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Johnny The Healer, at our Holistic Sanctuary, is an experienced treatment specialist and uses his highly effective Pouyan method to treat individuals battling substance abuse disorder. As the founder of the best drug rehab in California, Johnny uses a unique set of treatments and therapies to help his patients attain holistic and comprehensive recovery.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating addiction

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is one of the proven approaches to treating substance abuse disorder in individuals, and we are one of the few drug and alcohol rehabs in Beverly Hills to use HBOT in addiction treatment. It helps accelerate brain recovery from long-term drug/alcohol addiction and promotes the detoxification process in brain cells. HBOT is a non-invasive and simple therapy that uses oxygen at higher levels to help in the generation of new stem cells and to repair the damaged tissues in the body naturally. During the HBOT therapy, individuals go into a pressurized chamber for up to an hour and inhale pure oxygen through a mask.

HBOT is effective in treating addiction because oxygen is a natural antibiotic, and it plays a significant role in the body's healing process. When your bloodstream contains more oxygen, it removes aldehydes and acids from your brain and helps remove toxins from your body from long term substance abuse. HBOT can produce promising results in individuals battling addiction, depression, alcoholism, PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries. Recovering addicts at our drug rehab report better memory and higher energy levels within 8-10 treatment sessions of HBOT.

Yoga for substance abuse treatment

Yoga helps recovering addicts attain physical and spiritual union between the mind and body. It improves breathing, mindfulness, and awareness in individuals and promotes relaxation. We use Yoga therapy to renew the mind of recovering addicts and to help them attain realization and grounded emotions.

At our rehabilitation center in Beverly Hills, we engage our patients in regular yoga therapy sessions to help them attain a sense of calm and a relaxed state of mind. It also helps our patients attain improved focus, more control over their impulses, and stress reduction. On a physical level, individuals enjoy increased muscle strength, tone, and flexibility, and attain better cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Top reasons to choose us for addiction recovery

We are the only rehab to provide you with a recovery that involves no violent withdrawals, no prescription medications, no endless talk therapies, or group therapies. We use the unique and highly rewarding Pouyan approach to help patients embrace sobriety, and our drug and alcohol detox in Beverly Hills is among the most effective.

With daily yoga, meditation, massage, and IV drips, we offer our recovering addicts with the most relaxing environment for healing and recovery at our private rehab in Beverly Hills. We are the only beachfront upscale rehab for drug treatment in Beverly Hills with luxury amenities.

Visit https://www.johnnythehealer.com/contact/ or call (310)-601-7805 to schedule a consultation with Johnny The Healer. We are a preeminent luxury drug rehab in California with advanced treatments like stem cell therapy, ozone therapy, hyperbaric therapy, NAD IV therapy, brain repair IV therapy, etc.

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