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Are you searching for the best cocaine rehab? The Holistic Sanctuary is a licensed five-star luxury rehab with advanced treatment programs and psychotherapies. Johnny The Healer uses a combination of the Pouyan method, Ayahuasca, and Ibogaine therapies to help patients overcome their ongoing battle with cocaine addiction.

Inpatient rehabilitation for cocaine addiction

Deciding to join rehab for cocaine addiction is the first step toward sobriety. Ideally, treatment for cocaine abuse must begin with medical detox and later proceed to psychotherapies and counseling sessions. An inpatient rehabilitation program may be the most viable treatment option for patients battling cocaine addiction because it greatly increases the chances of a successful recovery. Also, psychological dependence on cocaine is a serious condition that requires professional help and the right type of support system for comprehensive recovery.

The ambiance at a rehab facility, peer support, round the clock medical care, and recreational programs can all help individuals attain improve physical and psychological wellness. We use the highly-effective Pouyan method to treat cocaine addiction in individuals. Under the Pouyan method, our patients undergo 100% organic and natural treatments, and we offer 1-1 focus and offer individual attention to all our recovering addicts. We are the only luxury rehab in California situated at a beachfront property with unique treatments such as ozone therapy, telomere repair therapy, sacred plant medicine therapy, etc.

Top reasons to choose our cocaine rehab center

Johnny Tabaie at the Holistic Sanctuary uses a combination of the highly-effective Pouyan method and holistic healing practices to help individuals overcome PTSD, depression, alcoholism, and substance abuse disorder. We use advanced treatment like heavy metal detox, super brain repair IV, NAD IV, Ozone IV, and stem cell therapy to help patients attain sobriety.

Besides, we use sacred plant medicine therapy to help individuals make positive life changes. We are a highly sought-after luxury rehab center for cocaine addiction, and we are the only rehab to offer patients with high-end amenities like a private oceanfront villa, daily colonic enemas, regular massage, yoga, reiki, and meditation therapy.

Tips to avoid relapse after rehab treatment

Data states that over 50% of recovering addicts relapse in the first six months after rehab treatment. Here are a few vital tips to stay safe from giving into relapse:

  • Attend the ongoing care programs offered by your rehab center regularly. Discuss the challenges, triggers, and cravings you face in your recovery journey with your therapist to receive valuable advice.
  • Get rid of things, people, and places that remind you of your old drug-using days. Build a new social circle and stay close to the family to avoid feelings of loneliness and other unhealthy distractions.
  • Get into the habit of regular exercise and eat a well-rounded and nutritious diet. Build a routine and keep yourself occupied throughout the day to avoid feelings of boredom, cravings, and temptations

Your search for the best cocaine rehab ends here. Johnny The Healer runs the country's best cocaine treatment center with opulent amenities and treatments like yoga, meditation, massage therapy, stem cell therapy, ozone therapy, etc. Visit or call 310-601-7805 for more details on admissions, prices, and our therapies.

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