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If you are looking for the best rehab center for yourself or your loved one, it's essential to recognize, first of all, that not all rehab centers are created equally. Obviously, some rehab treatment centers are cleaner, friendlier, and more conducive to recovery than other rehabs, but different rehabs also serve different needs and purposes. For example, some rehab treatment centers offer treatment for drug and alcohol dependency, mental health, post-acute hospital stay care, and more. At Johnny the Healer, we provide rehabilitation treatment for drug/alcohol dependency, mental health disorders, social disorders, and emotional/spiritual disorders.

5 Tips to Help You Choose among Rehab Centers

How do you separate the bad rehab centers from the good ones and the good from the excellent? It starts with knowing yourself. Let's consider five tips that can help you select the rehab that will be best suited for you:

#1: Assess Your Needs and Preferences

You know yourself better than anyone. Ask yourself what you expect to get out of rehab and what you hope rehab will be like while you are there. Not every rehab center for drug and alcohol use is created equally. You'll want to choose a rehab center that best accommodates your needs, goals, and personality. At Johnny the Healer, we offer outside-the-box treatment for addiction in a luxurious rehab setting.

#2: Have You Been to Rehab Before and Relapsed?

Many of our patients at Johnny the Healer have run the gambit of traditional treatment centers in California. There's nothing wrong with AA, the 12 steps, and other conventional rehabilitation treatment programs, but these methods are 100+ years old and mostly outdated. At Johnny the Healer, we use the best modern treatment techniques to get the best results in recovery.

#3: What is Your Budget for Rehab?

Most Beverly Hills rehab programs are more costly than rehab centers in downtown Los Angeles. However, there is a lot more upside to receiving treatment in a clean, safe, and healthy rehabilitation center in Beverly Hills. The good news is that if you can't afford therapy in an upscale rehabilitation center, there are free and low-cost options available to you, such as the Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission.

#4: Is the Treatment that You are Considering Targeted at the Root of Your Condition or Merely Patching a Symptom?

It's one of the biggest problems with traditional rehab centers in California! Most rehab programs target only the symptoms of addiction and not the causes. The vast majority of people who abuse and become dependent on substances have underlying mental health and emotional disorders that enable addiction. To effectively treat addiction, we must first treat these underlying conditions.

#5: Are You Open to Something New and Different that Has Been Proven to Work?

At Johnny the Healer, we aren't different only for the sake of being contrarian. We are not trying to buck the system here. It's just that our ways work better. Our patients can attest to that, and statistics can attest to that. It's why we do things differently. Are you open to something new and different that can potentially change your life forever for the better? If so, contact Johnny the Healer today.

Why try a holistic rehab center?

Holistic rehab centers usually just involve different alternative methods into the treatment process, but our approach to addiction treatment is radically different from its root. The underlying philosophy, the variety of methods, the innovative Pouyan Method, or the high-end amenities are some of the many reasons for which you should try our holistic rehab center, so keep reading for further details.

Holistic therapies

There are many holistic rehab centers in the US and the world. However, none of them will provide the variety and high number of therapies like our center. No traditional treatment is provided for the patients, and no program is similar to the one of another patient. It's one thing to try a common holistic rehab center in your town, and it's completely different to try the one where only the most innovative and most successful therapies that complement each other are provided for your healing.

Comfortable accommodation

It doesn't surprise that people overlook the importance of accommodation when enrolling in a holistic rehab program. But only when you take it out of the equation, you get to realize the significance and role of high-end amenities, incredible location, and pampering accommodation.

Johnny the Healer, the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, correctly understood the importance of a comfortable inspiring setting for one's healing. When you feel pampered, and everything around you makes you feel good on a physical level, it's easier to focus on your mind's and soul's healing. Johnny the Healer knows that one cannot succeed in their healing process if he/she has to worry about comfort. Dignity and pampering aren't overlooked. On the contrary, it’s only the very best amenities and conditions that await the clients.

The innovative approach

Many patients don't know this, but the methods within the traditional rehab centers haven't been renewed for decades now. Even if the therapies used at our center aren't all the most recent, it's the approach that sets them apart. Ancient Plant medicine isn't new, but the way it's used at the center is. It's the same for HBOT therapy, meditation, yoga, or other therapies; all patients benefit from evaluation so that treatment is customized to their challenges and particulars.

The holistic approach will treat the mind, body, and soul. It's not the addiction that is treated, but the client. Our holistic rehab center can heal PTSD, depression, heroin and cocaine addiction, alcoholism, so that you can live a healthy life once again.

Regaining the healthy balance of physical, mental, and spiritual self is the essential principle. The potent ancient plant extracts and therapies, such as massage, acupuncture, and acupressure, energy therapy, nutritional supplements, are only some of the numerous methods utilized at the rehab centers.

What should clients expect within our rehab center?

Once the professionals evaluate clients, customized plans are created, increasing the chance of success. Nobody enrolls in the program unless he/she goes through complete blood work, especially if they will benefit from Ibogaine and Ayahuasca.

Weekly blood work and liver panel, heart checkups, and 24-hour nursing care and supervision are provided to clients. There's also an in-house ER doctor, so nobody participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies or taking Ibogaine should worry about their safety.

With comfort being fundamental for one’s recovery and healing, patients stay in private suites with private bath, while cocooned in organic sheets and linen. It doesn’t seem important, but feeling better and pampered sets a good mood, helping one focus on his/her recovery and healing.

It's the attention to detail that sets a holistic rehab center like the one at the Holistic Sanctuary apart from the counterparts. Daily access to the gym, breathtaking ocean view, regular sessions of yoga, meditation, massage, and IV drips are also available for clients. Ancient Plant Medicine is available only for the patients who need it and get medical approval from the professionals at our rehab center.

Another aspect that is rarely cared for within a traditional rehab center is diet. With people dealing with addiction always having poor health, it makes sense why our rehab programs also focus on providing healthy dieting to clients. Only a 90% raw food diet, with fresh organic, 100% non-GMO and 100% organic meals are offered to clients. Organic superfood juices and shakes are also part of the program so that clients get only the best nutrients they need for healing.

What do holistic rehab centers provide?

We cannot talk about healing when enrolling in a traditional rehab center. With healing the body, mind, and soul as the main principle within holistic rehab centers, it's understandable why the chances for recovery are higher.

However, not all holistic rehab centers will be able to provide the same results, such as the Holistic Sanctuary. The approach at the Holistic Sanctuary is a lot more complex, and the results speak for themselves.

Enrolling at such rehab center will lead to surprising results, that no other rehab center, let alone conventional, would even dream of achieving.

Creating new neural pathways in the brain, repairing the brain through neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, DNA repair, and mitochondria repair, are only some to mention. It’s the protocols like the Stem Cell activation, total liver detox, candida/parasite/virus/pathogens cleanse detox eliminate that are used for healing the client from all angles.

The cellular detoxification cleanses, resetting of the dopamine receptors, spiritual awakening, and out-of-body experience, and even God Molecule activation makes the long list of results within the rehab center at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Healing doesn't happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't consist only in addressing the physical conditions. The comprehensive approach at the Holistic Sanctuary is the leading cause of success.

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