Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs

Johnny The Healer is a highly sought-after treatment specialist, and the founder of the internationally acclaimed Pouyan Method for treating substance abuse and alcoholism. We have the best luxury alcohol rehab programs in the country, and we help our recovering addicts attain recovery with improved mental and physical wellness.

Treatment for alcoholism at our luxury rehab

Under the Pouyan approach, we use a 100% natural approach to help patients overcome their addiction to alcohol. We begin treatment with a detox procedure, where we eliminate the stored toxins from your body and work on repairing your brain to its pre-addicted state.

We then work on resolving your negative thoughts and toxic beliefs, after which we work on reprograming your mind. We finally equip you with sustainable options for a holistic lifestyle and lasting success in recovery.

NAD IV therapy for treating alcoholism

Long-term drug or alcohol abuse can deplete the natural stores of NAD in individuals and can make it difficult for your body to produce energy. NAD Therapy is a relatively newer treatment approach to treating addiction but a highly effective one. NAD is also called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and it is a naturally occurring co-enzyme in the human body. Administering lab-produced NAD into recovering addicts bodies not only helps boost energy levels but also helps improve brain function.

This therapy also plays a pivotal role in DNA repair and repairing the signals between molecules for cellular communication. By using a combination of NAD and regular therapy, we help our patients attain lasting success on the path of recovery. The NAD therapy also helps flush out all of the toxic remains from substance abuse in an individuals' system and reduces the withdrawal effects. This can make the recovery process more tolerable and less unpleasant. NAD therapy also helps curb the cravings for alcohol and drugs.

Benefits of joining our alcohol rehab

We are one of the country's best treatment center with luxury alcohol rehab programs. Some of the benefits of joining us include:

  • Ongoing care programs - We offer the option of onsite sober living programs for those that wish to undergo a step-down level of treatment. We also offer virtual individual and group aftercare counseling sessions for recovering addicts after the completion of their program.
  • Effective alcohol detox – We use a variety of side-effect free and natural therapies to help your body and mind detox from long-term substance abuse. We make the detox more effective and less unpleasant with therapies like sacred plant medicinal therapy, brain repair IV therapy, hyperbaric therapy, NAD IV, and massage therapy.
  • Advanced treatments and therapies – We are one of the few treatment centers in the country to offer the most advanced and proven therapies like telomere repair, stem cell therapy, floatation therapy, sacred plant medicine therapy, etc. We also use the highly effective Pouyan approach to treat dual diagnosis in individuals.

Call us at (310)-601-7805 or visit to learn more about Johnny The Healer and his luxury alcohol rehab programs. We are a high-end rehab located on an ocean-front property with highly rewarding treatment, therapies, and a friendly staff team.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs
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Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs

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