Drug Rehabilitation at The Holistic Sanctuary

Drug Rehabilitation at The Holistic Sanctuary
The problem of drug addiction continues to run rampant across the United States. In the last ten years the number of heroin addicts has risen over one thousand percent. This has caused the number of drug rehab centers to double in that same time, yet treatment for addicts still remains inadequate at these centers. Most still cling to the outdated notions of following 12 step programs that unfairly brand addicts as having a disease for life and use group counseling and prescription medication as their only forms of treatment, leaving many to fail at rehab and relapse with their addiction.A new method of treatment is the only kind that can really have any positive effects at this point. A more comprehensive and natural approach needs to be taken; one that involves the use of individualizing treatment and finding ways to help re-build the brain of the addict to take them back to the time before addiction occurred. This process can then give the addict back control over their mind and body and give them the fighting spirit to make changes to get their lives back.
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Such a treatment facility does exist at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary takes a completely unique approach to treatment and its results have stunned specialists and experts all over the world as they have consistently found a way to work with addicts and not just heal them, but CURE them of their addiction.

The approach taken by The Holistic Sanctuary is one that incorporates the use of natural and organic elements such as oxygen, the sun, natural supplements, herbs and methods of positive reinforcement in order for the patient to achieve the goal of resetting the mind and healing the body to overcome addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary is unlike any other drug rehabilitation center you will find. The treatments make use Ibogaine, a known natural substance that eliminates the urges and cravings for drugs while providing insight into addictive behavior that helps to bring it to an end. Other therapies used include oxygen therapy, IV infusion therapies, stem cell therapy, an organic diet and other treatments that provide up to 120 hours of individual treatment in a month. While other centers will try to force healing through toxic medications and 12 step plans that are rife for failure, this is a plan that really works.The Holistic Sanctuary focuses on the Pouyan Method, a proprietary method used only at this drug rehabilitation center and created by the founder, Johnny the Healer. Over 600 patients since 2012 have had successful cures with this method even after many had failed and relapsed at other centers. This has led many to consider Johnny the Healer a true pioneer in addiction treatment protocol.