Nutrition and Plant Based Superfood at The Holistic Sanctuary

The Importance of Organic SuperFood for Healing

One of the many reasons for which the treatments (with the Pouyan method as the most significant to name) within the Holistic Sanctuary is the natural and 100% organic food used for the patients.

Why is organic and superfood included at the Holistic Sanctuary?

At the Holistic Sanctuary, the use of natural methods and ingredients is fundamental for healing. No traditional medication is allowed or used for treatment, at any point. All detoxification methods are 100% organic and natural. The diet only relies on minerals, superfoods, vitamins, amino acids, plant phytonutrients, and oxygen.
A healthy diet will ensure a gentler and safer detoxification, unlike the traditional facilities where patients struggle with challenging withdrawal symptoms. Once the residues from toxins or drugs are eliminated from the body and the brain, clients are liberated from the physiological and psychological power.
Not having a healthy body and a healthy diet is one of the reasons for which people going to conventional rehab relapse after some time. with their bodies never freed of toxins and chemicals, it makes perfect sense why they can never heal within conventional therapies.
At the Holistic Sanctuary, the toxins are removed from one’s body, so that the patient/client be prepared for the following phases of healing, with brain repairing as one of them.

Does the Pouyan Method rely on healthy and organic superfoods?

The Pouyan Method is fundamentally 100% natural, so the use of organic foods and superfoods makes perfect sense. Only when the bodies are liberated from toxins and medication they are ready for receiving the numerous natural therapies from the customized treatment.

The treatment focuses on the ability of the brain to regenerate and repairing on its own, but it’s not possible when it’s intoxicated with unhealthy food and chemicals. It’s only with organic food, superfoods, non-GMO and raw food (for some parts of the treatment) that the brain can repair, healing the body, mind, and soul.

What’s considered to be organic food?

Any food that is farm grown, naturally prepared, and packaged without any chemicals defines as organic food. There are no chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or chemical preservatives used for the production of organic food.

More and more people have discovered to health benefits of organic food, which explains its recent popularity. Many people realized that staying healthy depends a lot on the food they’re having and studies are constantly showing the amazing health benefits of organic foods.

Let us help you be healed today!

    Why are organic superfoods good for our health?

    Even if the mare fact that there are no chemicals used within the process of organic foods should be enough of a reason for people to consume it, we will still mention the most significant advantages of organic foods:

    1. They improve the health

    With the organic foods not being produced or processed with chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides, it means that they don’t contain any toxic chemicals whatsoever. They cannot harm the human health in any way.

    There are only natural methods (green manure) used for fertilizing the lands and crop rotation in disease control and pest. The foods are safer, healthier, and even smell better.

    People dealing with addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, lupus, cancer or multiple sclerosis use medications and don’t have a healthy diet. Once they start consuming exclusively organic food, their body gets healthier, which is fundamental for healing both the mind and soul.

    2. The antioxidant concentration is high

    There are numerous scientific studies about the benefits of antioxidants. The organic foods are high in antioxidants, which counts to much for one’s immunity. Latest research has shown that eating organic food will increase the intake of antioxidants, while limiting exposure to heavy metals from regular foods. The chemicals from regular food reacts with the minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds, reducing the positive effects that antioxidants in food should have.

    With organic foods being high in antioxidants, it’s no surprise that they can help people with cancer, or dealing with cognitive conditions (which may occur in PTSD, addiction, and mental conditions related to addiction). Antioxidants are also reducing the risk of heart diseases or vision conditions.

    3. They improve one’s immunity system

    Humans get sick all the time and they typically turn to medication for staying healthy. They get plenty of antibiotic drugs and vaccination, for instance. But it’s also the non-organic food (feeds and livestock especially) that is made with the help of growth hormones, vaccines, and antibiotics.

    Therefore, people don’t just ingest antibiotics when sick, but they also take it while healthy, from the non-organic foods. All the antibiotics, vaccines, and growth hormones weaken one’s immune system and people can no longer protect against diseases on their own.

    Anyone suffering of cancer, lupus, or multiple sclerosis has a poor immune system. a healthy and organic diet will strengthen the immune system, so that patients can heal without the help of medication.

    4. They simply have a better taste

    People struggling with anxiety, addiction, PTSD, or depression often have poor eating habits, which is why their health is compromised. They lose interest in food, and it’s difficult to get it back when it has no taste.

    It’s not the case of organic food with sugar and mineral structures being better tasting because crops have more time for maturing and developing. Only environmentally friendly methods are used within production of organic foods, which explains the better taste.

    It’s difficult to resist healthy and organic fruits and veggies when they taste so good.

    5. They’re highly nutritious

    Organic food products present a high nutritional content as they don’t contain any altered ingredients like in the case of conventional agricultural food products. they have plenty of time to develop naturally, in the most natural conditions for growth. the mineral and vitamin contents of organic food products are high as the soil life provides only the most efficient methods for crops to collect the soil nutrients.

    6. They’re always fresh

    There are very strict standards in terms of production, processing, and preparation of organic foods. There are no chemicals preservatives utilized in organic foods at any moment. it’s why organic food is fresh and flavored. There are no preservatives used for expanding the durability as organic food is supposed to be consumes within the first days of production.

    7. Organic foods are non-GMO

    Organic foods are GMO-free as they’re not genetically engineered. Genetic engineering of food products poses plenty of risks for our health. Even if the evidence isn’t always clear, there are many food safety advocates that highlight that there isn’t long-term research on safety of GMO foods.

    What are the non-gmo foods? Why are they better than GMO foods?

    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are animals/plants made with the help of genetic engineering. In the United Sates, GMOs are found in 80% of standard processed food. It makes sense that we only use non-GMO foods at the Holistic Sanctuary as part of the healing therapies.

    Important health organizations such as the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) recommend doctors to only prescribe non-GMO diets for their patients. The American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association talk about the negative impact of GM bovine growth hormone.

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