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Treatment for alcoholism with Johnny the Healer

People suffering from alcoholism struggle to control how much or how often they drink. No matter how hard they try, they cannot stop drinking. The disorder affects important aspects of their lives, including work and relationships. Unfortunately, most people do not benefit from conventional treatments for alcoholism. They tend to relapse after each seemingly successful rehabilitation, and the next session becomes even more difficult.

If you're seeking effective and permanent treatment for alcoholism for yourself or someone you love, The Holistic Sanctuary is the right place for you. Unlike conventional treatment centers, we do not just stick with cognitive behavioral therapy and 12-step programs. We explore holistic treatment methods that seek to reform the body, mind, and soul. Our treatment for alcoholism is tested and trusted, and we have recorded great success with numerous patients.

Treatment methods that promise immediate results

The founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, Johnny The Healer, has perfected a treatment for alcoholism known as the Pouyan Method. This method does not rely on the use of prescription drugs to treat alcohol addiction. Rather, the program embraces holistic medicine, ancient plant medicine, and alternative medicine. This method helps people overcome their addiction permanently and lead a healthy life.

The first phase of treatment for alcoholism is typically the intensive detox phase. During this phase, sacred plants would be used to eliminate all alcohol toxins from your system. You can rest assured expert Shamans supervise the process, and there is adequate provision for emergency care if necessary. As soon as the detox phase is complete, you will start feeling a change in your body, and the craving for alcohol disappears.

The next phase would involve helping you unravel the motivations for your habit in a bid to resolve the issue permanently. Often, alcohol addiction stems from difficulties during childhood, relationships or work, and general life stress. Our holistic treatment for alcoholism assists patients to overcome these underlying issues and develop healthy coping mechanisms. As a result, they can move forward to live a life that's free of excessive drinking and other toxic habits.

Luxury alcohol rehab facility

The Holistic Sanctuary believes that the rehab environment plays a vital role in recovery. Thus, we stop at no length to ensure our patients ensure maximum comfort at our luxury rehab centers. The setting is serene, accommodation is top-notch, and the facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art. Our treatment for alcoholism is strictly in-patient, and we promise the highest level of care available to all our patients. Patients also have to spend a minimum of 28 days at the facility.

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At The Holistic Sanctuary, we aim to transform your life so you can achieve permanent healing and see the beauty that lies inside you. Our luxury alcohol rehab in California is situated at an exquisite location in Baja. Patients get a lot of add-ons, including daily massage, reiki, yoga, and meditation sessions, all in a bid to achieve holistic healing. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you. 


Treatment For Alcoholism
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Treatment For Alcoholism Treatment For Alcoholism Treatment For Alcoholism

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