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Ibogaine Treatment 

Ibogaine Treatment

  The Holistic Sanctuary is an exclusive world-class healing center and is known for the best ibogaine treatment system, not only in Mexico but the world. Our guests receive over 35 hours per week of our 100% 1 on 1 treatment as part of our Holistic Natural and Innovative Protocol – the “Pouyan Method.” Our method has had an astounding success rate in treating everything from drug and alcohol addiction to PTSD and depression.   At the Holistic Sanctuary, we have a cure for addiction. Our patent-pending Pouyan Method treats the damaging effects of chemical dependency naturally and holistically.   We never have prescribe medications to any of our guests. If they come in prescribed any medications, we do not stop them cold turkey. We will, with precision and a perfected protocol, taper them off those addictive and toxic doctor prescribed drugs. At the same time, we will make sure we repair the receptors with our powerful IV drips designed to reset those damaged areas. We heal them at a cellular level so they can enter their most natural state. Our Pouyan Method is designed to maximize healing and repair brain damage caused by medications, drugs and alcohol. We’re the first in the world to offer such a comprehensive, cutting edge treatment that reverses the damage toxic medications and drug addiction has caused the body and brain. No other ibogaine treatment in Mexico comes close to the program we offer to end addiction and repair brain deterioration.   At our ibogaine treatment in Mexico, we aim to completely cure people of addiction. We do not replace their addictions with new medications or make them go to daily or weekly 12 step meetings for the rest of their life. We take addiction out of people’s lives naturally and holistically.  

The Pouyan Method Combines Ibogaine and Holistic Therapies-  9 Hours of Holistic Healing Therapy Per Day

For nine hours a day, you will receive intense holistic healing therapy. Every single therapy repairs the damage drugs and alcohol have had on the brain and body.  
STEM CELLS The Holistic Sanctuary
STEM CELLS The Holistic Sanctuary
The therapy include
  • Daily hour of massage therapy
  • Daily hour of kundalini yoga and meditation therapy
  • Daily Three to five hours of IV drip therapy everyday
  • Daily Carbon sauna therapy
  • Daily Green coffee colonic enemas
  • Daily HBOT therapy
  • Daily hour Reiki therapy sessions
  • Daily Salt bath therapy
  • Daily Superfood cold pressed juices, superfood nutrient elixirs, superfood protein shakes
  • Three to five different sacred plant medicine ceremonies
  Our ibogaine treatment in Mexico DOES NOT include:   GROUPS – No group therapy EVER. Those groups are a waste of time, outdated and ineffective TOXIC Prescription Medications – We don’t replace your drug addiction with other drugs. JUNK FOOD – You need nutritious foods that feed your body and mind – NOT processed junk food and sugar laden meals.  

Cure Addiction with Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

The Holistic Sanctuary cures addiction and alcoholism by completely flushing, cleansing and detoxing all of the toxins stored in the body – targeting damage to the brain, reset neurotransmitters. Repair dopamine, serotonin and Gaba receptors. Secret Iv drip system promotes reversing the damage caused by the medications drugs and alcohol. Our cutting edge technology and healing methods completely solve the problems addiction has caused. It heals brain cells and neurons damaged by chemicals and resolves the underlying causes that have contributed to the dependency of addiction. This includes social, environmental and spiritual toxins.  
Ibogaine treatment Mexico
Ibogaine treatment Mexico The Holistic Sanctuary

We designed a complete lifestyle change to prevent relapse.  

Addiction is not incurable. It’s reversible. All drug and alcohol addictions can be healed because the underlying issues can be removed, healed and resolved. Johnny Tabaie created a system that works. A system that is natural and effective without pain.  

The Best Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico 

The best ibogaine treatment in Mexico is The Holistic Sanctuary. It is a world-renowned healing center offering the safest, best and most effective treatment protocol.   Our healing center has never moved locations, has never had a death, never switched owners, and has never shut down and reopened. We’ve been in operation for over 9 years, and it’s all because we perfected the plant medicine protocol with the Pouyan Method.   The Pouyan Method is a very powerful and unique proprietary protocol. We do not attract people with fancy buzzwords or tell them what they want to hear. What we promise is what people receive when they come to The Holistic Sanctuary. We use real world science, not pharma backed studies, we get results, period.   NINE hours of private 1:1 holistic treatment sessions per day. There are NO group meetings because they are boring and don’t do anything for people.
Luxury Drug Rehabs
Luxury Drug Rehab Accommodations The Holistic Sanctuary

Toxic Free Zone at The Holistic Sanctuary

Our ibogaine treatment in Mexico is different – it cures addiction in a TOXIC-FREE environment – there’s no smoking, no junk food, no coffee, and no war stories. We are about healing at our center and you can’t do that with toxins. We focus on what is good for the body and healing what is wrong inside of it. Clients engage in NINE hours of therapies. This includes five hours of IV drip filled with vitamins, aminos, and NAD. During the drip, clients receive a deep tissue massage and then a powerful Reiki session. Immediately following the IV, the HBOT machine infuses the body with 100% pure oxygen. The oxygen kills pathogens and anaerobic bacteria to rebuild brain cells and activate stem cells to heal the body over 900%.   Three to five green coffee enemas per day flush the body of all the toxins released by the therapies and continues to release toxins.  Yoga, daily meditation, cardio, and carbon infrared sauna sessions take up the rest of the day giving people exactly what they need to finally feel at peace free from addiction. Spend 20 days following this regimen to prepare the body for the ibogaine treatment. This is why our clients DO NOT suffer from gray days or suffer bad trips and nausea or violent vomiting.   The Holistic Sanctuary has the most effective ibogaine treatment in Mexico all because of Johnny Tabaie’s Pouyan Method.

Why The Holistic Sanctuary Is Mexico’s Best Ibogaine Treatment Center

  It takes 10 days for Fentanyl to leave the body, so ibogaine treatment can be safe. This is why we spend the first 20 days of ibogaine treatment in a state of toxic flushing. Ibogaine treatment should never be a quick fix. We do not offer a 3-day or 5-day treatment for addiction. Those programs do not cure an addiction. They are ineffective and very dangerous and irresponsible.   Ibogaine treatments in Mexico aren’t all the same. The Holistic Sanctuary provides the best treatment for addiction. No one leaves with withdrawals from ibogaine or side effects like not being able to sleep. These withdrawals and side effects are not normal.   The Holistic Sanctuary is a licensed ibogaine treatment center in Mexico. Our staff is trained, experienced, and non-judgemental. They believe in you when you come to us for ibogaine treatment and will follow the natural and holistic protocol to cure your addiction completely.   We are not a conventional ibogaine drug rehab. We do not use massive amounts of ibogaine and boosters every three to five days. That type of ibogaine treatment is dangerous and can be deadly.   We do not give patients benzos like Xanax and valium for sleep. Those are dangerous.   What we do is flush your body of toxins with IV formula drips and cutting edge technologies. We are the first ibogaine treatment in Mexico that uses Hyperbaric HBOT machines. This is a advanced technology, expensive device. We wanted this device because it’s effective in created new stem cells and stimulating new brain pathways, the end result, curing addiction. We invest money into our treatment protocol and luxury healing center to bring the safest system and best outcomes for our patients.
The Holistic Sanctuary Ocean Front Paradise
Breath Taking Views – Ocean Front Paradise

The Holistic Sanctuary – A Place for Healing and Tranquility

A private oceanfront facility with private rooms and bathrooms are ready for patients looking for ibogaine treatment in Mexico. Our healing center is 100% safe with guards at the gate. The staff is always on duty. No one is ever left alone in our facility. We only feed patients with a plant-based diet to prepare them for ibogaine treatment. NO junk food. NO fast food. Our staff is loving. They are non-judgemental. We limit the number of patients we take on at a time to ensure each person receives 1:1 customized care. Everyone received undivided attention and care.  

Why Choose Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico vs. Traditional Drug Rehabs 

  The Holistic Sanctuary is the best ibogaine treatment in Mexico offering an effective cure for addiction. Ibogaine ends withdrawal symptoms and cravings for drugs. Traditional drug rehabs cannot do that, and that’s why most people relapse after going through them.   Suboxone leads to Anhedonia. This causes an inability to experience pleasure from activities you used to enjoy. Conventional drug rehabs switched from Methadone to Suboxone, which makes it impossible for you to alleviate Anhedonia. This causes people to become addicted to it and that just makes the situation worse instead of curing addiction.   Ibogaine can cure Anhedonia for people who have been through traditional addiction treatment. Once it is cured, it never comes back. Ibogaine HCL alleviates withdrawal symptoms within two to four hours, and they are gone for good.   Ibogaine is a natural compound. It is extracted from plant root sources. It’s not like Suboxone, which is highly addictive and toxic. It doesn’t cure addiction – it feeds an addiction.   Traditional drug rehabs are ineffective. The money spent on them is much more than on ibogaine treatment in Mexico because of the need to go back repeatedly. When patients choose The Holistic Sanctuary, they are cured of their addiction, so they don’t have to keep investing money in addiction recovery.

Johnny Tabaie’s Pouyan Method for Ibogaine Treatment 

  Johnny Tabaie has identified the cure for addiction by administering ibogaine treatment along with holistic therapies. The Holistic Sanctuary is a luxury healing retreat that offers patients a comprehensive program including holistic treatments and alternative therapies. These therapies support the whole person by combining coaching, meditation and biochemistry therapies like ozone therapy, and ibogaine with ayahuasca treatments.   Addressing the body and the mind are the key to total body and mind transformation and the cure to addiction.    Ibogaine treatment is the powerhouse for healing, but combining it with holistic treatment is what cures addiction at the cellular level. It is what gives people complete recovery from addiction. The best ibogaine treatment in Mexico is one that considers the whole person – the person’s mind, body, and spirit. Ibogaine isn’t the solution – ibogaine is part of the solution.   Johnny continues to add more alternative health strategies to his Pouyan Method. He is the first one to add HBOT hyperbaric oxygen treatment, Reiki and Pranic healing to ibogaine treatment in Mexico. He’s also providing plant-based diets free from GMOs and other toxins.   People from all over the world come to The Holistic Sanctuary for healing and curing of addiction. 
The Holistic Sanctuary Hyperbaric Chamber HBOT
Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment HBOT

Total Healing at The Holistic Sanctuary

  Johnny Tabaie knows ibogaine must be part of healing and that adding in more would be the solution to addiction.   Holistic therapies reset the brain to a pre-addicted state. This non-addictive and non-toxic treatment is what makes it possible for people to live addiction free forever. This happens without group meetings and medications. Healing happens at the cellular level, and that is what reverses damage to the body from alcohol and drugs. Through real therapy, negative thinking is reversed and gets people back on track psychologically. People feel inspired and empowered when they come to The Holistic Sanctuary for ibogaine treatment in Mexico.   A better life starts at  The Holistic Sanctuary. You do not have to live a life of addiction any longer. You can free yourself from it with total healing at The Holistic Sanctuary. We have helped many people cure their addiction for good, and we can do the same thing for you. All you have to do is take the first step – contact us for more information about coming to our beautiful place of healing for ibogaine treatment.

The Holistic Sanctuary for Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

  Join us at The Holistic Sanctuary for ibogaine treatment in Mexico. We are the best healing center in the country for addiction because we have created a program that works. The Pouyan Method (patent pending) combines ibogaine treatment and holistic therapies that powerfully resets the mind, body, and soul. Get ready to work on your mind, body, and soul and experience what life really has to offer you at the premier ibogaine treatment center in the world.   Don’t trust anywhere else for your ibogaine treatment in Mexico. The Holistic Sanctuary is the solution to your addiction. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you. Call Today 310-601-7805    

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