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No matter what you think, addiction can happen to anyone. Addiction can change one’s life completely, and the struggle can last for years. Drug addiction can ruin the family life, job, affect the relationships, and even the finances. However, many of the people struggling with substance abuse disorders don’t also seek professional help. The fear of losing the job and the social stigma on people with addiction makes them hesitate to get addiction treatment.

The national institute on drug abuse highlights that people with addictions cannot complain about not having treatment centers to choose from. As a matter of fact, there are many types of drug rehabs, traditional or non-traditional. Inpatient or outpatient treatment programs for substance abuse are provided to increase the chance for complete recovery.

Patients need different things, and some need privacy, extravagant amenities, and great food for their addiction treatment. Best luxury rehabs address the patients willing the extra buck for the high-end accommodation, access to innovative therapies, and dedicated personnel. Keep reading for the details.

What’s the image of the best luxury rehabs?

Many of the luxury treatment centers resemble the most exquisite 5-star hotels, with private rooms and posh lining. Plush bedding, indoor gyms, hot tubs, and gourmet meals are standard for the luxury rehab centers.

But it’s not only the extravagant amenities and accommodation that attract people of high social status and with financial resources. Individualized treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, dual-diagnosis for mental health problems, and professionals from various areas of expertise will complete the picture. Our treatment center qualifies as a luxury rehab, providing to patients everything we’ve mentioned and then some. Every patient is supervised by a good number of professionals 24/7, as they’re ready to act if any unexpected health issues occur throughout the addiction treatment. The professionals at our rehab center create and develop an individualized treatment for every patient, according to one’s medical history, mental health conditions, and level of addiction.

Unlike regular treatment centers, at luxury rehab, people also go through detox. Many luxury rehab centers provide medical detox, but our rehab center offers natural detox, as we only use natural substances and natural methods. It’s gentler for the patient’s body, giving long-lasting results and posing no risk for other addictions.

Traditional, luxury, or executive rehab- what are the main characteristics for each type?

There are many rehab centers out there, providing various approaches to substance abuse and addiction treatment. From some point of view, the differences come from the amenities and facilities that they provide. The more you know about the rehab centers, the easier it will be for you to decide which treatment center to select.

Traditional rehab centers

Not all patients care for the pampering accommodation nor have the budget to afford the high-end treatment centers. Patients dealing with addiction for the first time may not even need to put their lives on hold while getting addiction treatment at rehab centers, no matter if it’s luxury rehab.

The general medical and professional help is provided at traditional rehab centers. Even if the treatment’s quality varies between the centers, there are no possibilities of individualized treatment. The staff-to-patient ratio is high, so the patients cannot benefit from the attention and care of personnel. Many of the possible health issues are skipped, and treatment may not address the co-occurring mental health problems.

Even if the patients don’t have access to the daily spa, massages, or the organic lining, the traditional rehab centers provide treatment for addiction. Medical detox, evaluation of the patient, family therapy sessions, and group counseling sessions are part of the treatment. Psychiatric care, 12-step programs, and even aftercare programs are offered to the patients. For instance, at Johnny the Healer, there are no 12-step programs nor group counseling sessions. We believe that patients should only focus on their recovery and treatment, and they need to rely on themselves and not on higher power throughout the treatment. Patients need to see that the ability for healing is in them and that they don’t need to call a higher power for healing.

Many traditional rehab centers also provide access to gym and sports facilities to the patients, and even nutritional guidance. Holistic therapies such as music therapy, yoga, or art therapy may be part of the treatment, sustaining the full recovery. As the number of amenities is limited, the costs for traditional treatment are lower.

Some aspects count when selecting a rehab center, even if it’s a traditional treatment center we’re talking about. Experience and certified staff for treating drug and alcohol addiction and related health problems should be fundamental factors to consider, nevertheless.

Luxury rehab centers

People who have the financial resources and interest for the exclusivist centers should pay the high dollar for the luxury rehab centers. Even if the professional and medical services provided in the high-end rehab centers are similar to traditional rehab centers, the comfort and amenities are fantastic. Some also refer to them as rehab resorts, which is partially true.

The lower staff-to-patients ratio is one of the many benefits of exclusive rehab centers, which also increases the possibilities for customized treatment. A significant number of staff members take care of every patient at Johnny, the Healer 24/7 and are ready to help when something goes wrong. The amenities and accommodation are high-end as well, and the location sets the patients to “vacation mode.” 

Our center, similar to many luxury rehab centers, is found in a beautiful location so that patients enjoy breathtaking views. We help our patients switch to healthy, organic, raw, and non-GMO food so that their bodies get the nutrients they need for recovery. Private rooms with private bathrooms, modern gym, spa, swimming pool, and housekeeping services are also standard for high-end rehab centers like Johnny the Healer. The access is monitored so that our clients get the privacy they need throughout the treatment for addiction.

Professionals from various areas of expertise are part of the team at luxury rehab centers, and so is the case for our center. Doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, yogi, shamans, and alternative medicine practitioners work together at Johnny the Healer for developing a customized and comprehensive treatment for every patient.

Executive rehab

Regardless of what people may think, it’s not only the poor and the misfortunate that end up fighting against addiction. People of high social status, computer moguls, and CEOs may also struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. They need professional treatment, but cannot take a break from their job, in which case executive drug rehab is the best option.

We’re talking about a luxury rehab center that provides professional treatment for CEOs with addiction while allowing them to carry the job responsibilities. The executive rehab centers are similar to luxury facilities, but they give the amenities and tools to fulfill their professional duties. Customized treatment is fundamental, increasing the chance for a full recovery and speeding up the treatment for addiction.

CEOs appreciate privacy for their treatment, and executive rehab centers cannot make any compromises about it. The accommodation is exquisite, and the services are excellent, as executives need to focus only on their jobs and treatment. Fast internet connections, great food, private workspaces, yoga, meditation, therapy massages, access to spa and sauna, HBOT therapy, floatation therapy, acupuncture, or reiki are some of the many aspects attracting the clients of Johnny the Healer treatment center.

Even if comfortable bedding isn’t going to heal one of addiction, it can surely increase comfort. Patients who are relaxed and comfortable can focus better and become more open to treatment for addiction. The prices make perfect sense that the executive rehab programs are just as expensive as luxury rehab.

All in all, traditional rehab centers provide essential in terms of treatment. At luxury rehab centers, though, every single detail affecting one’s treatment is considered, and there are no compromises made in terms of therapies, amenities, accommodation, services, or food. Complete recovery is the primary purpose at the luxury rehab, on any given day.

What should one expect at a luxury rehab?

Studies revealed that one staff member for every eight patients is the perfect staff-to-client ratio. However, you also want every staff and addiction counselor to be licensed to provide treatment for your addiction.

However, at luxury rehab, the staff-to-client ratio is even lower than that, and some may also have one staff member for every four patients. The lower the rate, the better the chance for the luxury rehab center to provide you the best care and treatment. Extravagant amenities are the most apparent benefit of luxury rehab, but there’s a lot more to it, and customized care is a fundamental advantage to name. The team at our luxury rehab comprises of professionals from various areas of expertise, and they have long-time experience in treatment for addiction. They are dedicated professionals who help you achieve lifetime recovery.

Keep in mind that there’s a high price tag on quality. Expect to open your wallet big when choosing a luxury rehab. Once again, there are no compromises or shortcuts made for your treatment at a luxury rehab, and our high-end drug rehab doesn’t make an exception. Call us to find out about the options you have for covering the costs of treatment for addiction.

Luxury rehab facilities will provide amenities that conventional treatment facilities cannot offer. Gourmet meals, raw and organic food, access to a gym, spa, or innovative therapies, complementary therapies, sacred plant medicine are only some to name for our drug rehab.

Many of the luxury rehab facilities out there will serve only healthy and gourmet meals. We decided to take it to a whole new level. We help the patients switch to raw, organic, and non-GMO food, but our nutritionists also teach the patients about the importance of healthy dieting. Healthy food gives the patients the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals they need for a drug-free life.  People completing the treatment will stick to the organic food after leaving our luxury rehab, which ensures a sober lifestyle.

At our luxury rehab, just like at many luxury treatment facilities, patients have fantastic fitness facilities. People who engage in physical activities are more optimistic, feel better, and less stressed, gaining confidence in their healing.

Patients enrolling at luxury rehab will have the chance to try various therapies. Acupuncture, reiki, yoga, meditation, floatation therapy, stem cell therapy, telomere repair, or HBOT therapy are some of the many provided at Johnny the Healer center. Sauna and spa help the patients relax, and patients with depression, anxiety, or PTSD note improvements for their emotional state.

Group and individual counseling sessions are provided to the clients at a luxury rehab. Unlike many of these centers, at Johnny the Healer, only one-on-one counseling sessions take place. We consider that patients need all the emotional and mental strength to get and use it for their treatment. Patients should focus on their treatment for addiction, as healing is a personal journey. 

Professionals at luxury rehab facilities provide the medication patients need for treatment. Even if the team at our luxury rehab includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists, only natural remedies are used for treatment. The doctors and nurses are ready to provide help in case of emergency and monitor the tests for blood, liver, and kidneys throughout the treatment. Psychologists will determine the dual-diagnosis and decide which patients qualify for sacred plant medicine. However, no prescribed medication is used at our luxury rehab.

As we’ve mentioned, we stay true to natural principles on addiction and use only natural substances and methods for the detox phase. The withdrawal symptoms are less severe, the detox is gentler on patients, and the results last for a long time. Plus, the natural detox doesn’t lead to other addiction, as medical detox may do.

Aftercare isn’t skipped at a luxury rehab. With such a low staff-to-patient ratio, it’s understandable why patients grow beautiful relationships with the personnel. Our professionals are always just one phone call away for former patients who need help any now and then. The path to complete recovery isn’t straight, and it’s not short. Just call us whenever you feel you need a piece of advice. We’re ready to help!

Your journey may start today!

The high-end amenities, accommodation, or organic food are some of the factors attracting our clients. Innovative therapies, customized care, and comprehensive protocol, besides, make us stand out from some of the best luxury rehabs. Call us to find out how to begin your journey for complete healing!

Best luxury rehabs