Drug Addiction Rehab Centers

Childhood trauma, unresolved conflicts, and grief after losing a parent are some of the many reasons people turn to illicit substance use ending up in drug and alcohol addiction.

People of any kind of background, level of education, race, gender, or age begin abusing alcohol and drug, and the number of people matching the criteria is very high. Sadly, less than 10% of people with alcohol abuse and addiction will also get professional care.

Professionals in the healthcare industry have been trying to create substance abuse treatment for all patients, but it’s clear that the risk of relapse is still very high. Treatment plans for drug abuse exist, the information on recovery is there, and the variety of options is impressive. However, the path to recovery is very long and challenging, and not many patients struggling with addiction will find it.

Drug addiction rehab centers will have to develop a therapy that gives a genuine chance for recovery. It may not seem challenging to call for professional care from the outside, but the story is very different when taking a closer look at things.

What do drug addiction rehab centers have to provide?

Regardless of what you may think, addiction has been a problem for decades, and for decades conventional therapies have been the only treatment for people with dependencies. However, the information shows that the rates of relapse are still very high, and there are several reasons for which people keep coming back to the treatment centers.

The inability to provide customized drug addiction treatment, adjusted to one’s particularities, drug and alcohol addiction, medical history, and even interests is also one of them. At a traditional treatment facility, drug abuse disorder is seen as a chronic disease. Therefore, addiction treatment aims to help the patient deal with drug addiction. The purpose of complete recovery doesn’t exist, and the programs for addiction provide the patient’s tools for managing substance abuse throughout their entire life.

With people relapsing and trusting their recovery to a higher power, it has become evident that new approaches to addiction treatment had to be created. New residential centers for people with drug and alcohol addiction were developed, taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Better and comprehensive treatment programs were designed. 

Johnny the Healer center is a residential center that takes a comprehensive approach to substance abuse, and it provides treatment aiming for complete recovery. At our residential center, patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, job burnout, or eating disorders have a real chance to achieve complete healing. Also, we’ve understood pretty early that every patient is different, and every addiction treatment should be different too.

Should addiction treatment focus only on substance abuse?

At Johnny the Healer, we combine conventional therapies with alternative medicine therapies, so that we may heal the patient on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Not many treatment centers for substance abuse disorders will include doctors, nurses, psychologists, but also yogi, nutritionists, and alternative medicine practitioners like our center do. Many professionals understood that a comprehensive approach to substance abuse would increase the chance for complete recovery. Our team of professionals is ready to tackle the psychological issues while identifying the underlying psychological causes of substance abuse. We see dependency as a sign of imbalances of one’s body, mind, and soul. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use both traditional and alternative medicine therapies for solving the imbalances on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. We guide our patients to get deep into their souls, sustaining their efforts for lifetime recovery.

Finding the cause, addressing the entire person

At conventional addiction treatment facilities, the substance abuse treatment aims to control the physical symptoms and to make the patient cope with substance misuse more efficiently. The addiction treatment at a traditional treatment center will not focus on finding the leading cause of drug addiction. Moreover, not many of these treatment centers s will have the tools for addressing the co-occurring disorders for people with addiction.

On the side note, scientists have revealed several times that the risk for co-occurring disorders in people with drug and alcohol addiction is quite high. These patients have to be identified, but addiction treatment should also address mental health issues.

Prescribed medication and traditional therapies are used in many therapy centers for addressing co-occurring disorders. Johnny, the Healer center, relies on natural principles for treating addiction and mental health conditions. Even if our team comprises psychologists and psychiatrists, they still turn to natural therapies and alternative medicine treatment when tackling the co-occurring disorders. The one-on-one sessions, the healthy dieting, yoga, meditation, HBOT therapy, or flotation therapy, are some of the many methods used for addressing anxiety, depression, and PTSD at our center.

Customized care

Addiction is a tricky condition with numerous sides for every patient. For professionals, it became clear that there is no-one size-fits-all type of treatment. Every patient has particularities, unique needs, interests, and personality.

Many centers provide customized addiction treatment, and Johnny, the Healer center, doesn’t make an exception. When the patient with substance use disorder checks in, the team of professionals analyzes the patient, checks the medical history, and takes a good look at the patient. They are also trying to identify co-occurring disorders. Once they make a clear image on the patient and his/her addiction, they will develop a personalized addiction treatment. The addiction treatment is also created with much consideration for one’s interests, personality, and values. Some patients don’t have to give their trust in a higher power for recovery; at our therapy center, we care for our patients to find the strength within. Recovery is a personal journey, so it makes sense that every patient takes the “luggage” he/she needs for completing the quest.

What makes a drug addiction treatment program give results?

The more comprehensive the addiction treatment for people with drug addiction is, the better the chances for complete recovery are. At many drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab, the professionals in the team come from various areas of expertise.

Johnny the Healer center has a team comprised of doctors, medical nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists, but also yogi, life coaches, shamans, and nutritionists. They all work together to create comprehensive addiction treatment for every patient, with much consideration for imbalances in the body, mind, and soul.

Every aspect is essential for a full recovery. Patients struggling with addiction are in poor health, and their body lacks the nutrients for healing. Therefore, they switch to a healthy, organic, raw, and non-GMO food for helping the body recover.

Meditation, yoga, Reiki, HBOT therapy, acupuncture, floatation therapy, and massage therapy are used for helping the patients relax and put their minds at ease. When patients are relaxed, they’re more open to receiving positive thoughts about their addiction treatment and recovery. Patients are also provided daily access to the spa and gym and daily walks. Physical activities put patients in a better mood, makes them energetic and optimistic about their addiction treatment.

A reliable residential treatment center will provide family and group counseling sessions. Some patients will find these therapy sessions helpful, but may not provide benefits in the long run, especially if the family dynamic is toxic. The group sessions provide benefits, but only to some extent, people may lose focus on their addiction and addiction treatment, consuming their mental and emotional resources for someone else’s recovery. At our therapeutic center, the staff members build deep and beautiful relationships with the patients, eliminating the necessity for supportive groups in addiction treatment.

At Johnny the Healer center, we believe that patients have to focus exclusively on their drug addiction and addiction treatment. Unlike other treatment rehabs, there are only one-on-one counseling sessions for our patients. Patients with drug addiction need all the emotional and mental resources that they can get for their recovery. Many people care for other people, but that may not help with their addiction treatment, slowing down their recovery. Our services aim to help every patient, and recovery is a journey to take on your own.

Do you need outpatient treatment?

It’s also common for facilities to provide outpatient treatment for the people fighting drug addiction. This treatment provides results for people with low addiction or who are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction for the first time. The addiction treatment isn’t comprehensive and may give results for some.

The outpatient programs for addiction treatment are also a viable choice for patients who cannot take a break from their family and job responsibilities. The treatment options are various, and the recovery isn’t difficult to obtain, even if the addiction treatment will span for several months.

At Johnny the Healer center, we consider that outpatient programs aren’t beneficial, especially to people with moderate to severe addiction. We believe that patients have to focus exclusively on their addiction treatment for their complete recovery, and outpatient plans cannot work as real treatment options. Our therapeutic center will include professional help only in the form of inpatient treatment.

Why select inpatient programs?

People who have been to a residential center for alcohol abuse over and over again will have a better chance for recovery at a residential treatment center. The professionals at Johnny the Healer center will ensure health services to patients with moderate to severe drug addiction. At our residential treatment center, we want to help and care for patients who have been trying and failed to get results with other treatment institutions. The residential treatment at our residential center will tackle the addiction ad co-occurring disorders, increasing the chance for recovery.

The long journey for recovery

A reliable therapeutic center for people with dependencies will give all the information patients require for recovery. Patients are also informed about their progress or addiction treatment and learn about the skills they use to complete their residential treatment. If something goes wrong, the professionals will intervene, and adjustments to the addiction treatment are made for later success.

People who have been fighting with addiction for many years are also in poor help. Addressing the physical conditions and providing medical solutions will be necessary for recovery. The professionals at Johnny the Healer center will run blood work, check the liver, kidneys, and the heart when patients come in and later throughout the residential treatment. Coffee enemas and nad IV vitamin drips are utilized at our residential treatment center, giving the patients the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients they require throughout their drug treatment. HBOT therapy, meditation, massage, Reiki, and floatation therapy will reduce stress, alleviate pain, and help patients find inner peace for healing.

What steps does one take for recovery?

Truth be told, it depends on the therapy center, and the treatment for dependencies decided for your case. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to select the therapy center and the addiction treatment.

Before getting admitted

The team providing the professional services will have to collect all the information for making a clear and accurate image of one’s addiction. The patient provides information on medical history, mental health conditions, abused drugs, and other information that may help with the treatment. People who abuse alcohol or illicit substances may hide some information, in which case the professionals will have to look for information elsewhere. Family, friends, and even people one works with may be contacted for information.

The assessment

At a residential treatment center, the team of medical professionals will have to develop a complete medical and psychiatric assessment of every patient. Even if Johnny the Healer center is a non-traditional therapy center, psychologists and psychiatrists comprise the team. They try to identify co-occurring disorders and create a treatment for patients with mental health issues and addiction.

Medical treatment is provided to people with co-occurring disorders. At  Johnny the Healer center, there are no prescribed medications for addictions or mental health conditions. The professionals ensure treatment only with natural substances and natural methods.

Is detox fundamental for addiction treatment?

A significant number of treatment rehabs for drug abuse will not ensure detox for their patients. It’s not ideal for giving up on drugs or alcohol cold-turkey, but it can be done when the addiction isn’t severe.

However, many of the reputed residential treatment centers, like Johnny the Healer, will ensure services for the detox phase. Most of the time, we’re talking about medical detox, which leads to severe withdrawal symptoms and even poses a risk for developing a new addiction.

Staying true to the principles of natural addiction therapy, the professionals at Johnny the Healer will use proprietary protocol for the detox phase. Natural substances and methods are used for eliminating all the chemicals, alcohol, and drug residues from one’s body. We include detox that is gentler on one’s body, with less severe withdrawal symptoms. Plus, the results are longer-lasting, and the natural remedies pose no risk for future addictions.

Natural remedies for addiction have been used for centuries in the Amazonian tribes. With modern detox last updated decades ago, it has been clear that treatment institutions for substance abuse disorders needed to step up their game. An unconventional residential treatment center like Johnny the Healer uses sacred plant medicine to ease the detox phase for patients with severe addiction. Experienced shamans conduct the ceremonies, whereas doctors and professional nurses offer support when something goes wrong. Also, the psychiatrists and doctors ensure that only people who qualify get approval for participating in the sacred plant medicine experiences. The ancient Amazonian remedies for addiction give long-lasting results and don’t lead to addiction. However, they are potent remedies, which is why some people with co-occurring disorders or other physical conditions should not participate.

Patients should look for a residential treatment center with a low staff-to-patient ratio, so that every patient receives the help and support throughout every phase of the treatment, primarily through detox. A reliable residential treatment center for alcoholism and any famous alcohol residential center has a significant number of staff members helping the patients and monitoring them 24/7. At Johnny the Healer, the right amount of personnel provides intensive care and attention throughout the detox and addiction therapy.

Lack of privacy for the detox phase may be one reason why people don’t go to a residential center or have detox at home. At a large residential treatment center, the patients benefit from private rooms with private bathrooms. It may not seem much, but feeling comfortable through every step of your addiction therapy improves the chance for success and recovery. Professionals at Johnny the Healer, know it, and every single patient at our residential treatment center has a private room with private bathrooms. Let’s not forget that someone is watching every patient 24/7, offering support, and care whenever necessary.

The therapies

Even if traditional treatment institutions for people with drug and alcohol abuse have a low rate of success, and patient relapse invariably, the conventional treatment facilities remain the most common options. Some of these facilities are free, conveniently located in the neighborhood, which is why so many patients seek help at conventional treatment institutions.

New treatment facilities for addiction have appeared with people getting more and more interested in the non-conventional approach to alcohol and drug abuse. Some of them combine both the conventional therapies for addiction and alternative treatments too.

Johnny, the Healer center, is an excellent example of these facilities that take a different approach to alcohol and drug abuse and treatment for substance abuse disorders. As the team comprises both alternative medicine practitioners and medical professionals, the therapeutic addiction plan focuses on mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

Coffee enemas, nad IV vitamin drips, organic food, but also one-on-one counseling sessions are part of the addiction therapy. The focus is on revealing the deep causes of alcohol and drug abuse. Once the patient identifies the reasons, he/she will get the help and support for developing new and healthy skills for managing life’s challenges. People learn to meditate, do yoga, relax, eat healthily, cope better with difficulties, and identify the triggers of alcohol misuse. Taking the brain to the pre-addicted state can only be done with natural substances, remedies such as stem cell therapy, telomere repair, and other natural methods.


The road to complete recovery is long, and many patients need constant support for staying on track. Some treatment institutions will give outpatient programs so that patients may continue the treatment.

The intensive care and low staff-to-patient ratio at the most reputed treatment institutions for alcohol and drug addiction give the patients the possibility to grow deep relationships with the staff members. At Johnny the Healer center, the professionals are ready to help even after the former patients have completed the treatment. They offer support and a piece of advice to patients who need it after leaving the treatment center. Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction may take longer than anticipated for some patients. Former patients are encouraged to call whenever they feel they’ve lost focus on their recovery.

What are the treatment choices for co-occurring disorders with drug addiction and alcoholism?

Many of the treatment institutions for addiction have been failing their patients as the programs only tackle the addiction matter. More often than not, long-term alcoholism and drug abuse worsen because:

  • Patients have been struggling to cope with pain or other symptoms from chronic medical issues or severe injuries.
  • Patients tried to deal with anxiety or depression aggravated by untreated psychiatric problems.
  • Alleviate the strong emotions connected to unresolved PTSD or past trauma

Co-occurring disorders are defined as conditions where drug abuse or substance use disorders exist together with at least another psychiatric condition. The latter is active and impacts the recovery of patients undergoing addiction therapy.

Dual-diagnosis is fundamental for the success of treatment and is the reason for relapse when left undiagnosed and not treated. Medial studies revealed that a significant number of patients with drug or alcoholism might have at least one other mental condition or personality disorder. Patients who deal with co-occurring disorders will present more acute symptoms of both the addiction and the psychological state, giving a higher risk for relapse. 

Depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, panic and anxiety disorder, personality disorders, chronic pain, and injuries requiring opioids and narcotics to manage pain and various compulsions may also exist together with alcohol and drug abuse.

For these patients, residential treatment is fundamental for recovery. Also, the team’s professionals need to have the experience and training for addressing and creating the treatment. 

Drug addiction & Abuse- what’s the difference?

Information is power, so gathering the information you need on addiction and treatment will help you seek the proper professional help.

Medical professionals define alcoholism, drug abuse, and drug addiction as medical conditions, with the person using chemical substances for obtaining physical and psychological changes.

Biological, genetic, environmental, and psychological factors may turn the use of drugs and alcohol into substance use disorders, aka addiction. When left untreated, addiction may lead even to death. It can take years until people seek professional help as they manage to cope with drug abuse symptoms. The substance use disorder may turn into addiction fast when people use and abuse narcotics like cocaine and heroin.

Many people see addiction to drugs as a moral failure or lack of willpower. However, professionals agree that addiction poses numerous sides, and the treatment should be more comprehensive than in the past.

The more people abuse drugs or alcohol, the higher the chance for them to develop the pattern specific to the illicit substances use. Here are some of the symptoms to look out:

  • People are starting to fail their professional and personal responsibilities because of the use of the illicit substance
  • The physical symptoms of abusing drugs and alcohol put the abuser and the persons around at significant risk
  • Even if it’s evident that the alcoholism or drug use damages one’s life and personal relationships, the person cannot attain from using the drugs of choice.
  • Due to constant intoxication with drugs or alcohol, the financial or legal situation is jeopardized.

Is substance abuse severe?

Like with any other condition, substance abuse disorders have various levels, and people deal with low, moderate, or serious illegal substance misuse. The aggravation of the addiction doesn’t happen overnight, but some symptoms indicate that immediate addiction therapy is required:

  • Constant consumption of drug or alcohol as an attempt to manage the withdrawal symptoms
  • Withdrawal symptoms after consuming the substance. The symptoms depend on the illicit substance of choice
  • The more people abuse drugs or alcohol, the more diminished the effects will be
  • Patients try to attain from the drug or alcohol but fail continually. They start feeling hopeless and lose faith in addiction therapy.
  • The compulsion to consume higher amounts of the drug or alcohol is an attempt to get the same effects.
  • Persistent consumption despite the awareness of psychological and medical effects caused by the drug or alcohol use

What are the standard options for addiction treatment?

Patients struggling with drug addiction have many options, but they should gather all the information they need to make the best choice.


Individual and group sessions help patients to get to the bottom of their drug addiction. The team at Johnny the Healer comprises psychologists, psychotherapists who are conducting individual sessions. Dependency is a complicated condition, and addressing all of its facets takes time, emotional and mental resources. When engaged in group sessions, the patients may lose some support as they also look into other people’s processes. It’s an excellent reason for only develop individual sessions at drug addiction treatment institutions.

Family counseling

It’s genuine that abuse and illicit substance use affects family life and relationships. In some cases, family therapy can help the whole family system to work throughout the recovery process of the family member fighting with Abuse of illegal substances. There may be some benefits for the family members too. At Johnny the Healer, we only help the patient, as once he/she is recovered, he/she will be able to fulfill the family responsibilities once again. The family dynamic may not always be positive and beneficial for the patient. Building healthy ways and skills to handle life for patients with addiction will enable them to manage the family dynamic more efficiently after completing the program at our residential treatment center.

Prescription medication

Some professionals think that patients may benefit from prescription medication. It’s important to highlight that prescribed medication doesn’t replace therapy, even if the patients also deal with co-occurring disorders. As long as doctors prescribe the medication and the patients are monitored throughout the recovery, prescribed medication is helpful.

At Johnny the Healer, we make no compromises when it comes to chemical substances or toxins in one’s body. Therefore, prescribed medication isn’t allowed. Our team of professionals uses only natural substances and methods for managing substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Medical detox leads to substance abuse and doesn’t give long-lasting results. At our residential treatment center, only natural substances and methods are used, aiming for complete recovery and not a replacement for the substance abuse.

Meditation, HBOT therapy, floatation therapy, yoga, and Reiki alleviates pain, reduces the level of stress, and encourages patients’ positive mood. None of these methods are addictive nor chemical. Patients learn how to meditate, do yoga after leaving the center. They gain skills and tools that they can use later in life when living without drugs and alcohol.

Mutual support groups

Some people get results with peer-led support groups. The participants learn how to verbalize their feelings and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Peers provide support for each other, and non-judgmental help. The social stigma on people with drug and alcohol abuse still exists, and the support groups may benefit some.

Twelve groups are a sort of mutual support group, as they include reliable substance abuse treatment. They also develop meetings for the family members of patients. The concept of healing through a higher power may not appeal to some; people who don’t like praying may not find recovery when following 12-step programs.

Once again, we have to remind that people are different in terms of substance abuse, and their treatment should also be the same.

What’s the next thing to do?

Patients with substance use disorders or alcohol addiction have many options for drug addiction rehab centers. At Johnny the Healer, we’re ready to help with innovative protocols, alternative therapies, and compassionate professionals. High-end amenities, privacy, and natural detox are part of the addiction treatment. Give us a call to see what do you have to do to begin your recovery.

Drug Addiction Rehab Centers