Johnny the Healer founded The Holistic Sanctuary and also the inventor of Pouyan Method” of Healing. Pouyan method is a result of years of dedication to the research, development and implementation of a natural treatment to get rid of drug addiction. Johnny understands how drugs can really ruin lives because he lost his loved mother and brother to drugs and he suffered 20 years of his life under the influence of drugs. In an effort to get back his life on the right track, he tried a dozen conventional treatments without any significant improvement. He has tried them all, local rehabilitation facilities, high-end drug treatment centers, produces that require you to remain in custody and others treatments where you can be an outpatient. However, none of these procedures which either followed the AA ideology and 12-step yielded any results. In the end, Johnny was fed up with the inadequate therapy and indifferent staff at treatment facilities. He realized that rehab centers were further harming his body, by replacing one drug he is addicted t with another one. Johnny realized that the problem lies in a vicious cycle of prescription drugs, attack therapy, uninterested doctors and lack of perspective. Drug addiction is treated like some sort of genetic disease which doesn’t have a cure. But Johnny realized that targeting the mid of a drug addict can help him shrug off the habit causing so much harm in his life. Johnny came up with an all natural method to combat cravings for drugs, cure the mind of the addict and reverse physical and mental damage caused by several years of addiction. The Pouyan method was born of his hard work, his own personal fight with drugs and memory of loss of loved ones. Pouyan method was a phenomenal treatment that involved eating organic food and therapy sessions to heal and cure addictions.

His methods were effective and soon his patients came to call him as Johnny the Healer because he rejuvenated the withering lives of addicts and gave them a whole new perspective and meaning. Johnny is a nutritionist with sound knowledge of super foods, as well as proficient in Quantum healing, Reiki healing, Pranic healing, Qigong healing which also influenced his Pouyan method to cure the drug addicts. Johnny is not a medication prescribing doctor but a healer in his own right. He creates healthy a lifestyle for his patients by including organic super foods, herbs to heal and rejuvenate the addicts mind body and soul. Brain scans on addicts before and after the treatment show drastic improves, which legitimates his claims. The Holistic Sanctuary in California is his dream child. The patients can come, relax and rejuvenate in this place and heal under the efficient hands of Johnny The Healer.