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Cocaine Drug Rehabs

Cocaine drug rehabs are many things - expensive, doctrinaire, outdated, stubborn (about scientific facts) and dangerous - but they also all lack one very crucial thing: The ability to safely and permanently cure addiction to this drug. The Holistic Sanctuary, thankfully, is the one place – the only place – with a safe and all-natural solution, known as the Pouyan Method, to permanently end addiction to cocaine, as well as alcohol, heroin, methadone, methamphetamines, prescription medications, suboxone, subutex and other opiates. And, to make matters worse, doctors give these same patients a chemical cocktail of untested (as a group) of medications, which destroy an individual’s already severely weakened immune system and induce a series of long-term side effects and a much heightened risk of death. With 1.5 million Americans using cocaine every month, cocaine drug and addiction detox rehabs fail to address the root causes of this problem. In fact, over 200,000 people (213,971, from the most recent data) check themselves into these rehabs every year, which these centers label as a "chronic relapsing disease." Meaning: These centers, in stark contrast to The Holistic Sanctuary, do not believe cocaine addiction is a curable condition. Instead, they perpetuate old and failed techniques while 5,000 people, in the United States alone, die each year from cocaine-related overdoses. Fortunately, The Holistic has an effective cure, which is free of any interference from observer bias or the placebo effect. In short, we emphasize results – and the safe and comprehensive nature of those results – so patients can receive the healing they need. We also substantiate our findings, with brain scan images of areas formerly damaged by addiction and through in-depth patient testimonials, so we can consistently validate our work. Other center rely on pills, powders and combined substances, which have significant side effects, as documented by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These dangers include: Serious risk of heart attack and stroke, kidney failure (requiring dialysis or a transplant), liver damage, pulmonary problems, muscle atrophy, bone decay, arthritis, mania, anxiety, psychosis, compulsive behavior, anemia and sudden death. Cocaine drug rehab treatment represent the enormity of this problem, since they have their own dependency on 75-year-old, antiquated and unsuccessful techniques. In comparison, we have the brain scans of patients, which show the rejuvenation of cells damaged by cocaine addiction and drugs and alcohol. Our customized treatment finds, isolates and reverses the root causes of addiction, simultaneously eliminating the cravings and withdrawal symptoms other facilities lack the ability or knowledge to address. We, instead, heal and repair the neurotransmitters and pleasure points responsible for addiction. This protocol is restores the brain to its pre-addicted state. Hence the power of our solution, aided by our use of IV wellness drips with the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to strengthen a person’s immune system, as well as other cutting-edge therapies. For example: We use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which oxygenates blood flow, improves cellular health, strengthens tissue and enhances an overall sense of wellness. Along with delicious organic meals, super foods, juices and cleanses, meditation, exercise, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and other holistic modalities, we create a nutritional, mental, and emotional path to lasting recovery. Each of these therapies assists a guest in avoiding relapse, in addition to the motivational, non-punitive counseling that inspires self-respect and personal empowerment. Healthy thought and behavioral patterns than become part of a patient’s identity, allowing him or her to break free from the chains of addiction and pity. The Holistic Sanctuary is the antithesis of these so-called top cocaine drug rehabs because, amidst the healing atmosphere of this 5-star resort and its soothing environment, where the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean-like climate exude the ultimate sense of calmness, guests can permanently heal themselves of addiction. The outcome is different because the outlook, by and for patients, is different. Nor do we use 12-step programs or attack therapy to demean guests and assault their self-esteem. The Holistic Sanctuary is a clear alternative to these cocaine drug withdrawal rehabs. The customized care we provide, in which compassion and attentiveness (to the needs of each patient) produce trust and safety, enables our guests to enjoy the positive energy of their sumptuous accommodations (every room has a breathtaking oceanfront view) and the comfort to detoxify – in every conceivable way – from the revolving door of conventional treatment centers. From there, they have the opportunity to return to their friends and loved ones, stronger and healthier than at almost any other moment in their lives. We invite you to view our inspiring patient videos and testimonials, or email us to speak with our alumni or learn more about the many benefits available at The Holistic Sanctuary. Call us at (310) 601-7805, so we can heal you.

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