Best Addiction Treatments

Best Addiction Treatments

The best natural ibogaine drug treatment in the world are available at our treatment centers. The Holistic Sanctuary offers more options for natural therapies than heroin addiction treatment centers or other residential drug treatment programs. We also do lots of one-on-one with a therapist, healer, counselor, and life coach who can help you transition into getting healed.

We are committed to naturally stopping addiction and dependency with powerful healing therapies that have no side effects. We leave behind the outdated 12-step programs, toxic drug therapies, and one-size-fits-all approach to addiction in order to achieve our goal of having the highest success rate in the world.

Our therapies focus on healing and regenerating the brain cells that chemical substances like drugs have deteriorated. Brain scans of our past clients using this form of treatment show actual results, and this treatment has no side effects.

“Heal the Brain, Heal Your Life” is our motto and we only use proven natural treatment practices in our program. We heal the mind, body, and spirit using “super-foods,” brain therapy equipment, and non-toxic herbal remedies. Our detox process is safe and effective to remove drugs from the body.

Our approach never shoves our clients onto medications that mask the symptoms without addressing the cause. We are committed to a natural approach that never promises a standard course of treatment like a standard rehab. We refuse to use group therapy, 12-step programs, or medications, and we do not discourage our clients by telling them that they are powerless against an incurable disease.

Natural means healing from the inside out, recovery is an inside job

Illness will find a way back unless it is destroyed at the root. We start by removing the poisons and then repairing the damage. We work to eliminate these illnesses by eradicating them.

Look out for the 99% of rehabs who claim to be natural.

When treatment centers use toxic medications, serve substandard foods, and stray from a natural program, they are doing a disservice to their clients.

You or a loved one can get the best possible treatment at our facilities, where the therapy is 100% natural and treatment includes organic foods and non-invasive treatment modalities. Our philosophy includes the following principles:

check bullet  The use of natural healing ingredients and processes, no medications or other toxic/addictive substances
check bullet The use of cutting edge approaches and techniques with the highest success rates!
check bullet The use of an empowering psychological attitude towards natural healing!
check bullet The use of acceptance and release in dealing with physical and psychological pain!
check bullet The use of proactive treatments to curable and reversible addictions!

Customized Treatments

We offer a variety of treatment options for our clients, depending on their specific needs. Our treatment begins by recognizing that you can be cured, and are not the victim of an incurable chronic disease.

We begin with an ibogaine detox, which lasts six to seven days. During this process, clients benefit from a medical evaluation, organic meals, a variety of therapies and an aftercare program. We also can offer more options depending on the client’s individual goals in our detox centers.

During Phase II, clients can experience a 100% natural heroin addiction cure. During what is typically a 30-day treatment, patients receive all the benefits of our care and we also teach them about a new lifestyle that ends negative thought patterns, helps clients remove themselves from toxic environments, and adopt a new life that prevents relapse.

Combining ibogaine treatment with the natural brain healing Pouyan Method helps to enhance the chances of full recovery to near 100%. We talk about a cure, not managing a chronic disease of drug addiction through more medications— that only creates more problems. We offer a life-long solution.

We show clients that it is possible to be cured of addiction once and for all. We do not believe that people should accept the notion that they are powerless, and we show clients how to take control and conquer addiction. No more talking therapies, no more 12-step programs. At our facilities we offer a remedy that addresses addiction at its core and offers results.

Mind | Body | Spirit

We understand that when our clients come to us, they require our help to recover from the damage to the mind, body, and spirit. Heroin addiction takes a toll, and our goal is to reverse the damage. By working to address each part of the individual through a natural approach to treatment, we take on addiction head-on at its very roots, giving our clients an opportunity to be cured.

Effective Natural Healing

For the mind, we offer motivational and cognitive counseling to help people develop a fresh outlook. We also employ hypnotherapy and guided meditation, which can actually help to restructure the brain. This helps the client to heal from the dark thoughts of addiction.

For the body, we provide organic foods and nutrients through IV therapy that help the body recover from the ravages of drug or alcohol abuse through treatments provided in our detox centers. We also provide a number of therapies designed to rebuild the body including sea salt therapy and massage therapy.

Finally, our souls can often be deeply wounded through addiction. We help people rehabilitate their spirit and change themselves from the inside out. We employ acupuncture, spiritual counseling, Tai Chi, and other therapies that can play a central role in curing addiction.

These therapies are just a sampling of the innovative approaches that we take to help people recover from addiction here in our rehab. We attack the disease in each facet of the individual in an attempt not to suppress a chronic disease like programs in other facilities, but eliminate it from who we are.

For many people struggling with heroin addiction, their situation can seem hopeless. On top of the pain and shame they feel, they have often been told that they are victims of a disease from which they can never truly escape. They are told they are powerless, that they must surrender – We disagree.

Our programs show you a true path that addresses addiction just like other illnesses: we cure it. We do this by working to address the root of addiction and not the outward manifestations. We heal the person through the mind, body, and spirit and purge the disease from the client. We do not believe that you should simply resign yourself to a disease.

Ending addiction through natural heroin treatment is the best way to ensure that a person makes a complete recovery. We have a near 100% success rate in helping people to leave the disease of addiction behind, not carry it through a lifetime of talking therapy and 12-step groups.

While other detox and drug rehab centers are pretending to offer natural care, we offer complete natural drug treatment in our facilities, which helps people cleanse their bodies, minds, and souls of the poisons of addiction and then begin a new life, not with a manageable disease, but with a true fresh start, where each element of the individual has been cleansed of addiction.

When we are sick, we try to get cured. We should approach addiction that way too. We provide people with the remedy that can last a lifetime, giving them the chance to never again deal with the albatross of addiction.