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A person without a history of drug use will often begin the habit after hearing of the exciting promises of the medicine. They will crave the emotional highness and cling onto a continuous state of bliss after the first intoxication. The only problem with drug addiction is that no one will tell you about the depression you will develop after the excitement dies off. The addict eventually clings onto the drug and scraps away every ounce of their healthy life and relationship while chasing synthetic happiness.

Drug addicts who finally realize the truth on drugs may try a couple of regular rehabs or be lucky to get into a holistic rehab facility. Holistic drug rehabilitation is the healing of the mind, body, and spirit from damages that result in abstract dysfunction. Holistic facilities are significantly variant from the traditional ones because they have diverse approaches. Is a holistic rehab the right choice for you?

How does a holistic rehab look?

Many holistic centers help provide long-term treatment alongside many other nature-based therapies. While a traditional rehab will five you FDA medicine and detox to eliminate drugs, the holistic facility will include herbs and therapy sessions that overpower the typical rehab solutions.

Holistic programs are not skeptical of the possibility of reversing an illness. The methods target the addiction as well as the internal makeup of the patient. These treatments resolve the following problems:

  • The physical symptoms of withdrawal and addiction
  • The emotional imbalance that triggers the addiction
  • Environmental factors that trigger the illness
  • A neurochemical imbalance due to poor eating habits, no exercise, and other unhealthy patterns

What does a holistic rehab treat?


Individual counseling helps one realign their belief to the most authentic state. Much of addiction addresses the principles and habits we pick up in life. You may have started your dependency habit because of living among family members that exhibited the same trait, or college friends that did a lot more than enjoy some recreational alcohol.

Holistic rehab is different from a regular rehab because it offers several ways to reestablish their personality. You can benefit from massages that calm your nerves, yoga that stretches your mind, and sacred plant medicinal therapy that allows you to break free off useless thoughts.


Holistic treatment will not leave you to fend for your nutritional health after a successful detox. The service includes recommendations and implementation of a healthy diet, education, and body therapy that repairs the body for the long-haul.

Our treatment solutions allow patients to feel healthy and energized because we know which foods provide the most potent nutrition to the body. A holistic approach

We have three major treatment programs that give your body a great start:

  • Stem cell therapy
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
  • NAD vitamin therapy

These solutions target the body’s health for the following benefits:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Renewal of the skin, eyes, ears, and bones
  • Boosted anti-inflammatory effects, immunity and cells
  • An abundant bone marrow

Johnny the Healer has videos and photos of clients who began their treatment with dire addiction problems. We are confident that our solutions can resolve any health complication and mind state. Check out our site for informative stories on how one experiences healing in any of our treatment centers.

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