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There are many conventional treatment options for heroin addiction. Unfortunately, most of them fail to achieve a permanent cure. Some pharmacological treatments are simply band-aids that transfer the addict from one drug of addiction to another. Behavioral therapy, while slightly more effective, often fails to address the root of the problem. As a result, patients often tend to relapse after a seemingly successful addiction treatment at a heroin rehab center.

If you want a permanent cure to heroin addiction, our luxury rehab is the perfect place for you. We employ an entirely different approach to addiction treatment, and we have countless success stories from our completely rejuvenated patients.

Adopting the holistic approach

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we do not subscribe to the outdated method of treating addiction with other addictive drugs. Rather, we treat patients holistically by figuring out the cause of addiction and treating the patient as a whole being. Our center is the leading heroin rehab in America, offering alternative therapies like Ibogaine treatment, Yoga, Reiki, Carbon Sauna, NAD IV Drips, etc. These treatment options have been perfected by Johnny The Healer, and we have no doubt they can help achieve a lasting cure to heroin addiction.

Sacred plant therapy at our heroin rehabs

Following years of research, we have discovered that Ibogaine therapy is one of the most important cures for heroin addiction. The powerful plant is a vital part of the detox stage as it clears the body entirely of heroin and its toxins. Importantly, it makes the detox process less painful or life-threatening while significantly reducing craving for the drug.

To get the best of Ibogaine therapy, you can check into our heroin rehab and enroll for any of our treatment options. Our treatment typically lasts between 2 weeks and 12 weeks, depending on the severity of heroin addiction. Many patients come to us after they have tried outpatient programs without success. We make it clear that we only enroll inpatients, and they thank us for it after their successful recovery.

Individualized therapy for every patient

Our addiction experts are always on hand to evaluate potential patients and determine the length of stay that would be appropriate for each case. We aim to provide the best cure for heroin addiction to every patient, but we understand that all patients are not the same. Thus, we try to treat each patient as a unique individual and adapt our treatment methods to suit their specific needs.

It doesn’t matter how severe your addiction is, or how many heroin rehab centers you’ve visited with no success. We are confident that our holistic and alternative treatment programs will help you lead a sober life. Why not give us a chance today?

Get in touch with our heroin rehabs

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we aim to transform your life so you can achieve permanent healing and see the beauty that lies inside you. Our heroin rehab is located at a luxurious resort in Baja, California. Patients get a lot of add-ons, including daily massage, reiki, yoga, and meditation sessions, all in a bid to achieve holistic healing. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you. 

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