The Powerful Brew Called Ayahuasca 

In recent years more and more people are seeking out alternative treatment methods when it comes to finding ways to treat the problem of drug addiction. Traditional just have not worked for too many people, causing endless heartache for families as patients relapse and return to their addictive ways. As people seek out more alternatives and holistic approaches they have discovered the use of Ayahuasca, a powerful natural concoction of herbs, plants and vines from South America that has shown to have amazing healing powers for a number of disorders, including addiction. After a great deal of study patients are now able to seek out an Ayahuasca retreat by Johnny The Healer at the Holistic Sanctuary.

What is an Ayahuasca and is it Safe?

Ayahuasca is a safe and powerful medicine that has been shown to heal some deep rooted issues. Ayahuasca has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years by shamans and healers from south america and amazon jungle. In comparison to conventional western medicine, it is 1000% safer when used correctly by a seasoned healer. The Holistic Sanctuary has the safest settings anyone can ask for. With doctors nurses and paramedics on site, all guests can expect to be taken care of if things get out of control, or if a guest doesn’t feel well. Johnny The Healer over see’s all the guests while in his care and his number one concern is there safety.

What is an Ayahuasca Retreat?

An Ayahuasca retreat is part of the Pouyan Method of healing that is used exclusively at The Holistic Sanctuary. The retreat occurs at a safe retreat center run by the Holistic Sanctuary and staffed appropriately with experienced medical professionals that are they to handle issues that may come about. Patients are prepared for the retreat at the Holistic Sanctuary for ten days before the retreat occurs so that the proper preparations and protocols for pre-treatment can be undertaken to prepare the patient properly. Patients are then taken to the retreat to experience the Ayahuasca ceremony and rituals and are guided through the experience by professionals and experienced Shaman.

What to Expect from Ayahuasca

The Ayahuasca experience is going to be one that is primarily a psychedelic therapy in nature. Once the brew has been consumed, typically patients have an experience that can last from as little as thirty minutes to up to six hours or more. The experience involves one of great intensity so that users are able to clearly identify what may lie at the root of their fears and addiction and has led them to the self-destructive nature they are living under. This enlightenment allows them to deeply explore these feelings so that they may begin to heal properly and overcome the obstacles that have kept them in addiction.

An Ayahuasca retreat with Johnny The Healer is one that is just part of the remedy process for those seeking a natural alternative therapy to overcoming addiction. There is a great deal of preparation needed before the retreat and steps that need to be taken following the retreat in order to achieve optimal results but those who have experienced the treatment have been able to come out with a stronger sense of self physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to conquer their addictions.