Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Johnny The Healer uses a unique approach called the Pouyan Method to help patients who come to him for cocaine addiction treatment. Johnny helps his patients attain improved mental wellness and holistic recovery through his highly-rewarding treatment approach.

Cocaine addiction and abuse

Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant that reacts with the body and produces feelings of euphoria and an abnormal amount of energy in the user. Cocaine can compromise your brain's chemistry and increase the levels of dopamine to unusually high levels, which in return produces feelings of pleasure and reward. Cocaine can have severe long-term effects and can negatively affect every part of the body. It makes irreversible alterations to the genetics in brain cells, nerve cells, and proteins.

To make the results of the drug last longer, cocaine users keep injecting the drug more frequently, putting themselves at high risk for overdose. Cocaine addiction is hazardous because of the strain it causes on the heart and can lead to conditions like stroke or cardiac arrest. It is pivotal to seek cocaine addiction treatment from a licensed rehab facility to prevent adverse health complications.

The dangers of cocaine abuse         

Cocaine is a highly addictive and dangerous drug that can pose serious risks to a person’s overall health. Addiction to cocaine puts individuals in several short and long-term dangers starting from overdose episodes to organ failure problems.

Severe levels of cocaine addiction can constrict blood vessels and can cause an unhealthy surge in blood pressure levels. Individuals who administer the drug through snorting can end up with problems in their nasal cavity and septum. Over time, your addiction to cocaine can damage your brain, lungs, heart, gastrointestinal system, and kidneys. Seek help for addiction treatment to prevent life-threatening health complications.

Cocaine withdrawal and detox                 

Cocaine is among the most addictive and dangerous drugs of all time because your body begins to develop a tolerance to the drug’s euphoric effects over time. Eventually, individuals reach a state where they can no longer feel normal or function properly without the use of cocaine. Withdrawal symptoms start appearing within a few hours of the last dose. Individuals that try to quit cocaine on their own try to “binge” on the drug to delay withdrawal symptoms. However, cocaine binging can be more dangerous, leading to an overdose.

Common withdrawal symptoms of cocaine include an increase in appetite, fatigue, depression, restless behavior, nightmares, and anxiety. In worse cases, patients suffer from suicidal thoughts within a couple of hours after stopping the drug. The intensity of withdrawal symptoms differs from person to person based on the duration of abuse, frequency of use, dosage, and other factors. Medical detox is crucial for patients battling cocaine addiction to attain lasting success with sobriety. At our facility, we offer a highly effective medical detox for cocaine patients and follow it up with a variety of advanced therapies.

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Cocaine Addiction Treatment
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Cocaine Addiction Treatment Cocaine Addiction Treatment Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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