, look for ways to abuse their substance of choice, and lose interest in their hobbies.

When a person is abusing illicit substances, he/she will hide the addiction, skip the family events and lead their life around the drug and alcohol consumption. As the substance abuse gets worse, they may try to heal, but fail over and over again. After some time, they increase the amount of illegal substances, aiming to get the same effects as before. When they try to attain from alcohol, withdrawal symptoms appear, which is why leaving the addiction cold-turkey is never a good idea.

Inpatient or outpatient rehab programs?

There are many aspects to consider before choosing a drug rehab, and selecting between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs is one to start with. Keep in mind that following a treatment plan that isn’t right for you is one of the reasons for not succeeding. The better the program meets your needs, the higher the chance for recovery will be.

Outpatient treatment

Not everyone has the luxury of taking a break from life, job and family responsibilities. Many people with substance use disorders cannot put their lives on hold for focusing on their treatment.

With outpatient plans, patients with dependency will participate at treatment, but spend the night in their homes. As patients don’t have to pay for room or food, the costs for the outpatient therapy plans are cheaper than other options.

The variety of outpatient therapy plans is amazing, and the level of intensity is the main factor to consider when selecting a treatment program. Partial hospitalization program (PHP), aka day treatment, is the most intensive outpatient choice within the category. Patients will benefit from professional help and care several hours per day, 5-7 days a week.

Some patients will feel the need to continue their inpatient treatment with the intensive outpatient treatment. It’s what professionals call “step-down” treatment. This type of outpatient treatment requires help from non-medical staff for 6-9 hours per week. Typical outpatient plans include meetings 1-2 per week, for 1-2hours every time.

Even if outpatient therapy plans give results to patients with low addiction, they don’t make an efficient solution for people with long-time addiction.

Inpatient treatment

With treatment, patients will need to live at the rehabilitation center throughout the treatment. Most of the inpatient treatment plans last for at least 28 days, and up to 90 days. At Johnny the Healer, we consider that people have to focus on their substance use disorder completely for getting results. They have to be at distance from drug and alcohol, but also from the triggers, family and jobs, using all their energy for healing.

Due to the accommodation, meals, and services, it’s obvious that the spending for inpatient programs is higher than with outpatient plans.

The variety of inpatient treatment options is also very generous, with prices covering all kinds of budgets. The better the accommodation, amenities, services, and food, the higher the price is goig to be. One may ask themselves “Is there inpatient rehab near me?”. If you’re looking for the top options, the answer may be “no”. Top centers like Johnnnny the healer are found in great locations, with amazing scenery. Unless you live in Malibu or on top of the mountains, you’re nnot going to find these great rehabilitation centers close to your home.

The top therapy centers also impress with the rehabilitation plans. Innovative therapies, proprietary protocols, customized treatment for people with addiction are also provided. Yoga, meditation, HBOT therapy, or sacred plant medicine are some of the therapies used at Johnny the Healer. The treatment programs are adjusted to every patient needs, with consideration to possible mental health conditions as well.

When is residential treatment required?

The severity of your dependency should be the decisive factor when checking the treatment. When you are able to take a break from your family and job responsibilities, a residential substance abuse treatment should be your final choice. Following a program at our treatment center where professional help is provided 24/7, will increase your chance for lifetime healing.

When you don’t benefit from family support, cannot take a break from the job, and the addiction isn’t severe, the outpatient plan may give results too.

According to studies, almost 20% of people seeking professional help for their addiction, will deal with addiction to drug and alcohol at the same time. For them, the residential treatment is always the more reliable and successful choice.

At a residential drug rehab such as Johnny the Healer, the patients with addiction are constantly monitored. The patients at our center grow deep and beautiful relationships with the staff members, which are ready to support their treatment at any moment. The staff-to-member ratio is low, so a good number of personnel is watching the patients with substance abuse throughout the treatment. Besides, the professionals in the team also diagnose patients with co-occurring mental health issues. Therapies for anxiety, depression, or PTSD are used for patients struggling both substance abuse disorders and mental health conditions, for complete recovery.

Do you benefit from privacy at drug rehab?

Rehab programs have to keep your treatment private. Confidentiality and client safety are crucial for one’s treatment and healing.

Many of the rehabilitation centers will ask their patients to share the room with other people. At top rehab centers like Johnny the Healer, patients get private rooms with private bathrooms, so that they benefit from the intimacy they need throughout the treatment. Moreover, the access through the gate is always monitored, and only a limited number of people is allowed in the secluded location of our center.

What conditions can be addressed with rehab programs?

If you’re choosing the right rehab programs, you will receive treatment for your addiction, no matter if it’s a single substance or polysubstance addiction that you’re dealing with. The therapy plans should include treatment for solving the emotional, physical, and mental aspects of your addiction, for complete recovery.

At the reputed rehab centers such as Johnny the Healer, you will benefit from comprehensive substance abuse treatment and learn about the numerous aspects of addiction. The path to complete recovery is long and challenging, and tackling all aspects related to addiction increases one’s chances for healing.  

Alcohol addiction

Sadly, alcohol is the number one substance of choice amongst people with addiction. Drinking alcoholic beverages is socially accepted and even encouraged (how many commercial you’ve seen with people drinking beer or wine?). We drink wine when celebrating, when coming home from a long day at work, or when we’re ready to relax.

When genetics, environmental, and psychological factors come into play, drinking alcoholic beverages slowly turns into addiction. Almost 70% of the people in recovery are actually trying to follow rehab programs for alcohol abuse. Even if there are so many drugs that lead to addiction, alcohol remains the most common substance for people with addictions.

Are 30-day treatment programs the ideal solution?

30-day treatment programs are no news in the industry. However, many of the rehab programs are outdated, using the same methods for several decades now. People who aren’t struggling with severe addiction may get results with this type of treatment plans.

When it comes to addiction, the longer the plans are, the better the chances for healing will be. At Johnny the healer, we provide 4-weeks plans, with various number of therapy sessions. Our team of professionals will asses your case, take a look at your medical history, and make the precise image on your addiction. With much consideration to your interests, values, personality, and addiction, they will decide which type of residential treatment works best.

The rehab programs at our center aim to take the brain into pre-addicted state, and that cannot happen overnight. The treatment will help you get to the bottom of your addiction, teach you how to deal healthy with the life’s challenges. At our rehab center, the treatment is customized and focused on healing the patient on emotional, mental, and physical level. We use both conventional and alternative therapies throughout the treatment, as we want to help our patients heal forever.

How long is residential treatment supposed to last?

Reliable and reputed rehab centers will provide various treatment options for the patients with drugs or alcohol abuse. The needs, the particularities, the medical history, and personality of the patient will always count when selecting the treatment. Some people are more resistant to change, for instance, and successful treatment will bring numerous changes for people with addiction.

People seeking professional help for the abuse, shouldn’t wonder “Should I go to the rehabs near me?” As proximity to home isn’t the representative factor for the efficiency for treatment. If it’s the first time you’re going through drug abuse, and cannot take a break from job or family, a treatment center close to home may give results.

On the other hand, you should never expect to get impressive results with rehab programs at the community center right around the corner.

Most reputed rehab programs take place at the top rehab center such as Johnny the Healer. With nature as beneficial factor for healing from addiction (or any other health condition), the top rehab facilities are found in most beautiful places. The area is secluded, the amenities and accommodation are impressive, and the services never let down.

On top of everything else, these treatment centers offer customized care, access to innovative protocols and various therapies, taking no shortcuts when it comes to substance misuse treatment. HBOT therapy, yoga, sacred plant medicine, or raw dieting are only some of the many tools that our professionals use for treatment.

Don’t postpone healing!

Many say that the most difficult step to make for treatment when it comes to addiction is admitting to have a problem. We say that the easiest step to do for recovery is to give us a call. There are many drug and alcohol rehabs out there and we know what we’re up against. But we’re here to help you heal, and not to compete. As it’s only you who has to win the race for complete recovery.

Drug and alcohol rehabs