Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Why Our rehabs are incomparably more effective than the rest

Are you interested in going to one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers around the world? If yes, Johnny the Healer is a perfect choice for your addiction treatment and long-lasting recovery. We offer holistic and sacred addiction healing methods to not only treat the symptoms but also treat co-occurring disorders.

Benefits of best drug and alcohol treatment centers

In the United States today, about 24 million people are struggling with substance abuse disorders. Among these 24 million individuals, only a handful prefer taking the next important step and commit to professional care. If substance abuse is taking charge of your life, you’re probably one of a few courageous people who consider professional treatment care for their drug addiction.

While the main advantage of joining a drug rehab center is overcoming addiction, there’s an abundance of more benefits that stem from the addiction treatment. These include:

  • Addressing co-occurring mental health disorders
  • identifying the deep roots of addiction
  • Improving the family dynamic
  • Help you change unhealthy responses to life stressors.
  • develop new and healthy skills for coping with life’s challenges
  • Professional support from an experienced treatment team
  • Perfect and effective treatment solutions for long time recovery
  • Establishing lifelong sober friendships
  • Learning about addiction and how to set goals
  • Erasing cravings and temptations, as part of obtaining durable recovery
  • How one is overcoming obstacles, etc.

What should one expect in the best drug rehab centers?

Your recovery journey will begin from the moment you step into the treatment center. The following rehab program elements will help you understand what happens and what to expect when in a drug rehab treatment center:

An interview about your medical and addiction history

Every patient entering the secured and guarded gates of the center will be interviewed about his/her background.

A team of professionals from all sorts of professional expertise (psychiatrist, psychologist, Yogi, nutritionists, and holistic therapy practitioners) is working together for the first step of your recovery: making a clear picture of your physical condition and level of addiction.

A comprehensive assessment and evaluations

Unlike conventional rehab facilities where the approach on the addiction is rather simplistic and ineffective (thus explaining the low rate of recovery and high risk of relapse), the best programs rely on a comprehensive approach of your drug addiction, with intensive effort for true recovery.

Background history, medical records, personal interests, specifics, and values are taken under consideration for establishing a customized care for drug addiction. Years of experience and consistent results are behind the main principle within best treatment programs for your loved one, as there are no two patients alike. Therefore, neither should the addiction treatment should be.

Mental health issues are also addressed, as the experienced team of professionals identifies and treats them. The risk for people with addictions to develop mental health conditions is high, but our professionals are ready to identify and use natural therapies for addressing those conditions.

Light withdrawal symptoms in detox

In most conventional rehab for addictions, detox is the first step of the recovery, and chemical substances are used for managing the withdrawal symptoms.

With withdrawal symptoms being challenging to handle, professionals at most effective rehab centers have created a protocol that includes only natural methods and elements from nature.

Within the best alternative rehab centers, there are no chemical substances used for recovery from withdrawal phase. Elements from nature, natural methods, and therapies with no addictive abilities are utilized for cleaning and cleansing the body from toxins and chemical substances.

Our detoxification methods are 100% natural and organic. They rely on the use of vitamins, plant phytonutrients, minerals, oxygen, and amino acids. The detox process will be gentler and more comfortable to take, and the risk of violent withdrawal symptoms is minor.

When all the drugs and toxins have been removed from the body and brain, the patient is no longer dependent on the psychological and physiological effects of drugs and alcoholic drinks. Besides, the medical professionals take care of them throughout detox, ready to operate if the treatment plan for your loved one doesn’t go accordingly. the recovery process becomes smoother and the patients gain confidence in the care and treatment.


Patients are familiarized with the location and the facilities from the rehab centers. In the case of best treatment facilities for addiction, high-end amenities, daily access to GYM, and spa, private rooms with private bathrooms are available.

Comfort is never compromised, even if many don’t see the importance of it. when patients feel cozy, relaxed and pampered, they’re more open to treatment, focusing on their recovery more efficiently. organic lining, fantastic view from the window, or 24/7 professional monitoring may not seem much, but they can totally make the difference between six-month and long-time recovery.

Addiction treatment

It has been stated so many times that conventional rehab programs haven’t been improved for decades, providing low chance for true recovery. The methods are outdated, and the progress has been minor. People choosing standard rehab addiction  end up relapsing or somehow manage to live for the rest of their lives with the constant fear and belief of imminent relapse.

Having said that, professionals at prestigious rehab centers from various domains care to develop better and more effective programs, aiming full recovery for their patients.The alternative programs look into of every patient’s needs, values, personality, and level of addiction. The treatments are created for every patient, increasing the chance for recovery.

A wide range of therapies

Truth be told, you cannot expect to have the possibility to choose from various therapies when following a conventional treatment plan. It’s entirely different for an alternative treatment program, though. Not only that, every patient will benefit from personalized care, but he/she will also have the option of selecting from an impressively long list of therapies.

Just like with everything else in life, not all alternative drug rehab programs are created equal. But when we’re referring to the best treatment facilities, we do expect innovative methods and protocols for addressing the addiction and the addict.

Stem cell repair, telomere repair, HBOT therapy, sensory floatation therapy, and NAD IV drip therapy are only some of the many medicines an excellent treatment facility will provide. But it’s not only the number of therapies available that raise the bar for the drug rehab centers, but also how they are combined for treating the patients.

Focused on obtaining recovery for a life time, and not on managing the dependency, the best treatment programs stand out with the fantastic protocols and positive outcomes.

The best options within the category don’t just help one recover from the addiction but concentrate on bringing the brain to the pre-addiction phase. Rewiring the mind and eliminating negative thinking, enabling the patient with healthy ways to deal with life’s challenges are some of the many methods used in the best programs.

The conventional programs have often skipped yoga, meditation, healthy and organic food. But only when the patients are back on their feet again, and have a healthy body yet, they can work for their health. You don’t give a man a fish for dinner, you teach him how to fish, right?

Recreation and exercise

Even ancient Greeks knew that having a healthy body is fundamental for having a healthy mind. Nature’s benefits have been revealed for years, which is why we will find the best treatment facilities in the most beautiful places around the world.

Additionally, patients have daily access to the Gym so that they may energize their body. The benefits of physical exercise are backed by science, and the release of endorphins (the happy hormone) boosts patient’s efforts to recover.

Healthy dieting

it has been revealed that patients with addiction have bad dietig habits. their bodies lack the required nutrients for healing. Many drug rehab facilities ensure gourmet meals, but we took healthy dieting to a whole new level.

ot only that we provide healthy, organic, non-GMO and raw food, but we also teach our patients about the importance of healthy dieting for lifetime recovery. Our patients will still eat the raw and organic food after completing the treatment, as they understood the importance of organic food for health.

Relapse prevention planning

The comprehensive approach of addiction, variety of methods, astonishing location, innovative therapies, and focus on healing the body, mind, and soul are the main factors for the high rate of success for the best programs. Moreover, they don’t just look for temporary improvements, but on the patient’s recovery and enabling him to live a healthy and drug-free life forever.

A daily routine

Practice makes perfect, and patients follow the same activities every day, so that progress and real changes occur. Daily walks, access to spa and gym, therapy massages, and one-on-one sessions are part of the daily schedule. the path for recovery needs structure, and our drug rehab methods provide it.

Post-rehab care

Dependencies doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow sequence— and so is the treatment and recovery process. The goals and expectations of our top addiction treatment center are to ensure you’ve got the opportunity to withdraw, learn, change, and get your health back.

our dedicated personnel grows deep and meaningful relationships with our patients. as the recovery is a process that takes time, our clients are encouraged to reach for help whenever the process gets too difficult for them. our team members are always just one phone call away.

Reasons why you should join our exclusive treatment center

If you’re asking why you should enroll in our treatment program, then there’re many points why can’t afford to wait any longer.

The following are the most important reasons why you should make the wisest decision of seeking admission in our rehab center:

  • We’re always ready and waiting.
  • We can save your life, job, and relationship.
  • We’ll teach you how to live healthy and get complete recovery
  • We’ll help you learn who really is and discover a new way of life.
  • Meet other individuals walking the same path
  • Quitting drugs and alcohol on your own can be dangerous.

Choose one of the best drug and addiction therapy centers!

If you’re looking for an excellent treatment center, then we’re the perfect choice for you. Joining our place for recovery could mean the difference between the end of the road and the beginning of a new fantastic journey.

Don’t go any further looking for one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers. Choose Johnny the Healer today and start your successful recovery journey. Please give us a call to speak with our friendly admissions counselor and get the help you need.

Best drug and alcohol treatment centers