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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Holistic care for cocaine addicts helps align their mind, body and spirit so that the whole being works in harmony. Most times, the abuse of drugs alters the normal functioning of the body especially the brain to the extent that it cannot function without a regular dose of cocaine. It is at this point that most addicts feel like giving up while others seek to join Cocaine Drug Rehabs to help them break free from their addiction.

Although symptoms of cocaine abuse are often easy to recognize, the same cannot be said for psychological issues that are most likely the cause of the addiction in the first place.  We at The Holistic Sanctuary understand this fact and focus on getting to the root of the cocaine addiction as part of our treatment programs. Most of our patients testify that their ability to keep away from cocaine after going through treatment at our facility is because they dealt with the psychological issues once and for all.

You do not have to waste time moving from one cocaine addiction rehab to another hoping to get better soon. We know that healing is not possible from other rehab centers because of their focus is on treating the symptoms and making patients feel like victims which in the end is counterproductive to their ability to overcome addiction. The power of cocaine over addicts is quite strong and therefore needs an equally strong drug to save addicts from its grip. It is for this reason that Johnny The Healer created the world famous Pouyan Method that is exclusive to The Holistic Sanctuary.

Pouyan Method offers a cure for cocaine addiction

The Pouyan Method designed by Johnny The Healer has a number of therapies that have been designed to help the body get cured of addiction. These therapies vary but when used as a combination under this exclusive treatment method the results are amazing. Most of our former patients swear by this treatment method and recommend it to others seeking to gain freedom from cocaine addiction. The main therapies that patients are given at The Holistic Sanctuary are plant and treatment therapies that are customized to meet the needs of patients at the facility.

When it comes to addiction to cocaine drug rehab treatment, the procedure is similar but with specialized treatment offered to patients that need a boost in order to get better. You can get over your addiction in as little as two weeks and start over a new leaf without having to depend on cocaine on a daily basis. However, for some a longer time period may be needed to ensure that they are completely healed.

At the onset, you will have to go through a number of tests as part of getting you prepared for the subsequent sessions of the treatment program. The tests are simple and will give our staff a chance to have a proper assessment of your condition and extent of dependence on cocaine before starting off on detoxification to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body. After detoxification, you will go through a number of repair protocols, with the most famous being brain repair which is essential in getting your brain back to functionality after damage by cocaine.

Finally, to set The Holistic Sanctuary apart from other cocaine drug treatment rehabs, we offer a high-end facility that offers quality holistic care to patients. Apart from going through various treatments, you get to participate in different indoor and outdoor activities to help your body rejuvenate and heal much faster granting you a chance to build a new life where you can face life’s challenges without resorting to the use of drugs.

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