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Johnny The Healer is one of the primary addiction treatment specialists in the country and the founder of the highly-rewarding Pouyan method. As one of the pioneer drug rehabs in the country, we help recovering addicts overcome addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues in a serene, calming, and high-end facility.

Top reasons to join a rehab center for recovery from addiction

While you may think that you can overcome addiction on your own, it is not that simple. To attain comprehensive recovery from addiction, you need the help of a clinical team to offer you treatment for the root cause of addiction, the co-occurring mental health issues, and the withdrawal symptoms.

Recovery from moderate to severe levels of addiction requires professional medical detox. Also, withdrawal from certain types of drugs can have adverse health effects and can lead to fatal consequences. By seeking treatment from a rehab center, you will have access to round the clock medical care to help you deal with the unpleasant and painful withdrawal symptoms.

Also, you are at high risk for relapse when you don’t get proper treatment for the root cause of addiction. By joining a rehab, you will undergo psychotherapies, counseling, and a variety of other therapies, which will help you heal from the root cause of addiction and the co-occurring mental disorders. Furthermore, the environment at drug rehabs is 100% free from distractions and stress, which allows you to focus on treatment and attain a speedy recovery.

Tips for choosing the right drug rehab

Choose a facility specializing in treating your substance of abuse or mental disorder. You also want to choose a licensed center with a highly skilled and educated team of physicians, therapists, clinical, and non-clinical staff.

Look at the amenities, treatment programs, and infrastructure of a rehab center before joining, as the environment at the facility plays a major role in the recovery process. Also, choose a center that offers individual attention and customized treatment to each patient.

How to prepare for rehab treatment?

Deciding to attain rehab is the first step in your journey towards attaining a drug-free life. Begin by researching the best addiction treatment center near you. Call a couple of these centers to learn about their approach, admission procedures, cost of treatment, etc. Once you've decided on the rehab, you want to join, speak to your loved ones, family members, and your employer about it.

If you have young children, pets, or older adults that you are currently supporting, make arrangements with respite care centers or friends to take care of them while you are away for treatment. Create auto-payment tasks with your bank to pay your utilities and other bills. Pack only the essentials for your rehab treatment and approach rehab treatment with an open mind for the best outcome.

Overcome addiction with our internationally acclaimed Pouyan method found by Johnny The Healer. Among the luxury drug rehabs in the country, we hold the #1 rank in helping patients attain holistic recovery.

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