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Johnny The Healer is a highly acclaimed addiction treatment specialist in California. He owns one of the best drug rehabs in the country and offers unique addiction treatments and therapies to help patients attain comprehensive recovery.

Is my addiction bad enough?

It can be difficult to admit that you have an addiction problem. If your drug use is causing negative effects in life, it may be time to closely analyze things in and around you, and come to terms with the fact that you may have a substance abuse issue. Accepting that you have an addiction problem is the first step in your path towards recovery. The second step is finding the right addiction treatment center to help you attain sobriety.

Some people think that their addiction is not severe enough to seek the help of rehab. But, if you have cravings when you try to quit drugs or if you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop drugs, you may have a moderate to severe addiction condition. Besides, if you wish to quit, but lack the self-control or if you think your body has developed a tolerance to the drug, it is important to approach a rehab center.

What happens in addiction treatment?

We are a luxury rehab with a unique treatment approach called the Pouyan method. We begin treatment with a medical detox program that helps remove the toxic remains from the body of recovering addicts. Then we try to repair and restore the brain to its pre-addiction state in a process called Neurogenesis.

We then offer counseling and psychotherapy to our patients to help them overcome their negative and toxic beliefs and prepare them for a holistic, sustainable, and drug-free life. As ranking among the best drug rehabs in the country, we offer our patients weekly blood work and liver panel, 24 hours nursing supervision and care, daily massages, beachfront amenities, and daily IV drips. We are the only luxury drug rehab to use 100% organic and natural treatment practices to help patients overcome addiction.

Tips for choosing the best drug rehab

Choose a center that focuses on the underlying mental health issues. By overcoming the root cause of addiction, you can reduce the chances of relapse significantly. Also, look for a rehab center that offers comprehensive 1-on-1 therapies. Most drug rehabs try to get away by providing patients with the bare minimum level of care in the form of group therapies. Choose a center that offers individual counseling, personalized psychotherapy sessions, and customized treatment.

Besides, try to find a center with a highly skilled and accredited staff team and advanced treatment programs. At our healing and recovery center, we offer therapies like telomere repair therapy, NAD IV therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help recovering addicts attain comprehensive recovery.

Johnny The Healer helps his clients overcome addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues with his highly acclaimed Pouyan method and sacred plant medicine therapy. Seek treatment from one of the best drug rehabs in California. Call us at (310)-601-7805 or visit for more details.

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