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Johnny The Healer is a highly skilled addiction treatment specialist and the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary. We are one of the best holistic alcohol rehabs in the country with advanced treatments and therapies, and a team of experienced shamans, physicians, and RNs.

What is our holistic alcohol rehab program about?

Holistic therapy is the use of non-medical and natural methods to treat addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues in individuals. These therapies are highly successful because they focus on the mind, body, and soul simultaneously, and offer comprehensive and sustainable healing. At our treatment facility, we use holistic methods like yoga, art therapy, massage therapy, meditation, ozone therapy, carbon sauna, and nutritional therapy to help patients achieve noticeable improvements in their lives.

We offer a highly rewarding alcohol treatment program, where we design an integrated physical, mental, and spiritual, holistic technique model that helps identify the root cause of addiction in recovering addicts. We then use holistic methods and practices in combination with evidence-based modalities to help individuals in recovery garner the best treatment outcome. With holistic therapy, we help patients build structure and routine and develop essential physical and mental skills to overcome stressful situations, cravings, and triggers in a logical manner.

What are the steps we take in doing alcohol rehab at the Holistic Sanctuary?

One of the most surprising aspects of holistic therapy is that every client is treated differently. Since our central belief is that we're all different, and we have different values, personalities, and needs, it makes perfect sense that the methods used for healing are different from one patient to another.

Even if the variety of methods available for the patients is impressive at the Holistic Sanctuary, every program is adjusted to the patient’s level of addiction, characteristics, and personal needs. From the moment one joins the Holistic Sanctuary, a team of professionals will evaluate the client and decide on the specific program. No matter the methods decided for one, every program will take place in two stages: the alcohol detox and the alcohol addiction treatment, along with the holistic wellness therapy.

Is the alcohol detox different from traditional detox in a conventional rehab? How?

When it comes to alcohol addiction, the very first step to take, no matter if it’s a conventional or holistic rehab, is to go through alcohol detox. Once again, not all clients will need to go through the phase, and the team of professionals will establish the treatment plan for every single patient.

We know that the phase is incredibly challenging, and withdrawal symptoms are painful to bear. Unlike traditional alcohol detox, at The Holistic Sanctuary there are no medications used and no pills. Not only that, patients are surrounded by positive support and compassion from the team, and all efforts go into making the clients as comfortable as possible.

There's a fantastic medical detox facility at The Holistic Sanctuary, with both modern medical technology and ancient plant medicine available for the clients. And the medical staff is here to help 24/7.

Which therapies are used when helping patients with alcohol addiction?

First of all, it's not the alcohol addiction that we treat. We believe that treating the person and not the addiction is essential for healing. And the testimonials of former patients prove that we’re not wrong at all.

As soon as detox is over, the client will be involved in an intense daily schedule, with the goal to identify the deep causes of addiction, while enjoying the high-end amenities and comfort available.

Unlike the traditional rehab methods that only focus on solving the addiction temporarily, the programs for alcohol addiction within the Holistic Sanctuary concentrate on finding the root causes of alcohol addiction. The Two Pillars approach is one of a kind. The first pillar relies on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (MCBT).

At the Holistic Sanctuary, scientific methods make the foundation of treatments, but it’s the adjustment for every patient’s needs that makes the difference. The combination of therapies aims to help the client fight the negative patterns while improving the sense of self-sufficiency. It's not the higher power that helps one overcome the addiction, like in the conventional 12-step programs, but the patient. He/she will soon create constructive and positive behaviors, able to eliminate the destructive patterns in alcohol dependency.

People dealing with alcohol addiction have often felt isolated, but that’s not how they feel at the Holistic Sanctuary. The health communication, shared activities, and professionals caring for them create fantastic support, easing out the healing.

Why is the second pillar just as important?

When it comes to holistic healing, addressing the body, mind, and soul becomes the key to success. It's the same at the Holistic Sanctuary, with the second pillar focusing on balancing the body and mind. It's not only the physical cleansing or the mind equipping that count; clients also learn about mindfulness meditation, dietary counseling, or fitness therapy. Health spa amenities, exercise equipment, meditation temple are available at the Holistic Sanctuary for a reason. Clients learn that taking good care of their bodies is another step to take for healing, and that's something that no conventional rehab program will provide.

How can meditation therapy help treat alcohol abuse?

As one of the most sought-after holistic alcohol rehabs in the country, we excel at helping recovering addicts power through the challenging withdrawal phase with the help of meditation therapy. It is a powerful technique that offers a variety of health benefits. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, cravings, and enables recovering addicts to overcome negative thoughts and beliefs.

Our therapists train our patients on how to use meditation to synchronize their mind and body to achieve improved mental wellness. We also use meditation therapy to help patients overcome their mood disorders and the symptoms of conditions like PTSD and ADHD. Also, meditation therapy helps individuals attain improved concentration, creativity, focus, and emotional stability in substance abuse treatment.

Is a healthy diet fundamental for healing alcohol addiction?

Organic, non-GMO, and plant-based diet is provided for the patients, so to give their body the healthy nutrients they need for complete recovery. Clients learn new and more robust methods to deal with the daily struggle so that the old path of alcohol addiction is never taken again. As one leaves the program, the risk of relapse is null. And it's because clients now have all the new skills and behaviors they need for living a healthy and addiction-free life.

What’s the risk of relapse? Is there aftercare?

In the case of conventional rehab programs, addiction is seen and address as a chronic condition, so it's never cured. At most, patients learn how to keep the symptoms under control, but the chance for complete recovery doesn't genuinely exist.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the approach is entirely different. It's evident that healing takes time and daily practice, but sobriety is a journey that every patient embarks on every single day. Professionals help the clients develop a personalized relapse prevention plan, as it’s all about customizing the treatment.

Once the client finishes the program, he/she is ready for the sober living program. The one-on-one sessions can take place even after leaving the Holistic Sanctuary, virtually. Help will always be just one click away, but only if you need it.

Are holistic therapies efficient in treating alcohol addiction? Why?

The holistic approach takes an all-natural route to treat addiction. It means no medications, invasive treatments, side-effects, and no struggle with withdrawal symptoms. At our facility, we use herbal medicines, practices like massage and yoga therapy, and meditation to help patients attain mental peace and emotional wellness.

Holistic therapy equips the mind, body, and spirit to overcome the triggers, the cravings, and temptations in a logical, calm, and composed manner. These therapies prepare a recovering addict to lead a fulfilling, healthy, and drug-free life in the long term and reduce the risk of relapse significantly. These therapies repair the chemical imbalances in the brain and restore it to its pre-addiction state. Furthermore, holistic therapies offer a sense of calm and improves awareness of recovering addicts.

Get in touch with one of us at The Holistic Sanctuary to schedule a consultation with Johnny The Healer. As one of the pioneer holistic alcohol rehabs in the country, we create a custom treatment plan for each of our recovering addicts and ensure that they attain sustained recovery.

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