Drug Rehab Facilities

Substance abuse disorders have become one of the most acute conditions of the modern world. Alcohol consumption is highly accepted, and drugs have become more accessible to people of various background. Drug addiction and alcoholism may not kill people directly or as much as cancer, for instance.

Even if one may not die from overdose, alcohol and drug addiction may still impact one’s social, emotional, and financial life. Professional treatment at drug rehabilitation centers is required for most people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and the offer for drug rehab facilities is incredibly generous. The more you know about the treatment programs, the easier is going to be to choose the right treatment center. Because selecting the proper drug treatment will increase the chances for complete recovery.

What are the main types of drug rehab facilities?

The variety of rehabilitation facilities is impressive, and it can overwhelm a client who doesn’t have any criteria when selecting a treatment program.

However, there are two main types of rehab centers to choose from: inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Each of these programs provide treatment for people with drug and alcohol addiction, with different chances for complete recovery.

At the outpatient centers, the programs will span throughout several months, as patients sleep at home. They participate at various activities, but the substance abuse treatment addresses mostly people with low level of addiction.

At the inpatient treatment, the programs are more intensive, and patients will stay at the drug treatment center for at least 28-days. Johnny the Healer is a rehab center providing only residential treatment, as patients need to take complete break from their life and responsibilities to focus on their treatment.

What are outpatient treatments all about?

Most of outpatient rehab centers will provide professionals ready to create a treatment program. They will collect the information about the addiction, family issues, health conditions, and previous therapy. Patients need to be open about their situation, so that the professionals make a clear picture on one’s addiction.

Drug testing may be possible throughout the outpatient plan, as patients don’t spend the night at the centers. It’s expected that the patients stick to the schedule and don’t miss any steps of the treatment program. Even if the treatment program cannot be customized to every patient’s needs and particularities, it will still be created with regard to the job and family responsibilities.

Patients may go to rehabs several hours every day, 3 to 5 times per week. The severity of the addiction will decide the number of days that one has to participate at every week.

Does outpatient treatment work?

Patients dealing with addiction for the first time may obtain results at rehabilitation centers with outpatient plan. It’s a great choice for people who cannot take a break from their job or family responsibilities.

However, patients fighting against addiction for many years may not obtain results with outpatient therapy plans. For them, the inpatient plans make a more reliable option.

Patients who have completed inpatient therapy at a reliable rehab, may want to continue their therapy with outpatient plan. The path to recovery is never straight and people may need guidance for a long time after completing an inpatient therapy.

What do inpatient addiction treatment centers provide?

Inpatients rehab centers provide the most intensive type of therapy for people with drug and alcohol addiction. Reliable rehab centers will provide therapy for patients who have been dealing with drug addiction or alcoholism for years. People who followed outpatient programs over and over again, without any success should consider inpatient plans.

The residential rehab centersalso address to patients who are dealing with co-occurring mental health conditions. Depression, anxiety, or ptsd are some of the mental health that may develop in people with addiction. At reputed inpatient rehabs such as Johnny the Healer, the psychologist and psychiatrists in the team study and create treatment with regard to any psychological conditions of the patients.

Even if the main difference between outpatient and inpatient therapy comes from the fact that patient live at the inpatient rehab facilities for at least 28 days, some other aspects sustain the many differences between the two types of therapeutic plans. Keep reading for the details:

Intensive care

Good inpatient rehab facilities will provide 24/7 monitoring by professionals. The team comprises doctors and nurses are ready to act if patients need professional help. At johnnny the healer, the staff-to-patients ratio is low, so that a good number of professionals look after every patient the whole time.

What is custom care?

With traditional therapy for addiction still presenting high risk of relapse, professionals had to create more effective programs. As addiction is a complicated health condition, affecting one’s life on all levels, the addiction treatment had to be re-invented.

The inability of traditional rehab programs to be meet one’s particularities, specific needs, and personality is one of the many reasons for which these programs don’t work.

Many reputed treatment centers provide customized care, and the treatment of every patient is adjusted to his/her specifics. At Johnny the Healer treatment center, the team comprises of professionals from various of expertise. They check the health condition of the patient, look at the medical history, and particularities for making a clear picture of one’s addiction. Once the information is collected, they develop a customized care for every patient, with much consideration to patient’s values, personality, and lifestyle.

Even if research is still undergoing, the rates of complete recovery for customized care is high and the testimonials of previous customers are the obvious evidence.


With outpatient therapy plan, patients may deal with drug and alcohol addiction for the first time, so they may not need detox. However, many patients may need detox, which isn’t always provided by the outpatient rehab centers.

The majority of inpatient centers will ensure medical detox, as professionals will look after the patients throughout the first step of the addiction treatment. However, the withdrawal symptoms are very difficult for the patients, and the medication may lead to other addictions.

At Johnny the Healer, the professionals use only natural substances and methods, which makes the detox a lot easier to handle by the patients. The results obtained with this treatment are longer lasting, and the risk for other addictions is very low with natural detox. Plus, the doctors give approval for patients for sacred plant medicine. The therapy is very efficient, but also very powerful for some patients dealing with other specific conditions.

12 step and non 12 step treatment

Group therapy sessions are common for inpatient treatment centers. Family therapy sessions are also used along with the individual therapy sessions.

At Johnny the Healer, there are only one-on-one therapy sessions, as it’s considered that patients need to use all of their mental and emotional resources for their treatment. Participating in group sessions may be distracting for some patients, and they may lose focus on their addiction treatment. Not all families have a constructive dynamic, so family therapy sessions aren’t always beneficial.

Some people may find relief in the thought that a higher power will help with their treatment. 12-step programs are still very popular, even though they present a high rate of relapse.

People who are reluctant to prayer and religious values may find little to no use with 12-step treatment. At Johnny the Healer, the team believes that every patient should be counted as responsible for both the addiction and the addiction treatment. The power for getting the mental, emotional, and physical health lies within every patient, and the professionals help the patients see it. They also sustain the efforts for building new and healthier skills of coping with life’s challenges.  Alternative medicine therapies are used for treatment at the treatment center. Yoga, meditation, HBOT therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, and new therapies such as stem cell therapy, telomere repair, or floatation therapy are utilized for treatment at Johnny the Healer.


The treatment and programs differ a lot amongst the inpatient programs. Even the length of rehab program may vary across residential facilities. At Johnny the Healer center, for instance, all programs are at least 4weeks, whereas some rehabs may offer treatment for up to a year. Programs this long can be found across the United States, from Los Angeles to new York and everywhere.

What questions to ask inpatient rehabs?

Some criteria is necessary when selecting residential rehab. “Is there a rehab near me?” May be the only aspect important for patients, but closeness to home should never be the decisive factor. Other aspects are a lot more important, so check the list of questions you should ask when picking the inpatient rehabilitation center. They add to the previous aspects related to the residential treatment options.

What kind of addictions to they address?

Not all rehabs will provide treatment for all types of addiction. Some rehab centers will only ensure treatment for alcoholism, others will address opioid addiction, and so on.

Let’s not forget the patients also dealing with mental health conditions. In this case, the centers should ensure dual-diagnosis and treatment for the psychological conditions too. When left untreated, the psychological issues may affect the success of treatment, increasing the risk for relapse. Unless both the addiction and the emotional issues are treated, patient will go back to rehab over and over again.

At johnnny the healer, the professionals address addictions of all kinds, depression, anxiety, PTSD, job burnout, sex addiction and eating disorders too. People who feel empty and lost are helped to discover the deep meaning of their existence and live a meaningful life too.

Is the treatment addressing to a particular group of individuals?

There are inpatient rehabs especially created for women, men, or LGBT individuals. Johnnny the healer isn’t created especially for a particular group of patients, but it provides luxury rehab. The location is breathtaking, the amenities and accommodation are amazing, and the services are excellent. Patients have private rooms with private bathrooms, access to gym, spa, and therapy massages, and the low staff-to-patients ratio means that a good number of professionals takes care of them 24/7.

The treatment is customized, and patients benefit from a great variety of therapies and innovative methods. The meal is raw, organic, and non-gmo, and patients may focus on their treatment in a secluded area with spa-like vibe.

At Johnny the Healer, there are also programs for the executives. They provide the executives the high-end amenities, accommodation, and treatment, with regard to their privacy. The rehab center also ensures the executives the tools and equipment they need for fulfilling their job responsibilities throughout the treatment for addiction.

How are the accommodations?

Truth be told, you’re not going to heal from addiction from sleeping in a private room. However, it has been revealed that people who are more comfortable have a better mood. They’re more open to receive positive thoughts for their recovery and success of their  drug treatment too.

All in all, accommodation may not be a decisive factor for the treatment, but having your own room with private bathroom will help you focus on treatment. After all, you’re going to spend at least 4 weeks at the rehab, so you should at least enjoy your stay as much as possible.

Johnny the Healer rehab provides private rooms with private bathrooms to all patients. They enjoy luxury amenities, organic linens, and beautiful scenery, so that they can relax and focus exclusively on their recovery.

Is there aftercare?

Reputed inpatients rehabs will provide aftercare services for their patients. At Johnny the Healer, the patients will grow deep and beautiful relationships with the team members. The path to recovery is long and doesn’t happen right after completing the program. Former patients may reach for help and ask for a piece of advice from the team members at any point.

What’s the first step to take?

Finding drug rehab facilities isn’t difficult as there are so many choices out there. Choosing the right rehab treatment for you, is a lot more challenging. The customized care, amazing amenities and accommodation, access to various therapies and innovative protocols turn Johnny the Healer into a great choice for most patients. You only need to give us a call for making an appointment.

Drug rehab facilities