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Ibogaine Heroin Treatment Center

Ibogaine Addiction Heroin Treatment Center

Heroin addiction can be fatal when treatment is not sought in good time and from a reliable rehabilitation center. Fortunately, treatment centers that cure heroin addiction exist giving those that have been in bondage for a long time, a chance to get their life back. The Holistic Sanctuary is one such treatment center, actually the best so far as we success rates have been continuously increasing even in the face of criticism. We believe in our Heroin Addiction Treatment methods which are based in offering healing to the mind, body and soul. Johnny The Healer, our founder believes that addiction can only be cured if the reasons behind the addiction are addressed well.

The use of the plant herb ibogaine as a cure for heroin addiction has been public knowledge for many decades but its acceptance by medical professionals has been slow, with many criticizing treatment centers that use it on a regular basis. However, ibogaine treatment centers California such as The Holistic Sanctuary has continuously proven them wrong with the growing numbers of healed patients proving their theory wrong. It is evident that conventional heroin drug treatment options have failed many addicts that hoped to get treatment to help them get sober again.

The Holistic Sanctuary cures heroin addiction for good

We are one of the best Ibogaine Treatment centers in the world, if not the best because of the holistic nature of our treatment programs. The use of plant herbs such as ibogaine has been part of our treatment for addictions even before other upcoming high-end ibogaine clinics decided to add it as part of the packages. We not only know a lot about the plant herb and its capabilities, but our founder Johnny The Healer tested it out on himself and was completely healed from addictions and lives a transformed life to date.

If you are wondering about the heroin drug rehab process that we offer at The Holistic Sanctuary, it is good to understand that it is natural based and goes beyond the healing of one’s brain. At the onset, we perform a number of tests on you to help as asses your level of addiction and the best options to choose to cure you.  One of the major tests includes scanning your brain to see how much your brain has been damaged by heroin. In some cases, the damage is extensive and others much less but with ibogaine treatment therapy and other accompanying treatments, we are likely to have it back to full functionality over time.

Ibogaine heroin treatment at our healing center helps reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms by suppressing them, thus allowing you to get better much faster. The effect of the plant herb is quite different from treatment using methadone because it eliminates the chances of getting hooked on other medications while trying to get better. The ibogaine treatment work may take time depending on how deep the heroin addiction has become but with proper administration, you should be fully cured. To confirm that our cure for addiction ibogaine works we show you “before and after” images of your brain to see the changes it has undergone to get better.

Finally seeking ibogaine clinics that offer a cure for addiction can be quite taxing and expensive depending on the one you choose. Even so, ibogaine treatment cost should not hinder you from finding an institution to help you carry the financial burden and get ibogaine treatment help you need to have a chance at new life. The Holistic Sanctuary offers a number of financing package that you can use to access ibogaine therapy within the shortest time possible.  Do not let heroin addiction be your end or that of your loved one when ibogaine drug treatment is within your reach.

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