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For various reasons, people end up with drug addiction, no matter their social or financial status, gender, sex, or religion. People with different backgrounds seek help for substance abuse disorders, and the treatment centers in the united states address to people looking for complete recovery.

There are free alcohol rehabs for the poor people, treatment options for CEOs and executives, and even luxury treatment centers for the rich and famous. Patients may choose a treatment facility for drug abuse or alcoholism in their neighborhood or look for a treatment center abroad. There are numerous treatment therapies for drug misuse, but patients need to commit and figure out which kind of addiction treatment and health services they want. Some of these treatment centers manage to become the best rehab centers, so keep reading to find out the details.

What are some of the best rehab centers in the united states?

Long-time experience in addiction treatment, great amenities, and services, low staff-to-patient ratio are some of the many characteristics that ensure the durable recovery of patients choosing the top treatment centers. 

Ability to address co-occurring disorders throughout the treatment program and intensive care for drug misuse and alcoholism are factors increasing the reliability of top treatment centers for addictions. Let’s take a look at some of the most trustworthy treatment centers for people aiming for full recovery after addiction.

7. Maple Mountain Recovery (Mapleton, Utah)

It’s typical for the top treatment centers to be in the most amazing locations, and Maple Mountain Recovery doesn’t make an exception. The treatment center offers a fantastic and relaxing place for recovery. The treatment facility ensures a wide variety of methods for addressing co-occurring disorders and addiction.

It’s one of the many treatment centers embracing the holistic approach to treatment for addiction, aiming to heal one’s mind, body, and soul. The team comprises of experienced therapists with licenses in psychological primary and substance use disorders. They’re prepared for managing the relationship between addiction and psychological issues, providing the best treatment for every patient.

Group and experiential therapy, yoga, and bio-sound lounge are some of the therapies provided at this treatment center that gets 4.8 stars rated on and 4.7 on Some of the patients weren’t always happy with some of the approaches of treatment, but the treatment center still stands out.

6. Hazelden Betty Ford (nationwide)

The Hazelden Betty Ford center is one of the most reputed treatment centers, and many recognize the success of the recovery of patients nationwide. Their treatment centers are found from the east to the west coast.

The treatment center utilizes evidence-based treatment, and the conventional 12-step treatment ensures success for people with low addiction. The treatment facility provides treatment for people with co-occurring disorders, increasing their chance for complete recovery.

The best rate of success at this drug rehab comes from the 90-days residential treatment program. The 80% rate of recovery for the 90-days treatment is quite impressive, for sure. The treatment center provides a comprehensive and complete approach to treatment. The low staff-to-patient ratio and small group size also increase the efficiency at this treatment center.

Considering that not all patients can take a 90-days break from their lives, the Hazelden Betty Ford treatment centers get four stars rating on and 3.5 stars rating on google.

5. Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness (salt lake city, Utah)

The secluded and beautiful location of Deer Hollow Recovery is the first thing to notice at this facility. Still, there are many positive aspects that this treatment center brings to the table. The therapy also addresses co-occurring psychological conditions and provides intensive outpatient therapy plans as well. It’s a treatment center with experience in helping patients with PTSD and trauma of various kinds (emotional, physical, or sexual).

Patients at this drug rehab will benefit from customized treatment programs, and there are evidence-based and recreational therapies such as yoga, mindfulness, or meditation included in the therapy plan.

There are 30-days and 90-days residential therapy options for a better shot at a full recovery. Clients choosing the intensive outpatient program will have to participate 3 to 4 days a week for 9 to 12 hours a week.

Some patients may feel like the services are pricier than expected, but customized care always costs more. The five stars rating on google ad 4.8 on sustains the value of this facility.

4. Avalon Malibu (Malibu, California)

Some of the best high-end treatment centers are found in California, as it’s home to the famous and rich CEOs who also look for rehabs for alcoholics. Avalon Malibu is one of those treatment centers where research-based therapies, experiential methods, and expressive arts are used as part of the therapeutic plan.

The drug rehab provides holistic inpatient therapy plans and helps for people with co-occurring mental conditions.

The therapeutic environment and constant support from the staff encourage them to be entirely involved in their recovery. There are five levels of care to choose at this treatment facility: outpatient medication management, intensive outpatient plans, partial hospitalization, licensed mental health residential treatment, and licensed addiction residential treatment.

At times, some clients would need more compassion from the staff, but the drug rehab still gets 4.4 stars rating on and four on yelp.

3. Ocean Breeze Recovery (Pompano Beach, Florida)

Patients looking for customized treatment in Florida should also check the Ocean Breeze Recovery. People fighting with drug dependencies have specific needs and particularities, and treatment at this treatment center is developed with consideration to every patient’s needs and specifics. The facility provides 24-hour inpatient care, outpatient treatment, and long-term residential treatment plans. The professionals offer compassionate and non-judgemental help, sustaining patient’s efforts for complete recovery.

The distraction-free environment, the secure environment with 24/7 monitoring, and various therapies turn the ocean breeze recovery into one of the best luxury treatment centers in South Florida.

Even if there may be some insurance problems, the 4.0 stars rating on google and 4.6 stars on make the treatment center trustworthy facilities for alcoholics and other addictions.

2. Asana Recovery (Costa Mesa, California)

Close to the Orange County coastline, asana recovery is a family-owned facility for people with drug or alcohol addiction. The treatment institution has a state license and national accreditation for inpatient and outpatient treatment for addiction, and for medical detox. It utilized evidence-based therapies and harm reduction methods for treatment, and the clinical staff is experienced in addressing addiction of all kinds. The empathic personnel sustains one’s treatment and efforts for recovery.

There is a comprehensive and customized treatment plan politic at this center, for both men and women. Alternative and traditional therapies are used, as the holistic approach to treatment is fundamental for later recovery.

There’s always the small category of patients who may not respond to the comprehensive approach. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction. Regardless of the minor and rare critics, the facility gets 4.5 stars rating on and 4.6 stars rating on google.

1. Johnny The Healer Center

It has been revealed for some time now that all the details matter for one’s lifetime recovery from addiction. At Johnny The Healer Center, there are no compromises made when it comes to anything affecting one’s treatment.

The location is beautiful, and the patients may relax while walking through the most serene and peaceful place. Privacy isn’t skipped, and access to this treatment institution is guarded. Patients benefit from a private room with private bathrooms, and the low staff-to-patient ratio is low. It means that patients are securely watched over 24/7.

The detox is made only with natural substances and remedies so that the withdrawal symptoms are less severe. Plus, the results are longer-lasting, and there is no risk for developing other addictions.

There are only residential treatment plans for patients (for four weeks at least). A team of professionals from various areas of expertise analyzes every patient, check the medical background, and develop customized treatment for every client.

Various therapies are included in the treatment, with much and careful consideration for healing the body, mind, and soul. Healthy, organic, and non-GMO food, exquisite amenities and services are provided at this top rehab.

The personnel is highly dedicated to every patient’s journey, knowing that the path for complete recovery is long and challenging.

Some may find that the price is more significant than expected, but Johnny the Healer center, ticks most boxes in terms of high-end treatment for addiction. The five stars rating on and yelp only sustain former patient’s testimonials.

What’s the next thing to do?

You may have understood by now what are best rehab centers all about. Professionals at Johnny The Healer make no shortcuts when it comes to treatment, and are entirely dedicated to every patient’s full recovery. Customized treatment, fantastic amenities, location, services, and food, but access to effective therapies and alternative medicine methods, are only some of the benefits when completing the treatment for addiction at Johnny The Healer. Give us a call to find out the first step for your healing.

Best rehab centers