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Methadone Addiction Treatment

Addiction to methadone is not permanent. It might seem so if you have been moving from one rehab center to another looking for a cure but have been unsuccessful so far. Johnny The Healer was just like you until he found a way out of addiction to drugs resulting in the setting up of The Holistic Sanctuary. The frustrations addicts face is not new to our founder and he understands the hopelessness that many face in their quest to get better and lead better lives. If you or someone you love has been seeking methadone addiction treatment with no success, your search ends today.

Methadone is a powerful drug that is often used in the treatment of people that are addicted to opiates such as heroin. In most cases, the drug is administered by licensed medical professionals in various rehabilitation centers to help addicts break free from drug abuse. However, during the treatment it is possible to get addicted to methadone resulting in double trouble for those seeking treatment as they have to deal with another addiction on top of the one that brought them to the rehab center. It is for this reason that we discourage the use of any type of conventional drug as part of our treatment program and instead use plant herbs to assist out patients in their healing.

Fortunately, a cure for methadone addiction exists and you can find it at The Holistic Sanctuary in form of an effective treatment program known as Pouyan Method. To be part of the program, you will need to be part of our healing center as it is offered exclusively and is designed to offer wholesome treatment to addicts so that they are fully healed at the end of it all.

We heal addicts to Methadone at The Holistic Sanctuary

Since the main cause of methadone addition is its excessive or recreational intake, we begin by having our patients go through full body detox. The detox session involves the use of plant herbs such as Ayahuasca and ibogaine which are potent and help the body fight off the addiction without causing any harmful effects to you. As a well-known methadone drug rehab, we have the best-trained personnel that have been trained in offering holistic care to those suffering from methadone addiction.

Our methadone addiction treatment involves the use of Ayahuasca to help the body release any emotions that have been bottled up by a patient resulting in their need for methadone in more quantities than required. When these emotions are dealt with from the root at one of our Ayahuasca ceremonies, you are now ready to help the body stop craving for methadone once and for all. The plant herb used as a cure for methadone withdrawal is ibogaine which has the ability to suppress the symptoms without the fear of getting addicted to it after using it for an extended time period.

As a leading methadone addiction rehab, we have cured many people that were addicted to the drug a well as other powerful opiates. We believe that the cure for such addictions lies in offering holistic care to ensure that individuals facing such situations experience an all round healing giving them a chance to lead productive lives in the future. At The Holistic Sanctuary, every addiction can be cured using the treatment methods we have on offer but you have to commit to follow through with the programs and associated activities so that the treatment offered is satisfactory. To get over a life of methadone addictions join us at The Holistic Sanctuary and get healed forever.

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