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Drug addiction has been taking lives in Los Angeles for decades now, and the Californian town has been seen as a last resort for getting addiction treatment by many people struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Home of the rich and famous, Los Angeles rehab has certain particularities when compared to all other rehabs in the country. With people fighting drug addiction and co-occurring mental health issues from all sorts of backgrounds, the rehabilitation centers in California and Los Angeles are incredibly various. The patients get to choose from a significant number of rehab centers in Los Angeles, but the diversity of these treatment centers is awe-inspiring. Therefore, the chance for recovery is high when checking at rehab in Los Angeles.

Why are there so many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles?

People living close to actors and computer moguls have access to all kinds of addictive substances, both legal and illegal. It explains why so many people in Los Angeles Ca end up fighting against drug and alcohol addiction.

For instance, back in 2008 and 2009, more than 60,000 of the residents in Los Angeles have enrolled in a public drug rehab program. Marijuana was the no.1 drug of abuse, and alcohol came in next. Methamphetamine was the third, whereas crack/cocaine and heroin were abused the least.

Sadly, drug abuse was the no.4th cause of accidental death, with opiate drugs such as heroin and cocaine as the most popular choices connected with an overdose. 

Things have changed over the years, and more than 50% of public high-schoolers revealed alcohol consumption. A couple of years ago, more than 700,000 people older than 12 had been using drugs or alcohol. With alcohol being socially accepted (and even promoted as a great relaxer after a long day at work), it’s clear that alcohol isn’t disappearing any time soon.

Scandals on prescribed opioids led to stricter regulations on prescribing pain killers in the Californian state. Medication for detox has become widely available, as an attempt of the California state to control opioid use and abuse. The number of free outpatient facilities has risen, too, giving more opportunities for recovery to less fortunate patients. 

People of high social status, movie stars, and tech moguls are also dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. When it comes to addiction treatment, rehabilitation facilities in California and especially Los Angeles would have to provide a lot more than addiction treatment. It’s how the luxury facilities in Los Angeles were created. Some rehabs in Los Angeles address only the executive, due to the necessity of clients to carry on with their job responsibilities.

What to remember when choosing a treatment center?

The downside of having so many options in Los Angeles renders the selection process quite challenging. Patients with drug addiction may not always know what they will need for recovery. Patients without financial resources will always choose an outpatient treatment center, for instance. However, outpatient addiction treatment may not always be the best solution for one’s complete recovery.

Here are some of the aspects you should pay attention when looking for a rehabilitation center in California for you or your loved one:


It’s not uncommon for a Los Angeles Ca rehab to ask patients who are struggling with substance abuse disorders to have detox at home. For patients dealing with addiction for the first time, it may not be the worst-case scenario.

Nine times out of ten, though, you should never do the detox at home, on your own. The withdrawal symptoms may be severe, and you never know when things cannot be controlled anymore, compromising the recovery right from phase one.

A reliable treatment center in Los Angeles, California, will provide detox for the patients. Even if it’s medical detox for you or your loved one, medical professionals and nurses will monitor the patient throughout the detox phase. However, medical detox leads to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and uses addictive medication. It’s not called lifetime recovery if the addiction switches with another one.

There’s also the category of rehab facilities that provide natural detox. It’s the case of Johnny the Healer rehab center, where only natural substances and methods are used for detox. The patients are monitored 24/7 by a good number of staff members, whereas doctors and nurses are ready to act when something goes wrong. The comfort of patients matters a lot, and every patient has private rooms with private bathrooms, for an intimate experience.

Natural detox is less severe on patients, and the risk of aggressive withdrawal symptoms is low. The results are longer lasting, and the natural substances don’t pose any risk for patients to develop more addictions. It’s fundamental for obtaining lifetime recovery.

Additionally, at Johnny the Healer center, the professionals use sacred plant medicine for detox and addiction treatment. The sacred plant medicine therapy is powerful, which is why only the patients receiving permission from doctors will benefit from it.

Residential or outpatient treatment?

Most reputed treatment facilities in Los Angeles will provide outpatient and inpatient treatment, and each of these types has both benefits and downsides.

Outpatient treatment programs

Patients dealing with addiction for the first time may get recovery when following outpatient treatment. They participate in activities every day but come back home for the night afterward.

The costs for outpatient treatment programs aren’t high, as there is no accommodation or meals to pay for.

Patients who cannot take a break from their daily, family, and job responsibilities may get recovery at a rehab center providing outpatient treatment.

Johnny, the Healer rehab center doesn’t provide outpatient treatment, as the professionals believe that patients need to focus on their recovery and addiction treatment exclusively.

Patients who have completed inpatient treatment may want to continue treatment with outpatient treatment.

Residential treatment

Patients who have been dealing with addiction for years should choose inpatient treatment. They take distance from their jobs, family, and daily schedules, and can focus on their recovery and treatment exclusively.

At Johnny the Healer, the patients get to stay at least 28-days at the rehab center, concentrating on the daily activities and treatment.


The risk of people with addiction to also deal with co-occurring disorders is quite high. Depression, anxiety, or PTSD are some of the mental health conditions common for people struggling with addiction.

The team at Johnny the Healer includes psychologists and psychiatrists who diagnose the patients, look closely into their medical histories, and identify mental health issues. If the psychological health problems reveal, they will create a treatment for addressing them, too, so that recovery is complete.


The path for recovery is long and challenging and doesn’t end when one is leaving the rehab center. The staff-to-patient ratio is low at Johnny the Healer, so the patients develop deep and beautiful relationships with the staff members. They will reach for help even after leaving the rehab center, as the path for psychological health and recovery takes time.

What to do next?

Numerous other aspects count when selecting a rehab center in Los Angeles. Excellent accommodation, interest for the overall health, and nutritional meal are also necessary. At Johnny the Healer, patients eat raw and organic food, taking care of their health. They also have access to a spa, gym, and enjoy the daily walks at the rehab center. Nature’s benefits for health have been revealed for many years now, and the location of Johnny the Healer is a selling point.

The list of services provided at the rehab center is much longer, and you may call us to find out what the treatment will involve.

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