Johnny the Healer is Your Final Addiction Cure Option

Johnny the Healer is Your Final Addiction Cure Option
The road to curing addiction is often a long and difficult one, with many people struggling and being unable to find the right way to fix their craving for drugs. Opiates in particular have a very strong pull on people, and standard rehabilitation treatment is not sufficient to wean addicts away from these drugs. In fact, the very model of rehab which is used in the US accepts that addicts will relapse from the program, and most treatment clinics are virtually indifferent to the addicts that fall by the wayside. The number of addicts who feel abandoned by the modern US rehabilitation model is huge. The number of people that have been failed fatally is growing every year.

When rehab is a last chance

By the time that addicts make the decision to try alternative therapies, they have usually been through a number of treatment programs, failing each time. They may have lost a lot, including jobs, houses, and family. They can ill-afford the costs of rehabilitation, and yet they keep trying because they want to be clean, and they want to change their lives.  For many addicts, Johnny the Healer is Your Final Addiction Cure Option, being able to offer a solution that reaches beyond traditional rehabilitation models, and developing a much stronger and more practical solution to drug recovery.

Changing the treatment model

Under the care of Johnny the Healer, addicts will experience a completely new method of treatment, one which focuses upon healing and change, rather than enforcing a cure. The standard model treats addicts as selfish, irresponsible and weak, and their addiction as an incurable drug. Johnny the Healer’s model believes that holistic therapy can, and will, change the body, and help them to overcome addiction, rather than simply waiting for the next relapse.

Cures and treatments

Johnny the Healer has achieved success with more than 600 patients, all former addicts of one form or another, who have come to the clinic believing that it offered the last opportunity for help. Addicts can find a new treatment method that doesn’t treat patients as though they need to do chores, or as though they are naughty children to be humiliated. Instead, addicts can find empowerment, support and inspiration, the help that they need to recover from addiction. Without the threat of punishment, or of stressful confrontation, addicts can find the time and space they need to recover.