Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

How the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers are outperforming the competition

At Johnny the Healer, we pride in being the best narcotics and alcohol rehab centers out there, providing the most impressive and effective therapies for addictions and mental health issues. We’re dedicated to healing patients who struggle with addictions permanently, without any pain or risk of relapse.

What’s the explanation behind the incredible results of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers?

Treatment for alcoholism and narcotic dependency at narcotic rehab facilities includes therapies for substance use and co-occurring mental health problems. Inpatient and outpatient programs are available for patients with various levels of drug addiction, aiming for recovery.

Outpatient treatment centers

Outpatient treatment centers provide addiction treatment for people with low addiction. People who cannot take a break from their family or job responsibilities always find outpatient rehab a reliable option for narcotics addiction. Patients who have recently completed an inpatient treatment plan may find the outpatient programs as a dependable way to continue the treatment for narcotic dependency, aiming for complete recovery.

Inpatient therapy facilities

No two rehab facilities offer identical care and a chance for recovery. People with moderate to severe addiction should choose a residential treatment program for their narcotics addiction.

At inpatient rehab for dependencies, patients benefit from a wide variety of therapies, customized care, and a comprehensive approach to addiction. Our rehab for addicted people also handles co-occurring disorders, which are quite common for people with dependencies.

At our rehab for dependencies, the addiction treatment will include the following steps:

  • An intake interview
  • Assessment and evaluation for developing a customized treatment plan
  • Comfortable accommodation, excellent amenities, private rooms with private bathrooms. Patients may focus comfortably on their complete recovery when enjoying pampering conditions.
  • Detox, if necessary. Our narcotic rehab center uses a natural detox, with natural substances and methods. Detox is gentler on one’s body, the risk of addiction is lower than in the case of medical detox, and the results are long-lasting. Additionally, the patients are monitored by medical professionals 24/7, ready to care for them if something goes wrong.
  • A structured schedule
  • Counseling and education. We only provide one-on-one sessions, as we believe people need all of their emotional resources for focusing on their journey and recovery.
  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Family participation
  • Recreation and exercise. When the body is relaxed, the patients are more open to receiving positive thoughts on their recovery. Massage therapy, acupuncture, walks, access to the gym or spa, are some of the many options included in the treatment program at the best rehab centers such as Johnny the Healer.
  • Alternative therapies. Any treatment program from our treatment center aims to address all imbalances in one’s body, mind, and soul. The recovery comes when the mental, emotional, and physical issues are addressed throughout the addiction treatment. We’re one of the rehab centers in the United States. We provide comprehensive care, with meditation, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, sacred plant medicine, fundamental for one’s addiction treatment and real recovery.
  • Continuing care, and more

the journey for complete recovery is long and challenging, and at best rehab centers like Johny, the Healer dedicated professionals build deep and beautiful relationships with patients. Former clients of our treatment center get in touch with us whenever they feel they need care and attention.

The primary goal of most reliable drug rehab centers like Johnny the Healer is to provide dedicated care to someone struggling with addictions and give him or her exceptional skills for living without substance abuse. We’re amongst the most reliable drug rehab centers concentrating on replacing addictions with positive thinking and behaviors, increasing the chance for lifetime recovery.

What factors to consider when picking reliable drug rehab centers?

Substance abuse and dependency is a dreadful condition damaging people’s lives and families. Luckily, numerous drug rehab treatment centers are functioning in the US, helping people get their ultimate recovery.

The diversity of drug rehab programs is intimidating, and no addiction treatment gives everyone the same results.

When checking the drug rehab centers, patients should pay attention to their particularities and needs. The next steps should be followed when deciding on the drug addiction treatment at drug rehab:

  • Identify addiction treatment purposes and specific needs.
  • Look for referrals from trusted family, friends, and healthcare professionals.
  • Seek for several options for drug rehab centers
  • Pay attention to the location and quality of amenities.
  • Find out the program length and spending of the program.
  • Make sure you know which therapies and treatments are available for the price.
  • Select the rehab center that provides professional care for your complete recovery

What to expect in the best rehab for addictions?

We provide amazing and innovative addiction treatment, as the professionals at our treatment center focus on healing substance addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. The programs are customized for every patient with drug addiction, as only personalized treatment programs and intensive care ensure a higher chance for later recovery.

Here are some of the many therapies and treatments that we ensure in our top rehab facility:

The Pouyan Method

It’s the only place to experience the Pouyan Method, which has helped many patients struggling with dependencies for years.

The method aims to reset the brain to the pre-addicted status, helping the patients overcome the stigma and myths on drugs or alcoholism, achieving complete recovery.

There’s a 90% success rate for the Pouyan Method for people dealing with PTSD, depression, and dependencies such as methadone, benzos, heroin, oxycontin, suboxone, or alcoholic drinks. The success rates are higher than in any other treatment centers, because people may focus on their treatment and recovery in a private world-class luxurious medical facility.

The Pouyan Method was created from research and result and not from the outdated treatment programs. It can dig deep into one’s mind as it’s an innovative and groundbreaking treatment center. Patients requiring and qualifying, may also benefit from Ibogaine and ayahuasca, as one of the many ways involved with the Pouyan Method.

NAD IV therapy

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that every cell in the body contains. When our body doesn’t have enough, it can develop conditions related to the aging process.

NAD vitamin drip therapy gives impressive results; from the moment it goes inside the body intravenously, it lessens inflammation and impacts the enzymes that fight against aging. It prevents and restores brain cells.

Patients at our treatment center benefit from this natural and holistic method for patients with addictions, anxiety, depression, and chronic tiredness. Even if NAD IV treatment doesn’t work on its own, it’s fundamental for the brain’s recovery damaged by illicit substances.

Stem cell therapy

Since stem cells were discovered, scientists have been working on methods of using stem cells to solve all kinds of health conditions.

Stem cell therapy is innovative, and it has been proven to speed up healing while lessening inflammation and pain. It can also generate healing of damaged nerves.

There’s also clinical evidence that stem cells will generate brain, bone, blood vessel, heart, and cartilage cell.

Lower intake of calories, healthy and organic diet, vitamin boots, active lifestyle will increase the body’s oxygen intake, sustaining the natural stem cell production.

Telomere repair therapy

Telomere has been under the scientists’ attention from some time, and the role of telomere in human health is tremendous.

Reducing the risk of cell loss and telomere shortening becomes essential for people’s health. The therapies available at Johnny the Healer, such as mitochondria and stem cell repair or reactivation protocols, sustain the telomere repair.

Liver detox, decalcification of the pineal gland, cleansing from parasites, and candida are part of telomere repair. Daily vitamin drips and HBOT therapy will also sustain the producing or healthy cells and restoring of cells.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Lack of oxygen in the body causes tiredness and chronic health conditions. HBOT chamber therapy will raise the concentration of oxygen, alleviating minor, and severe health issues.

The body receives a significant amount of oxygen throughout HBOT sessions, with immediate results such as the alleviation of inflammation, tiredness, or stress.

The therapy provides 100% pure oxygen to the body at high pressure, so that it gets to the body tissues instantly. Patients may enjoy 2-hours sessions every single day for the best results.

Sensory deprivation floatation therapy

Deprivation floatation therapy has numerous benefits, sustaining patient efforts to eliminate negative habits. It can help people trying to let go of the addiction, gambling, drinking, smoking, and more. It strengthens the sense of awareness, linking consciousness and physiology.

People struggling with addiction report headaches, and floatation isolation therapy has been alleviating problems as well. It can bring comfort in patients dealing with muscle tensions, pain from whiplash, or stress-related.

Spending time away from any external stimuli also increases spiritual experience, leading to deep inner peace. Improvement of sleep is also on the list of benefits, with people feeling happy and positive as additional effects.

Massage and yoga therapy

It has been revealed that massage benefits people with depression and anxiety, which are typical for addictions.

Massage alleviates tension and stress, reduces pain and muscle aches. It can help people reporting insomnia and overall fatigue. Patients with addictions often develop poor mental clarity, concentration, and massage, which may reduce this kind of symptoms. Anyone noticing a lack of self-awareness will get in touch with the inner self after a massage treatment.

For thousands of years, people have turned to yoga when dealing with all sorts of health conditions. Yoga can boost the detoxification process in the body, which is fundamental for the recovery from addictions. It can also help with chronic pain and sustain the body for weight loss. People practicing yoga reported better control over the body, increased power of relaxation, and self-confidence.

Patients with addiction fight with negative thoughts and misbeliefs on their power of healing, it’s understandable to look for a treatment that helps. Yoga is an excellent tool for releasing internal negative energy, especially when practiced regularly.

Illicit substances addiction affects patients on all levels, altering the brain and mind on a deep level. People with dependencies also end up fighting with depression and anxiety, but yoga can help fight them. It induces relaxation of the central nervous system and helps the body and mind find balance.

Kundalini yoga comes with positive benefits in the area of the brain where peace, happiness, and joy are created. As people practice yoga, GABA receptor cells in mind will be generated, improving mental power and vitality.

Come to the most excellent treatment center rehab.

We know that it’s overwhelming to select a treatment rehab when there are so many options. It’s not impossible to find your best choice, though, and we’re providing you with the most healing place where hope for complete healing is real.

It’s a great idea to choose Johnny the Healer– one of the top drug and alcohol rehab centers worldwide.

Best drug and alcohol rehab centers