How to Get the Best Results From Heroin Addiction Treatment Rehabs

How to Get the Best Results From Heroin Addiction Treatment Rehabs
Heroin addiction is causing havoc all across the United States. The use and abuse is up significantly over the last ten years and creating more treatment facilities has not helped at all, mainly because the treatment they are providing simply does not work. Heroin addiction treated at a traditional facility means using toxic prescription medications to wean you off of heroin, a philosophy doomed to fail. Combine this with traditional talk therapies and 12 step programs, more people end up quickly relapsing into addiction with these methods. A safe and effective alternative needs to be used instead.
In order to get the best results from heroin addiction treatment rehabs, a new philosophy and approach needs to take hold. There needs to be a comprehensive and customized approach to treatment, one that considers the mind, body and soul of the individual and makes use of natural and holistic methods that can reshape and re-train the body and the brain to go back to life before addiction started so the patient can be free of addiction.

You can find this treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary makes use of a treatment approach to addiction that other centers do not use and other specialists cannot believe is so effective. The Holistic Sanctuary goes against everything that other centers preach and with these new methods provide a way to not just heal addicts, but to CURE them.

At The Holistic Sanctuary natural treatment is the centerpiece of any plan for a patient, making use of only organic and natural supplements, foods, oxygen, sunshine, positive reinforcement practices and other approaches designed to revitalize the body, mind and spirit and reset the brain in ways never seen before.

The Holistic Sanctuary makes use of therapies, treatments and strategies to get the best results from heroin addiction treatment. Treatment involves natural substances such as Ibogaine, a proven natural element that curbs the hunger for drugs and stops addiction in its tracks. This, combined with other therapies involving stem cells, oxygen therapy, an all-natural diet, cleanses and other treatments customized for the individual can lead you to the path to healing. Patients get one-on-one treatment 6 hours a day to bring about this success instead of the failed plans of prescription drugs, group counseling and being told you have a disease that will never be cured.

Through the use of the Pouyan Method, an exclusive method to the Holistic Sanctuary created by the founder Johnny the Healer, The Holistic Sanctuary has been able to help over 600 patients since 2012. Many of these patients had failed at other rehab centers but achieved success here and got the best results possible, making Johnny the Healer one who has forged the way for a new approach to addiction treatment.